SkyWest Airlines

SkyWest Airlines is the largest regional airline in North America, offering a wide range of flight options and connectivity through its partnerships with mainline carriers. With its headquarters in St. George, Utah, SkyWest Airlines operates an extensive network of flights, connecting passengers between smaller airports and major hubs served by partner airlines such as Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines.

As a leading regional airline, SkyWest Airlines has a fleet size, number of passengers carried, and number of destinations served that set it apart in the industry. In 2021 alone, the airline carried a staggering 36 million passengers, highlighting its popularity and reliability among travelers.

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Key Takeaways:

  • SkyWest Airlines is the largest regional airline in North America.
  • The airline operates an extensive network of flights, connecting passengers to major hubs through partnerships with mainline carriers.
  • In 2021, SkyWest Airlines carried 36 million passengers.
  • The airline’s headquarters are located in St. George, Utah.
  • SkyWest Airlines provides reliable and convenient air travel options for passengers.

SkyWest Airlines History

SkyWest Airlines has a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1972 by Ralph Atkin. The airline was initially established to provide air service for businessmen traveling between St. George, Utah, and Salt Lake City. Since its humble beginnings, SkyWest Airlines has experienced significant growth and expansion, becoming the largest regional airline in North America.

Throughout its history, SkyWest Airlines has played a crucial role in regional airline expansion. In 1984, the airline acquired Sun Aire Lines, which catapulted it to become the eleventh largest regional carrier in the United States. This acquisition allowed SkyWest Airlines to expand its operations across the western part of the country.

One of the key factors contributing to the success of SkyWest Airlines is its partnerships with major mainline carriers. Starting in the late 1980s, the airline began codesharing with airlines like Western Airlines and later Delta Air Lines. This partnership model allowed SkyWest Airlines to operate as a feeder service, connecting passengers from smaller cities to mainline destinations. Over the years, the airline has formed partnerships with numerous mainline carriers, including Continental Airlines, United Airlines, and American Airlines, among others.

SkyWest Airlines Partnerships:

Mainline Carrier Year of Partnership
Delta Air Lines 1986
Continental Airlines 1995
United Airlines 2005
American Airlines 2012

“Our partnerships with mainline carriers have played a significant role in our success and growth. By working together, we are able to provide seamless travel experiences for passengers, connecting them to a vast network of destinations.” – Ralph Atkin, Founder of SkyWest Airlines

Through its history of regional airline expansion and partnerships with mainline carriers, SkyWest Airlines has established itself as a prominent player in the aviation industry. The airline’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and connecting passengers to their desired destinations has contributed to its continued success.

SkyWest Airlines Operations

SkyWest Airlines Operations

SkyWest Airlines operates flights out of several major hubs, crew bases, and maintenance bases, providing a robust operational network. The airline connects passengers between smaller airports and the major hubs of its partner airlines, ensuring seamless travel experiences. Here are some key details about SkyWest Airlines’ operations:


Chicago-O’Hare Illinois
Denver Colorado
Detroit Michigan
Houston-Intercontinental Texas
Los Angeles California
Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota
Phoenix-Sky Harbor Arizona
Portland Oregon
Salt Lake City Utah
San Francisco California
Seattle/Tacoma Washington

Crew Bases and Maintenance Bases:

  • SkyWest Airlines has crew bases and maintenance bases located in various cities across the United States.
  • These bases provide essential operational support, ensuring efficient aircraft operations and maintenance.


SkyWest Airlines serves an extensive network of destinations throughout North America. As of February 2022, the airline flies to 250 destinations, connecting passengers to 47 states, 5 Canadian provinces, and 10 Mexican cities. This wide reach enables travelers to access a multitude of locations, whether for business or leisure.

For passengers looking for convenient and reliable air travel options, SkyWest Airlines’ extensive operations ensure seamless connections and access to a wide range of destinations. With hubs strategically located across the United States, along with crew bases and maintenance bases supporting efficient operations, the airline is well-positioned to serve the needs of passengers and partner airlines. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, SkyWest Airlines aims to provide a high-quality travel experience.

SkyWest Airlines Fleet

SkyWest Airlines operates a diverse fleet of aircraft, allowing it to serve a wide range of destinations efficiently. As of the end of 2021, the airline has a total of 509 aircraft in its fleet.

