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Susi Air: A Comprehensive Overview of the Indonesian Airline

Susi Air

Welcome to my comprehensive overview of Susi Air, a renowned aviation company in Indonesia. In this article, we will delve into the details of Susi Air’s operations, services, and its vital role in connecting remote destinations in the country. So, let’s explore this fascinating airline and its commitment to providing air transportation through small planes.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Susi Air is a prominent aviation company in Indonesia, specializing in air transportation to remote destinations.
  • The airline operates a fleet of small planes, ensuring flexibility and accessibility to various locations.
  • Susi Air plays a crucial role in providing vital connections to remote areas that are not easily reachable by other means of transportation.
  • The airline offers a range of services, including passenger charters, cargo transportation, and survey charters.
  • Susi Air’s commitment to safety, customer satisfaction, and environmental sustainability sets it apart in the industry.

About Susi Air: History and Expansion

Susi Air, founded in 2004 by Susi Pudjiastuti, originated in Pangandaran, West Java. Initially offering cargo services for fisheries products, the airline expanded into commercial aviation. Today, Susi Air operates 60% of its flights on regular scheduled routes and pioneering routes, while the remaining 40% is dedicated to charter services. The airline has 20 major operational bases across Indonesia, including Banda Aceh, Medan, Jakarta, and Jayapura.

Over the years, Susi Air has achieved remarkable growth and is recognized for its extensive network and reliable operations. From its humble beginnings, the airline has evolved into a key player in the Indonesian aviation industry. It has become a preferred choice for travelers seeking efficient air transportation to both remote and popular destinations in the country.

With its focus on expanding access to previously inaccessible locations in Indonesia, Susi Air has played a significant role in enhancing connectivity. By offering cargo services and passenger charters, the airline contributes to the socio-economic development of remote regions, facilitating trade and tourism. Susi Air’s commitment to excellence and innovation has positioned it as a leader in the field of commercial aviation in Indonesia.

Fleet and Services of Susi Air

Susi Air boasts a diverse and well-maintained fleet of aircraft to cater to its various flight services. With a total of 50 aircraft, including the Cessna Grand Caravan, Pilatus PC-6 Porter, Diamond Twin Star, and Air Tractor AT-802, Susi Air ensures that it has the right aircraft for each specific job. Whether it is passenger charters, cargo services, or survey charters, Susi Air has the capability to meet the needs of its customers.

The airline takes pride in its team of 140 highly skilled and experienced pilots. They are responsible for safely navigating the aircraft and ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey for passengers. Supported by 75 trained aircraft technicians, Susi Air ensures that its fleet is well-maintained and in optimal condition. These technicians work diligently to ensure that each aircraft is certified and ready for flight.

When it comes to flight services, Susi Air offers a comprehensive range of options. Passengers can enjoy the convenience of passenger charters, which allow them to travel to their desired destinations efficiently and comfortably. The airline also provides cargo services, ensuring that goods are transported with utmost care and efficiency. Additionally, Susi Air offers survey charters, enabling customers to conduct aerial surveys and gather important data.

Susi Air

With its diverse fleet, highly skilled pilots and technicians, as well as its comprehensive range of flight services, Susi Air is committed to providing top-notch air transportation solutions in Indonesia.

Susi Air’s Online Ticketing System

Susi Air recognizes the importance of providing convenient and hassle-free booking options for its passengers. That’s why the airline has partnered with Traveloka, a trusted online travel company, to offer an online ticketing system. With this partnership, passengers can now easily book their Susi Air flights through the Traveloka platform, ensuring a seamless and secure booking experience.

Through Susi Air’s online ticketing system, travelers can conveniently browse flight options, select preferred departure and arrival destinations, and choose the most suitable travel dates. The user-friendly interface of the Traveloka platform makes it easy to search for available flights and compare prices, ensuring that passengers can find the best deals for their journey.

In addition to easy booking, Susi Air’s online ticketing system also provides peace of mind to passengers. Traveloka offers secure payment options, giving passengers the confidence that their personal and financial information is protected. Furthermore, passengers can easily manage their bookings, make changes to their travel itineraries, and access their e-tickets directly through the Traveloka platform.

