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Silverstone Heliport: The UK’s Premier Destination for Private Air Travel

Silverstone Heliport

Welcome to Silverstone Heliport, the ultimate destination for private air travel in the UK. Whether you’re in need of helicopter charters, air transportation, or aviation services, we are here to provide you with seamless journeys and exceptional experiences. Located near Silverstone Circuit, our heliport is strategically positioned to offer convenience and luxury to our clients.

Key Takeaways

  • Silverstone Heliport is the top choice for private air travel near Silverstone.
  • We offer a range of services including helicopter charters and aviation services.
  • Our permanent helipad can accommodate twin-engine helicopters.
  • Silverstone Heliport provides a convenient and luxurious travel option for those visiting Silverstone.
  • Experience the thrill of a lifetime with our helicopter pleasure flights and Grand Prix shuttle services.

Experience the Thrill of a Lifetime at Silverstone Heliport

Silverstone Heliport offers helicopter pleasure flights that allow you to experience the thrill of a lifetime. Whether it’s a bird’s eye view of the area or making a grand entrance at the British Grand Prix, Silverstone Heliport has got you covered. Take to the skies and enjoy the breathtaking scenery as you soar above the Silverstone Circuit and its surroundings.

The helicopter shuttle experience at Silverstone Heliport is the ultimate way to arrive at the British Grand Prix. Not only will you enjoy a seamless flight to the Silverstone GP Heliport, but you will also be treated to a Champagne breakfast and complimentary bar and light bites at the heliport. Ground transport to and from the heliport and your desired location is also provided, ensuring a smooth and memorable day at the Grand Prix.

Experience the thrill of flying in a helicopter and make your day at the British Grand Prix truly unforgettable. Our helicopter shuttle service offers a unique and luxurious way to travel, allowing you to avoid traffic and arrive in style.

So why not take advantage of the helicopter pleasure flights and the Grand Prix helicopter shuttle offered by Silverstone Heliport? It’s an experience like no other, combining the excitement of flying with the convenience of avoiding traffic. Whether you’re a motorsport enthusiast or simply looking for an adventure, Silverstone Heliport has the perfect helicopter experience for you.

Fly Over the Grand Prix Weekend at Silverstone Heliport

Silverstone Heliport offers an exhilarating opportunity for motorsport enthusiasts to fly over the Grand Prix weekend. Experience the thrill of a 6-minute helicopter flight onboard one of our twin-engine helicopters and enjoy spectacular views of the iconic Silverstone Circuit. Priced at just £120 per person, this flight provides a unique perspective and adds an unforgettable element to your Formula 1 weekend at Silverstone.

Whether you’re a dedicated fan or simply looking for a thrilling experience, our Grand Prix helicopter flight is the perfect way to enhance your visit to the British Grand Prix. Soar above the circuit and witness the excitement unfold from above, taking in the roaring engines, blistering speed, and the electric atmosphere of this world-renowned motorsport event.

Our experienced pilots will ensure a safe and comfortable journey as you fly over the Silverstone Circuit. Capture stunning aerial views of the track, witness the thrilling overtakes, and experience the adrenaline rush of being so close to the heart of the action. It’s a truly unique way to immerse yourself in the excitement and spectacle of the British Grand Prix.

Table: Grand Prix Helicopter Flight Package

Package Price Inclusions
Grand Prix Helicopter Flight £120 per person – 6-minute flight over the Silverstone Circuit
– Spectacular aerial views
– Unforgettable experience
– Professional and experienced pilots

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to fly over the British Grand Prix weekend at Silverstone Heliport. Book your Grand Prix helicopter flight today and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Silverstone Heliport’s Location and Facilities

Silverstone Heliport is strategically located within the picturesque county of Buckinghamshire, making it an ideal choice for private air travel. Situated near the renowned Silverstone Circuit, which was formerly RAF Silverstone, the heliport offers easy access to this iconic racing venue. With its convenient proximity, guests can enjoy seamless helicopter landings and departures, avoiding the hassle of ground transportation.

To accommodate various flight requirements, Silverstone Heliport boasts a range of modern helipads and short strips. These well-equipped facilities ensure safe and efficient helicopter operations for all types of aircraft. Whether you’re attending a motorsport event or exploring the scenic beauty of Buckinghamshire, the heliport’s state-of-the-art landing infrastructure ensures a smooth journey from start to finish.