The fleet includes various aircraft types, each chosen for its specific capabilities and suitability for different routes. Among the aircraft operated by SkyWest Airlines are the Bombardier CRJ200, CRJ700, and CRJ900, as well as the Embraer E175, among others. These aircraft are known for their reliability, comfort, and fuel efficiency, making them ideal for regional flights.

Having a diverse fleet enables SkyWest Airlines to meet the needs of its partner airlines and offer a seamless travel experience for passengers. The airline strategically deploys its aircraft based on demand, ensuring efficient operations and timely connections.

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Fleet Overview:

Aircraft Type Number of Aircraft
Bombardier CRJ200 119
Bombardier CRJ700 77
Bombardier CRJ900 122
Embraer E175 180
Other Aircraft Types 11

The table above provides an overview of the different aircraft types and the number of aircraft in each category. It demonstrates the scale and diversity of SkyWest Airlines’ fleet, highlighting its ability to efficiently serve a large number of destinations.

With a strong fleet and commitment to operational excellence, SkyWest Airlines continues to provide reliable and convenient regional air travel options for passengers across North America.

SkyWest Airlines Performance and Financials

When it comes to performance and financials, SkyWest Airlines has shown both positive trends and some fluctuations over the years. The company’s revenue has ranged from $1.63 billion in 2020 to $2.48 billion in 2018, indicating a variable financial landscape. Despite experiencing a loss of $92 million in 2020, SkyWest Airlines has generally reported profits in previous years, reflecting its overall stability and resilience in the aviation industry.

In terms of passenger numbers, SkyWest Airlines has carried a significant volume of travelers. In 2019, the airline transported 36.6 million passengers, demonstrating its role as a popular choice for regional flights. Back in 2013, the number of passengers reached as high as 43.7 million, indicating past growth and customer satisfaction. These figures highlight the airline’s ability to attract and serve a large customer base.

As with any business, SkyWest Airlines operates within a dynamic market influenced by various factors. Business trends, such as economic conditions, fuel prices, and industry competition, can impact the company’s performance and financials. However, SkyWest Airlines has consistently adapted to market changes and remained competitive through its strategic partnerships and customer-focused approach. Its ability to navigate the ups and downs of the aviation industry demonstrates its commitment to delivering reliable and convenient air travel options.

Overall, SkyWest Airlines continues to thrive as a leading regional airline, with a track record of profitability and a strong customer base. Its financial performance, passenger numbers, and the ability to adapt to changing market conditions demonstrate its resilience and commitment to excellence in the aviation industry.

SkyWest Airlines Corporate Affairs

SkyWest Airlines Corporate Affairs Image

SkyWest Airlines, a leading regional airline in North America, operates under the ownership of SkyWest, Inc. This airline holding company also provides contract ground handling services at various airports in the United States. SkyWest Airlines follows a unique business model that involves both fixed-fee contracts and pro-rate contracts with its partner airlines. The majority of its contracts are fixed-fee agreements, where the partner airlines pay a set amount for each flight operated by SkyWest. Additionally, a smaller portion, approximately 7% of the contracts, operates under pro-rate agreements. Under these pro-rate contracts, SkyWest assumes costs and sets fares.

This business model of SkyWest Airlines allows for efficient operations and mutual benefits for both the airline and its partner carriers. The fixed-fee contracts provide a predictable revenue stream for SkyWest Airlines, while ensuring connectivity and regional air service for the partner airlines. The pro-rate contracts, on the other hand, enable SkyWest to take on more financial responsibility and flexibility in certain markets, while still delivering essential air travel options for passengers.

Overall, SkyWest Airlines’ ownership by SkyWest, Inc. and its well-structured business model contribute to its success in the regional airline industry. This ownership structure and unique business approach allow the airline to maintain strong partnerships with major carriers while providing reliable and convenient flights to passengers across a vast network of destinations.

Working with Major Airlines

“Our business model of fixed-fee and pro-rate contracts has enabled us to establish long-standing partnerships with major airlines, serving as their trusted regional airline partner. We are proud to connect passengers between smaller airports and major hubs, ensuring seamless travel experiences and expanding air travel options for travelers.”

Benefits of the Business Model

  • Stable revenue through fixed-fee contracts
  • Flexibility and financial responsibility through pro-rate contracts
  • Strong partnerships with major airlines

Ensuring Connectivity and Regional Air Service

“Our business model allows us to deliver essential air travel options to both major markets and smaller communities, providing connectivity and regional air service that would otherwise be challenging to achieve.”

