When Are The Major Global Air Shows And Events?

Have you ever wondered when and where the most exciting and prestigious air shows and events take place around the world? Well, look no further! In this article, we will give you a glimpse into the thrilling world of aviation by uncovering the dates and locations of the major global air shows and events that you simply cannot afford to miss. From jaw-dropping aerial displays to cutting-edge technology showcases, get ready to be captivated by the exhilarating experience of these internationally renowned aviation spectacles. So, mark your calendars and get ready for an adventure in the sky!


Air Tractor Fly-In and Air Show

Start the year off with a thrilling aviation experience at the Air Tractor Fly-In and Air Show. Held annually in January, this event showcases the impressive capabilities of the Air Tractor aircraft. Whether you’re a fan of aerial acrobatics or simply fascinated by these incredible machines, this show is not to be missed. Watch as skilled pilots maneuver their planes through breathtaking stunts and witness the power and precision of these agricultural and firefighting aircraft.

National Championship Air Races and Air Show

In January, aviation enthusiasts from around the world gather at the National Championship Air Races and Air Show. Located in Reno, Nevada, this event is considered the Super Bowl of air racing. Witness the exhilarating race between different classes of aircraft, including Formula One racers and jets. Be in awe of the speed and skill displayed by the pilots as they soar through the skies. Additionally, the air show portion of the event features breathtaking aerobatic performances and demonstrations by renowned pilots.


Aero India

Aero India is one of the most prestigious air shows in Asia, attracting aviation enthusiasts from around the globe. Taking place in Bengaluru, India, this event showcases the latest advancements in aerospace technology. From military aircraft to civilian drones, Aero India offers a comprehensive display of cutting-edge aviation technology. Engage with industry professionals, witness exhilarating flight demonstrations, and explore the vast array of aviation exhibits.

Singapore Airshow

The Singapore Airshow is a biennial event that brings together aviation enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders. Known for its grandeur and scale, this airshow is considered one of the largest aerospace and defense exhibitions in the world. Held at the Changi Exhibition Centre, this event features both static displays and aerial demonstrations of military and civilian aircraft. Immerse yourself in the aerospace industry, connect with key players, and witness the impressive capabilities of various aircraft.

Australian International Airshow

Make your way to Avalon, Australia, to experience the Australian International Airshow. Held every two years, this event showcases a wide range of aircraft, from vintage warbirds to modern fighter jets. With a mix of breathtaking aerial displays and ground exhibits, this airshow offers something for everyone. Explore the static displays, interact with pilots and industry experts, and catch adrenaline-fueled performances by some of the world’s best aerobatic teams.


Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In

Escape the winter chill and head to Lakeland, Florida, for the Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In. This week-long event is a paradise for aviation enthusiasts, offering a blend of thrilling airshows, educational forums, and aircraft displays. As one of the largest fly-ins in the United States, Sun ‘n Fun attracts pilots and aviation enthusiasts from all over the globe. Immerse yourself in the world of aviation, learn from industry experts, and witness the breathtaking displays of skill and precision in the air.

Wings Over South Texas Air Show

If you find yourself in South Texas in March, make sure to attend the Wings Over South Texas Air Show. Held at the Naval Air Station Kingsville, this event showcases the incredible capabilities of the United States military. Watch as fighter jets and helicopters take to the skies, demonstrating their power and agility. Engage with service members, explore static aircraft displays, and experience the thrill of military aviation up close.

Avalon Airshow

The Avalon Airshow, held in Avalon, Australia, is a biennial event that attracts aviation enthusiasts from all over the world. Known for its impressive displays of military aircraft and cutting-edge technology, this airshow offers a glimpse into the future of aerospace. Witness thrilling aerobatic performances, browse through aviation exhibits, and marvel at the innovative aircraft on display. The Avalon Airshow is a must-visit for anyone with a passion for aviation.


Zhuhai Air Show

The Zhuhai Air Show, also known as the China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, is one of the largest airshows in Asia. Taking place in Zhuhai, China, this event showcases the latest advancements in aerospace technology. From state-of-the-art military aircraft to commercial airliners, this airshow offers a comprehensive display of China’s aviation prowess. Be awed by the impressive flight demonstrations, explore the exhibits, and gain insight into the future of aviation.

Palm Springs Air Show

Escape to the sunny skies of Palm Springs, California, for the Palm Springs Air Show. This event, featuring a mix of vintage and modern aircraft, celebrates the rich history and vibrant present of aviation. Watch as World War II-era planes take to the skies alongside sleek fighter jets, showcasing the evolution of aviation over the years. Explore the static displays, interact with pilots, and immerse yourself in the world of flight.


Texel Airshow

In May, head to the picturesque island of Texel in the Netherlands for the Texel Airshow. This event attracts aviation enthusiasts and families alike with its combination of thrilling aerial displays and family-friendly activities. Watch as skilled pilots perform daring aerobatics, showcasing their precision and skill. Take part in aviation workshops, enjoy food and entertainment, and explore the static displays of both vintage and modern aircraft.

Chino Planes of Fame Airshow

The Chino Planes of Fame Airshow, held in Chino, California, is a must-visit event for aviation history buffs. This airshow focuses on showcasing vintage aircraft, offering a unique opportunity to see warbirds and classic planes up close. Marvel at the restored planes from World War II and beyond as they take to the skies in captivating flight demonstrations. Explore the museum on-site, meet historians and pilots, and immerse yourself in the rich history of aviation.