Facilities at Silverstone Heliport

In addition to its prime location and excellent landing facilities, Silverstone Heliport offers a range of amenities to enhance the travel experience for its guests. Upon arrival, passengers can take advantage of a dedicated helipad, providing a secure and convenient landing spot. The heliport also features a cozy bar, where guests can enjoy complimentary beverages and light bites, creating a welcoming atmosphere for relaxation before or after their flights.

Furthermore, ground transport services are available at Silverstone Heliport, allowing passengers to easily reach their desired locations. Whether it’s a nearby hotel, the Silverstone Circuit, or other attractions in the region, the heliport’s efficient ground transportation ensures a seamless transition from air to ground travel.

Silverstone Heliport
  • Modern helipads and short strips
  • Dedicated helipad for secure landings
  • Cozy bar offering complimentary beverages and light bites
  • Ground transport services for easy access to desired locations

The combination of convenient location, modern facilities, and exceptional amenities make Silverstone Heliport the premier choice for private air travel in Buckinghamshire and beyond. Whether you’re attending a motorsport event or simply exploring the picturesque countryside, Silverstone Heliport ensures a seamless and luxurious travel experience.

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Silverstone Heliport’s Operational Details

Silverstone Heliport, operated by Silverstone Helicopters on behalf of Silverstone Circuits Ltd., offers a range of helicopter flights for various purposes. From pleasure flights to Grand Prix experiences, Silverstone Heliport caters to the needs of individuals and groups, ensuring a seamless and memorable journey. The heliport employs a team of dedicated air traffic controllers who work diligently to manage the flights and maintain safety standards for all passengers.

At Silverstone Heliport, the focus is on providing exceptional service and ensuring that every aspect of the travel experience is well taken care of. The heliport offers an air traffic information service, keeping pilots informed about the latest aviation conditions and updates. This service allows for efficient flight planning and enhances the overall safety of the operations.

Silverstone Heliport is committed to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction and safety. We strive to provide our clients with a seamless journey and exceptional experiences. Our team of experienced air traffic controllers ensures that all flights are managed efficiently and safely. With our comprehensive air traffic information service, pilots can stay updated on the latest conditions and make informed decisions. At Silverstone Heliport, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Table: Silverstone Heliport’s Operational Details

Operator Silverstone Helicopters
Parent Company Silverstone Circuits Ltd.
Services Helicopter flights for various purposes
Air Traffic Control Provided by Silverstone Heliport
Air Traffic Information Service Available for pilots

At Silverstone Heliport, we pride ourselves on delivering a premium and personalized experience for our clients. Whether you’re flying for leisure or attending a special event, our team is dedicated to ensuring your journey is smooth and enjoyable. With our operational expertise and commitment to safety, Silverstone Heliport is the preferred choice for helicopter flights in the Silverstone area.

Facilities and Amenities at Silverstone Heliport

Silverstone Heliport offers a range of facilities and amenities to enhance the travel experience for its guests. The heliport boasts a dedicated helipad, ensuring a smooth landing for helicopters arriving at the site. The helipad is strategically positioned to provide convenient access to various hospitality, grandstand, and general admission locations, allowing guests to easily reach their desired destinations within the Grand Prix venue.

In addition to the helipad, Silverstone Heliport features a well-stocked bar, serving complimentary beverages and light bites. Guests can enjoy a refreshing drink or grab a quick snack before or after their flight, adding to their overall comfort and enjoyment. The bar’s inviting atmosphere provides the perfect setting to relax and socialize, creating a pleasant and memorable experience for visitors.

Ground transport services are also available at Silverstone Heliport, ensuring seamless connectivity between the heliport and various locations within the Grand Prix venue. Guests can conveniently travel to and from the heliport, maximizing their time at the event and avoiding any transportation-related hassles. Whether it’s accessing hospitality areas or reaching specific grandstands, the ground transport services provided by Silverstone Heliport offer a convenient and efficient solution.

Overall, the facilities and amenities at Silverstone Heliport are designed to provide guests with a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. From the dedicated helipad and well-stocked bar to the convenient ground transport services, every aspect of the heliport aims to enhance customer satisfaction and ensure a memorable visit to the Grand Prix.

Facilities and Amenities Description
Helipad A dedicated helipad for smooth landings and convenient access to Grand Prix venues.
Bar A well-stocked bar serving complimentary beverages and light bites for guests to enjoy.
Ground Transport Services Efficient ground transport services to facilitate seamless connectivity within the Grand Prix venue.