Benefits of Susi Air’s Online Ticketing System:

  • Convenient and hassle-free booking process
  • Wide selection of flight options and competitive prices
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation
  • Secure payment options for peace of mind
  • Ability to manage bookings and access e-tickets

With Susi Air’s online ticketing system, passengers can enjoy the convenience of booking their flights from the comfort of their own homes or while on the go. The partnership with Traveloka ensures a seamless and secure booking experience, allowing travelers to focus on their journey and explore the diverse destinations that Susi Air connects.

Benefits of Susi Air’s Online Ticketing System
Convenient and hassle-free booking process
Wide selection of flight options and competitive prices
User-friendly interface for easy navigation
Secure payment options for peace of mind
Ability to manage bookings and access e-tickets

Satellite Tracking and Communication Systems

Susi Air prioritizes the safety and efficiency of its operations by utilizing advanced satellite tracking and communication systems. The airline has partnered with Blue Sky Network, a global leader in satellite-based tracking solutions, to ensure real-time monitoring of its aircraft. Through the integration of cutting-edge technology, Susi Air can track its flights via the Iridium satellite network, providing accurate and up-to-date information on aircraft location and status.

The satellite tracking system employed by Susi Air offers numerous benefits. First and foremost, it enhances the safety and security of operations by enabling constant monitoring of the aircraft’s movements. This real-time tracking capability allows for immediate response in case of emergencies, ensuring the well-being of passengers and crew members. Additionally, the system aids in optimizing flight routes, improving operational efficiency, and minimizing delays.

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Furthermore, the satellite communication technology implemented by Susi Air enables voice calls and messaging capabilities between the aircraft and ground personnel. This facilitates effective and efficient communication, enhancing coordination and ensuring smooth operations. The ability to exchange information in real-time contributes to the overall safety and reliability of Susi Air’s services.

The Advantages of Satellite Tracking and Communication Systems:

  • Real-time tracking of aircraft location and status
  • Enhanced safety and security
  • Optimized flight routes and improved operational efficiency
  • Effective communication between aircraft and ground personnel

By leveraging advanced satellite tracking and communication systems, Susi Air demonstrates its commitment to providing a safe and reliable travel experience for its passengers. The integration of Blue Sky Network’s technology ensures the airline’s ability to operate seamlessly and efficiently, even in remote and challenging environments.

Advantages of Satellite Tracking and Communication Systems Description
Real-time tracking Enables accurate and up-to-date information on aircraft location and status
Enhanced safety Constant monitoring and immediate response in case of emergencies
Operational efficiency Optimized flight routes and minimized delays
Effective communication Enables voice calls and messaging between aircraft and ground personnel

The integration of satellite tracking and communication systems firmly establishes Susi Air as a technologically advanced and reliable airline in Indonesia. By investing in cutting-edge solutions, the airline ensures the safety, efficiency, and satisfaction of its passengers.

Destinations Covered by Susi Air

Susi Air operates flights to a variety of destinations in Indonesia, including both remote locations and major airports. The airline’s extensive network allows passengers to reach unique and hard-to-reach destinations, making it a popular choice for travelers seeking to explore the diverse landscapes of Indonesia.

Some of the remote locations serviced by Susi Air include Pangandaran, Tarakan, and Jayapura. These destinations offer breathtaking natural beauty and cultural heritage that are worth exploring. Susi Air’s flights provide convenient access to these remote areas, allowing travelers to experience the untouched beauty of Indonesia.

In addition to remote locations, Susi Air also operates flights to major airports in cities such as Medan, Jakarta, and Banda Aceh. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, passengers can rely on Susi Air to provide a convenient and reliable air travel experience to these popular destinations.

Table: Destinations Covered by Susi Air

Destination Province
Medan North Sumatra
Jakarta Special Capital Region of Jakarta
Pangandaran West Java
Tarakan North Kalimantan
Jayapura Papua
Banda Aceh Aceh

Safety and Accreditation of Susi Air

Susi Air places the highest priority on safety, ensuring the well-being of our passengers and crew. We are proud to hold the Air Operator Certificate AOC 135-028, which demonstrates our commitment to adhering to strict safety measures and complying with international aviation standards. Our dedication to safety is reflected in every aspect of our operations, from pilot training to aircraft maintenance.

To maintain our high safety standards, we have implemented comprehensive training programs for our pilots, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to operate our fleet of small planes with precision and caution. Additionally, our team of 75 aircraft technicians undergoes regular training to ensure our aircraft are well-maintained and in optimal condition for every flight.