Dutch Air Force Open Days

During the Dutch Air Force Open Days, held at various locations in the Netherlands, visitors are treated to a spectacular display of aviation prowess. This event allows the public to get a glimpse into the world of military aviation and witness the impressive capabilities of the Dutch Air Force. From thrilling flight demonstrations to interactive exhibits, there is something for everyone at the Dutch Air Force Open Days. Marvel at the advanced fighter jets, meet the brave pilots, and learn about the vital role the Air Force plays in protecting the nation.


Royal International Air Tattoo

The Royal International Air Tattoo, held at RAF Fairford in the United Kingdom, is one of the largest military airshows in the world. This three-day event attracts aviation enthusiasts from around the globe, eager to witness the impressive displays of military aircraft. From stealth bombers to advanced fighter jets, the Royal International Air Tattoo showcases the power and technology of modern warfare. Enjoy thrilling aerobatic displays, explore the static aircraft displays, and connect with aviation enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Paris Air Show

Considered one of the most prestigious airshows in the world, the Paris Air Show is a must-attend event for aviation professionals and enthusiasts alike. Taking place at Le Bourget Airport near Paris, France, this event showcases the latest advancements in aerospace technology. From commercial airliners to military aircraft, the Paris Air Show offers a comprehensive display of the future of flight. Engage with industry leaders, explore innovative exhibits, and be captivated by thrilling flight demonstrations.

Abbotsford International Airshow

Every August, aviation enthusiasts flock to Abbotsford, British Columbia, for the Abbotsford International Airshow. This event has been running for over five decades and continues to impress visitors with its thrilling displays of military and civilian aircraft. Witness stunning aerobatic performances, marvel at vintage warplanes, and interact with pilots and industry professionals. With static displays, food vendors, and family-friendly activities, the Abbotsford International Airshow is a summer highlight for aviation fans of all ages.


Farnborough International Airshow

The Farnborough International Airshow, held in Hampshire, England, is a global aviation event that attracts industry professionals and aviation enthusiasts alike. This biennial event showcases the latest technological advancements in aerospace and provides a platform for key players in the industry to network and form partnerships. Witness cutting-edge aircraft demonstrations, explore the innovative exhibits, and gain insights into the future of aviation. The Farnborough International Airshow is a must-visit for anyone interested in the future of flight.

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is the ultimate gathering for aviation enthusiasts in North America. Considered the world’s largest fly-in convention, this event attracts pilots, aircraft owners, and aviation enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. With daily airshows, educational forums, and an extensive display of aircraft both on the ground and in the air, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh offers an immersive aviation experience for all. From vintage warbirds to experimental aircraft, this event celebrates the passion and diversity of aviation.


Oregon International Air Show

The Oregon International Air Show, held at the Hillsboro Airport just outside of Portland, is the largest aviation event in the state. This annual show delights audiences with thrilling aerobatic displays, showcasing the daring and precision of skilled pilots. From heart-stopping stunts to jaw-dropping flyovers, the Oregon International Air Show offers something for everyone. The event also features static aircraft displays, allowing visitors to get up close and personal with a variety of aircraft.

Chicago Air and Water Show

The Chicago Air and Water Show, held annually along the shores of Lake Michigan, is one of the most anticipated summer events in the city. This free event attracts millions of spectators who come to marvel at the awe-inspiring aerial displays and enjoy the picturesque backdrop of the Chicago skyline. From military jets to civilian aerobatic teams, the Chicago Air and Water Show offers a thrilling experience for all ages. Pack a picnic, grab a spot on the beach, and prepare to be amazed by the incredible aviation performances.


Sanicole Airshow

Head to Hechtel-Eksel in Belgium for the Sanicole Airshow, a thrilling event that showcases the best of aviation. Known for its dazzling nighttime aerobatic displays, the Sanicole Airshow offers a unique experience for aviation enthusiasts. Watch as the sky comes alive with mesmerizing light shows and high-speed maneuvers. During the day, enjoy a range of stunning aerial displays and explore the static aircraft displays. The Sanicole Airshow is a must-visit for those who want to witness the magic of aviation under the stars.

Marine Week

Marine Week is a celebration of United States Marine Corps aviation, giving the public an opportunity to interact with and learn about the Marines’ aircraft and capabilities. Held in various cities across the United States, Marine Week features aerial demonstrations, interactive displays, and opportunities to meet and engage with Marines. Witness the precision of the Marine Corps’ aircraft, learn about their missions and equipment, and show your support for the men and women who serve in the Marine Corps.


Al Ain Airshow

Wrap up the year with a visit to the Al Ain Airshow in the United Arab Emirates. This event attracts aviation enthusiasts from around the world and offers a unique blend of aerial displays, aviation exhibits, and family-friendly activities. Marvel at the skill of the pilots as they perform mesmerizing aerial maneuvers and experience the thrill of flight firsthand with helicopter rides and flight simulators. The Al Ain Airshow is the perfect way to end the year, immersing yourself in the world of aviation and celebrating the wonder of flight.

With a yearly calendar packed with incredible airshows and events, aviation enthusiasts have plenty of opportunities to indulge their passion for flight. From thrilling aerobatic performances to cutting-edge aerospace technology displays, there is something for everyone across the globe. So mark your calendars, book your tickets, and prepare to be amazed by the excitement and wonder of major global air shows and events.