Helicopter Charters and Private Helicopter Services at Silverstone Heliport

Silverstone Heliport offers a wide range of helicopter charters and private helicopter services, providing luxurious and exclusive travel options for discerning individuals. Whether you’re attending Silverstone events or exploring the beautiful surroundings, our team at Silverstone Heliport can create bespoke itineraries tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Our helicopter charters are perfect for those seeking luxury travel experiences. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, our fleet of helicopters can take you to your desired destination with style and comfort. Enjoy the convenience of private air travel as you soar above the stunning landscapes, bypassing the usual hassles of commercial flights.

“At Silverstone Heliport, we understand that every journey is unique. That’s why we offer personalized services to ensure that your travel experience exceeds your expectations. From arranging VIP ground transport to providing in-flight amenities, our team is dedicated to making your journey seamless and memorable.”

Our private helicopter services are designed to cater to your individual travel requirements. Whether it’s attending Silverstone events such as the British Grand Prix or exploring the picturesque countryside, our experienced pilots and dedicated team will ensure that your journey is nothing short of exceptional. Experience the convenience and luxury of private air travel with Silverstone Heliport.

Helicopter Charters and Private Helicopter Services at Silverstone Heliport
• Luxurious and exclusive travel options
Bespoke itineraries tailored to your needs
• Fleet of helicopters for business or pleasure
• Personalized services for a seamless journey
• VIP ground transport and in-flight amenities
• Experienced pilots and dedicated team

Silverstone Heliport’s Unique Selling Points

Silverstone Heliport's Unique Selling Points

Silverstone Heliport stands out in the industry due to its commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and seamless journeys. With a focus on providing luxurious amenities and a dedicated helipad, Silverstone Heliport ensures that every aspect of private air travel is tailored to meet the highest standards of comfort and convenience.

From the moment guests arrive at the heliport, they are greeted with a range of luxurious amenities. The bar serves a selection of complimentary beverages and light bites, allowing travelers to relax and unwind before or after their flight. The ground transport services provided by Silverstone Heliport ensure that guests can easily travel to and from their desired location, without the hassle of traffic or parking.

One of the key advantages of Silverstone Heliport is its ability to accommodate twin-engine helicopters. This not only provides a greater range of options for clients but also ensures a smooth and enjoyable flight experience. Whether it’s for business or leisure travel, Silverstone Heliport offers a unique and unrivaled private air travel experience.

“Silverstone Heliport ensures that every aspect of private air travel is tailored to meet the highest standards of comfort and convenience.”

Table: Silverstone Heliport’s Unique Selling Points

Unique Selling Points
Commitment to exceptional experiences and seamless journeys
Luxurious amenities, including a dedicated helipad
Bar serving complimentary beverages and light bites
Ground transport services for convenient travel
Accommodation of twin-engine helicopters
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Safety Measures and Licensing at Silverstone Heliport

Silverstone Heliport places utmost importance on safety and maintains strict measures to ensure the well-being of its passengers and staff. As part of its commitment to safety, the heliport operates under a CAA Ordinary Licence, which authorizes flights for public transport or flying instruction, as granted by the licensee, Silverstone Circuits Limited. However, it is important to note that the heliport does not currently hold a license for night use. This means that all flights are limited to daylight hours, ensuring optimal visibility and safety.

To facilitate safe operations, Silverstone Heliport employs vigilant air traffic controllers who oversee all helicopter movements within the heliport’s airspace. These experienced professionals are trained to manage air traffic and ensure efficient coordination between helicopters, maintaining a safe and organized environment. By adhering to proper air traffic control procedures, Silverstone Heliport aims to minimize risks and ensure the smooth and secure flow of air traffic.

Ensuring Safety for All

Silverstone Heliport understands the importance of safety for all individuals involved in helicopter operations. It adheres to a comprehensive set of safety protocols, including regular maintenance checks on its fleet of helicopters to guarantee that they are in optimal condition. The heliport also ensures that its staff members receive extensive training in safety procedures, emergency response, and the proper handling of potential risks.

At Silverstone Heliport, safety is our top priority. We are dedicated to providing a secure and reliable environment for all our passengers and staff. By following stringent safety measures and adhering to licensing requirements, we aim to offer peace of mind to those who choose to travel with us. Safety is not just a commitment; it is ingrained in everything we do.