We understand the importance of continuous improvement and regularly review and update our safety protocols to align with the latest industry standards and regulations. By doing so, we are able to provide our passengers with a safe and secure travel experience.

Accreditation and Compliance

At Susi Air, we are proud to have received various accreditations and certifications in recognition of our commitment to safety and excellence in aviation. In addition to our Air Operator Certificate, we are accredited by the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation and comply with all relevant aviation regulations. These accolades not only serve as a testament to our dedication to safety but also instill confidence in our passengers that they are in good hands when flying with Susi Air.

Accreditation Organization
Air Operator Certificate Civil Aviation Authority of Indonesia
Accreditation Indonesian Ministry of Transportation
Compliance International aviation regulations

By upholding the highest safety standards and receiving accreditation from reputable organizations, we strive to provide our passengers with peace of mind and a reliable travel experience. At Susi Air, safety is our top priority, and we work tirelessly to ensure that every flight is executed with the utmost care and professionalism.

Susi Air Safety

Susi Air’s Role in Indonesian Tourism

Indonesia boasts a wealth of natural beauty and cultural heritage that attract tourists from around the world. However, not all of these stunning destinations are easily accessible by traditional means of transportation. This is where Susi Air plays a crucial role, providing air travel to remote destinations and granting tourists access to hidden gems of Indonesian tourism.

Susi Air’s flights to remote locations open up opportunities for travelers to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations that may not be reachable by other modes of transportation. Whether it’s a secluded island paradise, a pristine national park, or a traditional village tucked away in the mountains, Susi Air offers a convenient and efficient way to reach these remote spots.

With Susi Air as their trusted travel partner, tourists can embark on unforgettable adventures, immersing themselves in the natural wonders and cultural richness of Indonesia. Whether it’s hiking through dense rainforests, diving in vibrant coral reefs, or experiencing the unique traditions of local communities, Susi Air’s flights enable travelers to create unforgettable memories in some of the most remote and idyllic locations in the country.

Destination Highlights Accessibility
Belitung Island Stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, picturesque granite rocks Susi Air offers direct flights to Belitung Island, providing convenient access to this tropical paradise.
Raja Ampat World-class diving, vibrant coral reefs, diverse marine life Susi Air’s flights to Sorong make it easier for tourists to reach Raja Ampat and explore its underwater wonders.
Mentawai Islands Surfing, pristine beaches, vibrant local culture Susi Air’s flights to Padang offer a gateway to the Mentawai Islands, where adventure seekers can ride world-class waves and experience the unique Mentawai culture.

“Susi Air’s flights to remote destinations have been a game-changer for Indonesian tourism. They have opened up opportunities for travelers to explore untapped beauty and experience the cultural heritage of our country like never before.” – Ministry of Tourism, Indonesia

Thanks to Susi Air’s commitment to providing access to remote destinations, tourists can now go beyond the traditional tourist hotspots and truly discover the hidden treasures of Indonesia. As the airline continues to expand its route network and improve its services, more travelers will have the opportunity to explore the remote destinations that make Indonesia a truly unforgettable travel destination.

Awards and Recognitions

Susi Air has been widely recognized in the aviation industry for its outstanding services and contributions to air transportation in Indonesia. The airline has received numerous awards and accolades, reinforcing its position as a leader in the industry.

Here are some of the notable awards and recognitions that Susi Air has received:

  • Best Regional Airline: Susi Air was honored with the prestigious Best Regional Airline award at the Aviation Award Ceremony 2020. This recognition is a testament to the airline’s commitment to providing top-notch services and connecting remote destinations in Indonesia.
  • Excellence in Customer Service: Susi Air has been consistently recognized for its exceptional customer service. The airline prioritizes passenger satisfaction and goes above and beyond to ensure a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Susi Air’s dedication to environmental sustainability has been acknowledged with the Environmental Stewardship award. The airline actively implements eco-friendly practices to minimize its carbon footprint and preserve Indonesia’s natural beauty.
  • Reliability and Punctuality: Susi Air has been recognized for its reliability and punctuality in delivering air transportation services. The airline consistently strives to maintain on-time departures and arrivals, ensuring that passengers reach their destinations efficiently.