Ownership Business Model Benefits
SkyWest, Inc. Fixed-fee and pro-rate contracts – Stable revenue
– Flexibility in different markets
– Strong partnerships with major airlines

SkyWest Airlines Careers

SkyWest Airlines Careers

If you have ever dreamed of pursuing a career in aviation, SkyWest Airlines offers a range of exciting job opportunities. Whether you aspire to be a pilot or a flight attendant, the airline provides training and development programs to help you achieve your goals.

As a pilot with SkyWest Airlines, you can enjoy competitive salaries and benefits, along with the opportunity to fly a diverse fleet of aircraft. The airline also offers a Cadet Program for aspiring pilots, providing a structured pathway to a professional pilot career. Through this program, you can receive flight training, mentorship, and career advancement opportunities.

If you are interested in becoming a flight attendant, SkyWest Airlines provides comprehensive training to ensure you excel in delivering exceptional customer service. Flight attendants play a vital role in creating a safe and enjoyable experience for passengers, and SkyWest Airlines offers a supportive environment for your career growth.

Explore Career Opportunities

If you are ready to embark on an exciting career in aviation, visit the SkyWest Airlines website to explore current job openings and application processes. The website provides detailed information about the requirements, qualifications, and benefits associated with each role. Whether you are starting your career or looking to take the next step, SkyWest Airlines offers diverse and rewarding opportunities for aviation professionals.

Position Responsibilities Qualifications
Pilot Fly aircraft, ensure safety, and provide excellent customer service Valid pilot’s license, medical certificate, flight experience
Flight Attendant Ensure passenger safety, provide inflight service, and assist with emergencies Minimum age, height, customer service experience

SkyWest Airlines Flight Information

SkyWest Airlines Flight Information

When traveling with SkyWest Airlines, it is essential to have access to accurate flight information to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey. The airline provides passengers with various online tools and resources to stay informed about their flights, including flight status, check-in options, and baggage policies.

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Flight Status

Passengers can easily track the status of their SkyWest Airlines flights by visiting the airline’s official website. The flight status feature allows travelers to enter their flight details and receive real-time updates on any changes, such as delays or cancellations. This information empowers passengers to plan their travel accordingly and make necessary adjustments if needed.

Check-In Options

SkyWest Airlines offers convenient check-in options for passengers to save time at the airport. Travelers can choose to check-in online through the airline’s website or mobile app, allowing them to select their seats, print boarding passes, and even pay for any additional services or upgrade options. Alternatively, passengers can also opt for traditional check-in at the airport counter, where SkyWest Airlines staff will assist with the process.

Baggage Policy

It is essential to familiarize yourself with SkyWest Airlines’ baggage policy to ensure compliance with size, weight, and item restrictions. Passengers are allowed to bring both a carry-on bag and a personal item on board, with specific dimensions and weight limits. Additionally, there may be restrictions on checked baggage size and weight, as well as any applicable fees for additional or oversized items. Checking the baggage policy in advance will help avoid any surprises or inconveniences during the travel experience.

Baggage Type Carry-On Allowance Checked Baggage Allowance
First Class 2 carry-on bags + 1 personal item 2 bags (up to 70 lbs each)
Economy Class 1 carry-on bag + 1 personal item 1 bag (up to 50 lbs)

It’s important to note that SkyWest Airlines’ baggage policy may vary depending on the specific partner airline or codeshare agreement for a particular flight. Passengers are advised to review the baggage policy specific to their booking or contact customer service for further clarification.

In summary, SkyWest Airlines offers convenient flight information resources, including real-time flight status updates, online check-in options, and a comprehensive baggage policy. By utilizing these tools and familiarizing yourself with the airline’s procedures, you can have a stress-free travel experience with SkyWest Airlines.

SkyWest Airlines Contact Information

If you need to get in touch with SkyWest Airlines, here is the contact information you are looking for:

Address SkyWest Airlines
444 South River Road
St. George, UT 84790
Phone Number 1-800-453-9417
Customer Service For general inquiries and assistance, you can reach SkyWest Airlines’ customer service team at the provided phone number. They are available to help with various concerns, including booking, reservations, and other inquiries you may have.