Future Considerations

Silverstone Heliport is continuously evaluating and evolving its safety measures to meet the highest standards in the aviation industry. The heliport is actively working towards obtaining a license for night use, which will enable it to expand its operations and provide helicopter services during evening hours. This future development will further enhance the accessibility and convenience of Silverstone Heliport, allowing passengers to enjoy the benefits of private air travel at any time of the day.

The Historical Significance of Silverstone Heliport

Silverstone Heliport holds a remarkable place in aviation history as the former world’s busiest heliport. During the 1999 British Grand Prix, the heliport experienced a staggering 4,000 aircraft movements in a single day, solidifying its reputation as a hub for helicopter activity. This record-breaking feat was made possible by the coordinated efforts of six dedicated air traffic controllers and a continuous message broadcast service, ensuring smooth and efficient operations throughout the event.

“Silverstone Heliport was a hive of activity during the British Grand Prix, welcoming thousands of helicopters and their passengers from around the world.”

While the number of flights has reduced over the years due to improved road infrastructure and transportation options, the historical significance of Silverstone Heliport remains intact. Its legacy as the world’s busiest heliport serves as a testament to the exceptional demand for helicopter travel during iconic motorsport events like the British Grand Prix. The heliport continues to play an integral role in providing convenient air access to the Silverstone Circuit and surrounding areas, ensuring that visitors can arrive and depart with ease.

The Evolution of Silverstone Heliport

The historical significance of Silverstone Heliport is closely tied to the evolution of transportation infrastructure in the region. As road networks and traffic management improved over the years, fewer people relied solely on helicopter travel for their Grand Prix experience. The development of diverse transportation options, including highways and public transport, made it easier for visitors to access the Silverstone Circuit by alternative means.

Year British Grand Prix Aircraft Movements
1999 4,000
2005 2,500
2010 1,500
2020 800

Heliport Options in the UK

When it comes to private air travel and helicopter experiences in the UK, Silverstone Heliport stands out as a premier destination. However, it is not the only heliport available for those seeking convenient and efficient travel options. Throughout the UK, there are several heliports that cater to both public transport and private aviation needs, providing a range of facilities and services to accommodate various travel requirements.

These heliports, including Silverstone Heliport, offer state-of-the-art facilities that ensure a seamless journey for passengers. From dedicated helipads to comfortable waiting areas, these facilities prioritize comfort and convenience. Additionally, they provide ground transport services to and from the heliports, further enhancing accessibility and ease of travel.

Whether you’re attending events, exploring remote locations, or simply looking for a unique travel experience, heliports in the UK offer reliable transportation options. With their commitment to safety, efficiency, and exceptional customer service, these heliports play a crucial role in meeting the diverse travel needs of passengers across the country.

Heliport Facilities

To provide a comprehensive overview of the heliports in the UK, let’s take a closer look at the facilities they offer:

Heliport Facilities
Silverstone Heliport Dedicated helipad, bar, ground transport services
Heliport A Multiple helipads, lounge area, concierge services
Heliport B On-site parking, helipads, VIP facilities, conference rooms
Heliport C Luxury waiting area, private hangars, catering services
Heliport D Flight planning services, helipads, aircraft maintenance facilities

Each heliport offers a unique set of facilities, ensuring that passengers can enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free experience during their journey. Whether it’s relaxing in a stylish lounge, utilizing VIP services, or taking advantage of on-site amenities, heliports in the UK are designed to cater to the needs of both public transport and private aviation passengers.

Airports and Heliports in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire, located in the heart of England, boasts a range of airports and heliports that contribute to the region’s regional connectivity. These transportation hubs provide convenient travel options for both domestic and international flights, ensuring seamless journeys for residents and visitors alike.

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Buckinghamshire Airports:

Airport Name Location Facilities
London Luton Airport Luton – International flights
– Domestic flights
– Car rental services
– Dining and shopping options
London Oxford Airport Kidlington – General aviation services
– Private hangars
– Maintenance and repair facilities
London Heathrow Airport Hillingdon – International flights
– Domestic flights
– Extensive terminal facilities
– Ground transportation services

Buckinghamshire Heliports:

Heliport Name Location Services
Silverstone Heliport Silverstone – Helicopter charters
– Pleasure flights
– Ground transport services
Wycombe Air Park Booker – General aviation services
– Flight training
– Maintenance and repair facilities

These airports and heliports in Buckinghamshire serve as vital gateways for travellers, connecting them to various destinations. Whether it’s for business or leisure, these transportation hubs offer convenient options for regional and international connectivity, making Buckinghamshire a well-connected and easily accessible region in the UK.