“We are honored to receive these awards and recognitions, which reflect our commitment to providing exceptional services and contributing to the growth of the aviation industry in Indonesia.”
– Susi Pudjiastuti, Founder of Susi Air

These awards further solidify Susi Air’s position as a trusted and reliable airline in Indonesia. The airline’s dedication to excellence and continuous improvement sets it apart in the aviation industry, making it a preferred choice for both domestic and international travelers.

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Award Category Year
Best Regional Airline Aviation Excellence 2020
Excellence in Customer Service Customer Experience 2019
Environmental Stewardship Sustainability 2018
Reliability and Punctuality Operations 2017

Susi Air’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Susi Air is dedicated to environmental sustainability and implements eco-friendly practices in its operations. The airline understands the importance of preserving Indonesia’s natural beauty and biodiversity, and takes proactive steps to minimize its carbon footprint.

One of the key initiatives undertaken by Susi Air is the use of sustainable aviation fuel. The airline actively seeks alternative and renewable fuel sources to reduce its reliance on traditional fossil fuels. By incorporating sustainable aviation fuel into its operations, Susi Air significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to the fight against climate change.

Susi Air also prioritizes waste management and recycling. The airline implements efficient waste disposal systems in its facilities and educates its staff on the importance of recycling. By promoting a culture of waste reduction and recycling, Susi Air aims to minimize the environmental impact of its operations.

Susi Air Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Eco-Friendly Practices at Susi Air

In addition, Susi Air invests in modern and fuel-efficient aircraft. By regularly updating its fleet with newer models, the airline ensures that it operates with the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly aircraft available in the market. These aircraft are designed to consume less fuel and produce fewer emissions, further contributing to Susi Air’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Furthermore, Susi Air actively engages in reforestation and conservation efforts. The airline supports various environmental organizations and initiatives that focus on preserving Indonesia’s forests and biodiversity. Through partnerships and collaborations, Susi Air aims to make a positive impact on the environment and inspire others to take action.

Environmental Initiatives at Susi Air Impact
Use of sustainable aviation fuel Significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
Efficient waste disposal and recycling systems Minimization of environmental impact
Investment in modern and fuel-efficient aircraft Reduced fuel consumption and emissions
Support for reforestation and conservation efforts Preservation of Indonesia’s natural beauty and biodiversity

By prioritizing environmental sustainability, Susi Air sets a positive example for the aviation industry and strives to create a more sustainable future for air transportation in Indonesia.

Susi Air’s Role in Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief

Susi Air plays a crucial role in providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief support in Indonesia. With its expertise in remote logistics and efficient air transportation, the airline is able to quickly and effectively reach affected areas, delivering essential supplies and support to those in need.

In times of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, or volcanic eruptions, Susi Air’s small planes are invaluable for accessing remote and hard-to-reach locations. These areas often lack proper infrastructure and transportation options, making it challenging to deliver aid and relief supplies. However, Susi Air’s fleet of aircraft and experienced pilots can navigate difficult terrains and land on makeshift runways, ensuring that help reaches the affected communities.

One of the key advantages of Susi Air is its ability to transport goods and personnel to remote areas quickly. In disaster situations, time is of the essence, and having a reliable and efficient transportation partner is crucial. Susi Air’s commitment to safety and its well-maintained fleet enable it to respond promptly to emergencies, making a significant impact in saving lives and providing relief to those affected.

Furthermore, Susi Air collaborates with local and international organizations, governments, and NGOs to coordinate relief efforts and ensure a coordinated response. This collaboration allows for effective resource allocation and maximizes the impact of humanitarian aid. Susi Air’s role in disaster relief efforts demonstrates its commitment to serving the community and making a positive difference in the lives of those affected by natural disasters.

Table: Examples of Susi Air’s Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief Missions

Date Location Type of Disaster Relief Services Provided
March 2019 Palu, Central Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency medical evacuations, delivery of medical supplies and food, transportation of search and rescue teams
December 2020 Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Flooding Airlifting of stranded residents, transportation of relief goods, support in conducting aerial surveys for damage assessment
January 2022 Merauke, Papua Floods Delivery of emergency supplies, evacuation of affected communities, transportation of humanitarian aid workers

Susi Air’s Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At Susi Air, our commitment to customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that a seamless and enjoyable travel experience is paramount to our passengers, and we go above and beyond to ensure exceptional service at every step of the journey.