Whether you have a question about your upcoming flight, need assistance with your booking, or have any other concerns, SkyWest Airlines’ customer support team is ready to assist you.

For more detailed information, including specific departments and contact options, you can visit the SkyWest Airlines website. The website provides additional resources and ways to get in touch with the airline’s representatives.

About SkyWest Airlines Headquarters

SkyWest Airlines’ headquarters is located in St. George, Utah, United States. Situated at 444 South River Road, the headquarters serves as a central hub for the airline’s administrative operations and management. The location provides a convenient base for overseeing the airline’s extensive network of flights and maintaining efficient communication with partner airlines. With its modern facilities and dedicated staff, SkyWest Airlines’ headquarters reflects the company’s commitment to excellence in the aviation industry.

SkyWest Airlines Reviews

Customer feedback is an important aspect to consider when evaluating an airline’s performance and customer satisfaction. Here are some key points from reviews of SkyWest Airlines:

  1. Reliable and punctual flights: Many passengers appreciate SkyWest Airlines for its on-time performance and reliability. Reviews often highlight the airline’s commitment to maintaining a timely schedule, which contributes to a positive travel experience.
  2. Professional and friendly staff: Several reviews mention the professionalism and friendliness of the airline’s staff, including pilots, flight attendants, and ground crew. Passengers appreciate the attentive service and helpfulness of the personnel.
  3. Comfortable aircraft: SkyWest Airlines receives praise for its comfortable and well-maintained aircraft. Passengers often comment on the cleanliness, spaciousness, and overall comfort of the cabins, enhancing their travel experience.
  4. Smooth and efficient operations: The airline’s operational efficiency is highlighted in many reviews. Passengers mention seamless check-in procedures, smooth boarding processes, and efficient baggage handling, contributing to a hassle-free journey.

“I’ve had consistently positive experiences flying with SkyWest Airlines. Their flights are always on-time, and the staff is friendly and helpful. The aircraft are comfortable, and the overall travel experience is smooth. I highly recommend them.” – Review from a satisfied passenger.

It’s important to note that reviews can vary, and every passenger’s experience may differ. It’s advisable to consider multiple reviews to gain a comprehensive understanding of the airline’s performance and customer satisfaction levels.

Positive Aspects Negative Aspects
Reliable and punctual flights Some reviews mention occasional flight delays
Professional and friendly staff A few passengers reported minor communication issues with staff
Comfortable aircraft Reviewers occasionally noted limited legroom on certain aircraft
Smooth and efficient operations Some passengers experienced issues with baggage handling

Remember that individual experiences may vary, and it’s always recommended to check the most recent reviews and evaluate the overall consensus before making travel decisions.

SkyWest Airlines Cadet Program

The SkyWest Airlines Cadet Program offers aspiring pilots a structured pathway to becoming a professional pilot with the airline. This comprehensive program includes flight training, mentorship, and career advancement opportunities. Whether you’re starting your journey towards a pilot career or looking to transition from another aviation role, the Cadet Program provides the necessary support and resources to help you succeed.

Flight Training

The Cadet Program begins with flight training, which is a crucial step in building the necessary skills and experience for a career in aviation. Participants will undergo rigorous training, both in the classroom and in the air, to acquire the knowledge and proficiency required to become a certified pilot. The training curriculum covers various aspects of aviation, including aircraft systems, flight operations, navigation, and emergency procedures. SkyWest Airlines partners with reputable flight schools and training centers to ensure that participants receive top-quality instruction and hands-on experience.

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Mentorship and Support

Throughout the Cadet Program, participants will have access to experienced mentors who will provide guidance and support. These mentors are seasoned pilots who have a wealth of knowledge and insights to share. They will offer advice, answer questions, and help participants navigate the challenges and opportunities in the aviation industry. The mentorship aspect of the Cadet Program is invaluable, as it allows aspiring pilots to learn from professionals who have gone through similar experiences and can provide valuable guidance along the way.

Career Advancement

Upon successful completion of the Cadet Program, participants will have the opportunity to join the SkyWest Airlines team as a First Officer. This is a significant milestone in a pilot’s career, as it opens up a world of opportunities for growth and advancement within the airline industry. SkyWest Airlines is known for its commitment to career progression and offers a clear pathway for pilots to move up the ranks. With a strong track record and reputation in the industry, SkyWest Airlines provides a solid foundation for pilots looking to build a successful and fulfilling career in aviation.