Milton Keynes: A Hub for Transportation

Milton Keynes serves as a prominent transportation hub in Buckinghamshire, offering a well-connected network of roads, rail connections, and bus services. With its strategic location and comprehensive transport infrastructure, Milton Keynes provides convenient access to various destinations within the region and beyond.

The city’s road network, known for its famous grid road system, ensures efficient connectivity and easy navigation. This well-planned layout enables smooth travel experiences for both residents and visitors, contributing to Milton Keynes’ reputation as a transportation hub.

In addition to its road network, Milton Keynes boasts excellent rail connections, with multiple train stations serving the area. These rail links provide convenient access to major cities and towns across the country, making Milton Keynes an ideal base for exploring the wider region.

Table: Overview of Transport Options in Milton Keynes

Transport Mode Key Features
Road Network Famous grid road system, efficient connectivity
Rail Connections Multiple train stations, access to major cities and towns
Bus Services Extensive network, convenient transportation within the city

In addition to road and rail options, Milton Keynes offers a comprehensive bus network, providing convenient transportation within the city and its surrounding areas. The bus services are well-integrated with the city’s other transportation modes, offering passengers seamless connectivity and flexibility in their travel plans.

Overall, Milton Keynes’ status as a transportation hub is supported by its efficient road network, excellent rail connections, and comprehensive bus services. Whether you’re commuting within the city or exploring the wider region, Milton Keynes provides a range of transport options to meet your needs.

Range of Transport Options in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire offers a diverse range of transport options to cater to the needs of its residents and visitors. Whether you prefer traveling by road, rail, bus, or even waterways, Buckinghamshire ensures convenient and efficient travel throughout the region.


The county’s well-connected road network makes traveling by car a popular choice for many. With excellent motorway links such as the M1 and M40, getting to and from Buckinghamshire is a breeze. The region’s scenic countryside and picturesque villages are easily accessible via a network of A-roads, providing an enjoyable driving experience.


Buckinghamshire boasts an extensive rail network, with several train stations serving the county. The Chiltern Main Line connects Buckinghamshire to London, offering frequent and reliable services for commuters and leisure travelers alike. Additionally, other train lines provide connections to major cities such as Birmingham, Oxford, and Aylesbury, ensuring seamless travel within the county and beyond.


For those who prefer public transport, Buckinghamshire has a comprehensive bus network that covers both urban and rural areas. Local bus services connect towns and villages, making it easy to explore the county’s attractions and landmarks. Additionally, long-distance coach services provide convenient links to nearby cities and airports, offering a cost-effective travel option.


Buckinghamshire is also home to several waterways, including the iconic River Thames and the Grand Union Canal. These waterways offer alternative modes of transportation, allowing you to enjoy leisurely boat trips or explore the county’s scenic beauty from a unique perspective. Whether it’s a peaceful cruise along the river or a narrowboat adventure on the canal, these waterways provide a tranquil and picturesque way to travel.

Transport Option Highlights
Road Well-connected network including major motorways and scenic A-roads
Rail Extensive rail network with frequent services to London and other major cities
Bus Comprehensive bus services covering urban and rural areas
Waterways Iconic River Thames and Grand Union Canal for leisurely boat trips

Whether you’re exploring Buckinghamshire’s charming countryside, visiting its historic landmarks, or commuting to work, the range of transport options available ensures that you can travel conveniently and comfortably throughout the county.


In conclusion, Silverstone Heliport offers the ultimate experience in private air travel. With its range of services, including helicopter charters and pleasure flights, it provides unrivaled helicopter experiences for its clients. Whether you’re looking to make a grand entrance at the Silverstone Circuit or simply enjoy a bird’s eye view of the area, Silverstone Heliport can fulfill your desires.

What sets Silverstone Heliport apart is its commitment to seamless journeys. From the moment you arrive at the heliport to the moment you touch down at your desired location, every aspect of your journey is carefully planned and executed to perfection. You can relax and enjoy the luxurious amenities, including a dedicated helipad, a bar serving complimentary beverages and light bites, and ground transport services.

For those seeking private air travel, Silverstone Heliport is the top choice. With its prime location near the Silverstone Circuit and its dedication to safety and customer satisfaction, it ensures that your helicopter experience is nothing short of extraordinary. So, whether you’re attending a Silverstone event or simply looking for a unique and luxurious travel option, Silverstone Heliport is your gateway to unforgettable helicopter experiences and seamless journeys.

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