One of the key ways we maintain high customer satisfaction levels is by actively seeking and valuing passenger feedback. We believe that listening to our customers is essential in identifying areas for improvement and delivering the best possible service. Whether it’s through surveys, social media channels, or direct communication, we always encourage our passengers to share their thoughts and suggestions.

By attentively analyzing and implementing passenger feedback, we continuously refine our operations to meet the evolving needs and expectations of our customers. This feedback-driven approach allows us to address any concerns promptly and make the necessary adjustments to enhance the overall travel experience. We value our passengers’ trust and strive to exceed their expectations with every journey.

Testimonials from Satisfied Susi Air Passengers

“I recently flew with Susi Air to a remote destination, and I was extremely impressed by the level of service I received. The staff was attentive, friendly, and went out of their way to ensure a comfortable journey. The online booking process was effortless, and the flight itself was smooth and on-time. I would highly recommend Susi Air to anyone looking for reliable and exceptional air travel in Indonesia.”

– John, Jakarta

“Flying with Susi Air was a breath of fresh air. From the moment I booked my ticket online to the moment I disembarked the aircraft, every part of the journey was seamless. The cabin crew was professional and caring, and the pilot’s announcements were informative and reassuring. It’s evident that Susi Air prioritizes customer satisfaction, and I’ll definitely be choosing them for my future travels.”

– Sarah, Medan

At Susi Air, we believe that exceptional service is the foundation of a remarkable travel experience. Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to deliver the highest standards of service, ensuring that every passenger feels valued and cared for throughout their journey with us.

Susi Air's Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Key Factors Contributing to Customer Satisfaction Percentage of Survey Respondents
Friendliness and professionalism of staff 87%
Punctuality and reliability of flights 91%
Comfort and cleanliness of aircraft 82%
Efficiency of online booking system 89%
Response to passenger feedback and concerns 93%
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Susi Air’s Contributions to Local Economy and Employment

Susi Air’s presence in various locations across Indonesia has significant contributions to the local economy and employment opportunities. By establishing operational bases in different regions, the airline creates job opportunities for local communities, which in turn stimulates economic growth and development.

The operations of Susi Air require a diverse range of skilled professionals, including pilots, aircraft technicians, and ground staff. Through its recruitment efforts, the airline provides employment opportunities for individuals who are passionate about aviation and eager to contribute to the industry’s growth. By nurturing talent and supporting the professional development of its employees, Susi Air not only benefits the individuals but also contributes to the overall skill development of the local workforce.

Furthermore, Susi Air’s role as an aviation company has a multiplier effect on the local economy. The airline’s flights to remote destinations open up opportunities for tourism, trade, and other economic activities. It enables local businesses and communities to connect with a broader market and tap into new opportunities for growth.

Contribution to Local Economy and Employment Impact
Job Creation Susi Air creates employment opportunities for pilots, technicians, and ground staff, contributing to the local job market.
Skill Development By nurturing talent and supporting the professional development of its employees, Susi Air contributes to the overall skill development of the local workforce.
Economic Stimulus The airline’s operations generate economic activity in remote locations, opening up opportunities for tourism, trade, and other businesses.

The continued growth and expansion of Susi Air’s operations will further strengthen its contributions to the local economy and employment landscape in Indonesia. By connecting remote destinations, supporting local communities, and fostering economic development, the airline plays a vital role in shaping the sustainable growth of the country’s aviation industry.

Susi Air’s Future Plans and Expansion

Susi Air, the renowned Indonesian airline, has exciting future plans and expansion in store. With its commitment to providing reliable and efficient air transportation services, the airline aims to meet the growing demand for travel in Indonesia.

Route Additions:

In line with its expansion strategy, Susi Air intends to add new routes to its network. These additions will enhance connectivity to both remote and popular destinations, offering passengers more options for their travel needs. By expanding its reach, Susi Air aims to contribute to the growth of tourism and facilitate access to unique and lesser-known locations in Indonesia.

Fleet Expansion:

Susi Air also plans to expand its fleet of aircraft to support its growing operations. This expansion will enable the airline to increase capacity and offer more flights to meet the demands of its passengers. By investing in a diverse fleet, Susi Air ensures that it can cater to different types of routes and provide efficient services to a wider range of destinations.