The SkyWest Airlines Cadet Program is a testament to the airline’s dedication to nurturing and developing the next generation of pilots. Through comprehensive training, mentorship, and career advancement opportunities, the Cadet Program sets aspiring pilots on the path to success. Whether you’re a recent high school graduate with a passion for aviation or an experienced professional looking for a career change, the Cadet Program offers a solid foundation for a rewarding career in the skies.

SkyWest Airlines Stock Information

SkyWest, Inc., the parent company of SkyWest Airlines, is publicly traded on the stock market under the ticker symbol SKYW. Investors interested in SkyWest Airlines can track the stock price and evaluate its market performance through various financial websites and brokerage platforms.

The stock price of SkyWest, Inc. is subject to market conditions, investor sentiment, and other factors that influence stock market dynamics. It can fluctuate daily based on supply and demand, economic indicators, industry trends, and company-specific news.

“Investing in stocks involves risk, including the potential loss of principal. Past performance does not guarantee future results.”

Therefore, it is essential for investors to conduct thorough research, analysis, and due diligence before making any investment decisions. They should consider factors such as the company’s financial health, industry outlook, competitive position, and growth prospects.

Stock Performance Overview

Here is a brief overview of SkyWest, Inc.’s stock performance in recent years:

Year Stock Price Range
2021 $40.17 – $74.57
2020 $18.84 – $62.83
2019 $48.09 – $67.98
2018 $45.88 – $70.60

These stock price ranges are indicative of the volatility and potential for significant price fluctuations. Investors should always consider their risk tolerance, investment objectives, and seek professional financial advice when evaluating investment opportunities in the stock market.


In conclusion, SkyWest Airlines stands out as the largest regional airline in North America, offering a comprehensive network of flights and exceptional customer service. With its headquarters in St. George, Utah, SkyWest operates as a partner to major airlines such as Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines. This partnership allows them to connect passengers between smaller airports and the major hubs efficiently.

Throughout its history, SkyWest Airlines has experienced steady expansion and formed partnerships with multiple mainline carriers. The airline’s diverse fleet, including Bombardier and Embraer aircraft, ensures a comfortable and reliable flying experience for passengers. Moreover, SkyWest Airlines has a strong track record of financial stability and has reported profitable operations in previous years.

For aspiring aviation professionals, SkyWest Airlines offers exciting career opportunities, including pilot and flight attendant positions. The airline provides training and development programs to support individuals looking to pursue a career in the industry. Additionally, SkyWest’s Cadet Program offers a structured pathway for aspiring pilots to join the airline and advance their careers.

In summary, SkyWest Airlines is a top choice for passengers seeking reliable regional air travel in North America. With its extensive flight options, commitment to operational excellence, and exceptional customer satisfaction, SkyWest Airlines continues to be a leader in the industry.


Does SkyWest Airlines offer career opportunities?

Yes, SkyWest Airlines offers career opportunities in various roles, including pilots and flight attendants. The airline provides training and development programs for individuals interested in pursuing a career in aviation. Job openings and application processes can be found on the SkyWest Airlines website.

How can I access flight information for SkyWest Airlines?

Passengers flying with SkyWest Airlines can access flight information through the airline’s website. The website provides options for flight search, booking, and check-in. The flight status feature allows passengers to track their flights and stay updated on any changes.

What are the baggage policies for SkyWest Airlines?

SkyWest Airlines has specific baggage policies that passengers should review before traveling to ensure compliance with size, weight, and item restrictions. Details on baggage allowances and restrictions can be found on the SkyWest Airlines website.

Where is the headquarters of SkyWest Airlines located?

The headquarters of SkyWest Airlines is located in St. George, Utah, United States. The exact address can be found on the SkyWest Airlines website.

How can I contact SkyWest Airlines customer service?

For general inquiries, passengers can contact the airline’s customer service through the provided phone number. SkyWest Airlines maintains a customer support team to assist passengers with various concerns, such as booking, reservations, and other inquiries.

Where can I find customer reviews for SkyWest Airlines?

Customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the overall experience with SkyWest Airlines. Passengers often share their opinions and feedback on various review platforms and travel websites. It is important to consider a range of reviews to gain a comprehensive understanding of the airline’s performance, customer service, and overall satisfaction levels.

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