“We are excited about the future of Susi Air and our plans for expansion. We believe that by adding new routes and expanding our fleet, we can continue to provide excellent air transportation services to our valued passengers,” says the spokesperson of Susi Air.

Improved Passenger Experience:

Susi Air is dedicated to enhancing the overall passenger experience through various initiatives. The airline is investing in technology and infrastructure to streamline booking processes, improve in-flight services, and ensure smooth operations at airports. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, Susi Air aims to become the preferred choice for domestic travel in Indonesia.

Future Plans and Expansion Highlights Benefits
Adding new routes Enhanced connectivity and access to unique locations
Expanding the fleet Increased capacity and more flight options
Focus on passenger experience Streamlined booking processes and improved in-flight services

With its future plans and commitment to expansion, Susi Air is poised to continue its growth and contribute to the development of air travel in Indonesia. Passengers can look forward to more convenient and reliable travel options as the airline expands its network and enhances its services.


Susi Air is an Indonesian airline that has established itself as a reliable choice for air travel in the country. With a fleet of small planes and a commitment to safety, the airline offers convenient and efficient flight services to both remote and popular destinations.

As an Indonesian airline, Susi Air understands the unique needs of travelers in the country. The airline’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in its exceptional service and the emphasis placed on passenger feedback. Susi Air strives to provide a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for all its customers.

With its contributions to the local economy and employment, Susi Air plays an important role in the development of Indonesia. The airline’s operations create job opportunities and generate income, supporting the growth of local communities.

Looking towards the future, Susi Air has plans for expansion and route additions to meet the increasing demand for air transportation in Indonesia. With its reliable service, Susi Air will continue to serve as a trustworthy choice for those seeking air travel within the country.


Does Susi Air operate flights to remote locations?

Yes, Susi Air specializes in offering air transportation services to both remote and popular destinations in Indonesia.

What types of aircraft does Susi Air have in its fleet?

Susi Air has a fleet of 50 aircraft, including models such as Cessna Grand Caravan, Pilatus PC-6 Porter, Diamond Twin Star, and Air Tractor AT-802.

How can I book a flight with Susi Air?

You can conveniently book your Susi Air flights through the Traveloka platform, an online travel company that has partnered with the airline.

Does Susi Air have advanced tracking systems for its flights?

Yes, Susi Air has equipped its aircraft with advanced satellite tracking systems provided by Blue Sky Network. These systems enable real-time tracking of flights and allow for communication with the aircraft.

Which destinations are covered by Susi Air?

Susi Air operates flights to a wide range of destinations in Indonesia, including major airports as well as remote locations such as Medan, Jakarta, Pangandaran, Tarakan, Jayapura, and Banda Aceh.

Does Susi Air prioritize safety?

Yes, Susi Air prioritizes safety and has obtained the Air Operator Certificate AOC 135-028. The airline follows strict safety measures and international aviation standards.

What is Susi Air’s role in promoting Indonesian tourism?

Susi Air plays a crucial role in promoting Indonesian tourism by providing access to remote destinations that may not be easily reachable by other means of transportation. Tourists can explore the natural beauty and cultural highlights of Indonesia through the airline’s flights.

Has Susi Air received any awards in the aviation industry?

Yes, Susi Air has received several awards and recognitions for its exceptional services and contribution to air transportation in Indonesia.

Does Susi Air take measures to minimize its environmental impact?

Yes, Susi Air is committed to environmental sustainability and adopts eco-friendly practices in its operations to minimize its carbon footprint. The airline actively contributes to preserving Indonesia’s natural beauty and biodiversity.

Does Susi Air provide support in humanitarian aid and disaster relief?

Yes, Susi Air plays a vital role in providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief by facilitating remote logistics support in affected areas. The airline’s ability to reach remote locations quickly and efficiently contributes to relief efforts during times of crisis.

Does Susi Air value customer satisfaction?

Yes, Susi Air places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and continuously strives to provide exceptional service. The airline values passenger feedback and uses it to improve its operations and ensure a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

How does Susi Air contribute to the local economy?

Susi Air’s operations contribute to the local economy by creating job opportunities and generating income in various locations across Indonesia.

What are Susi Air’s future plans?

Susi Air has plans for future expansion, including the addition of new routes and destinations, to meet the growing demand for air transportation in Indonesia.

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