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Sanday Airport

Sanday Airport

Welcome to Sanday Airport, your gateway to the beautiful Orkney Islands in Scotland. Situated on the island of Sanday, Sanday Airport (IATA: NDY, ICAO: EGES) offers convenient connections and top-notch services to ensure a seamless travel experience for passengers. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, Sanday Airport is ready to meet your needs. Let’s explore all that this airport has to offer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sanday Airport (IATA: NDY, ICAO: EGES) is located on Sanday, one of the Orkney Islands in Scotland.
  • The airport provides a range of services and facilities, including check-in, baggage handling, security, and ground transportation.
  • Loganair is the main airline operating at Sanday Airport, connecting passengers to Kirkwall, Stronsay, and North Ronaldsay.
  • Sanday Airport holds a CAA Ordinary Licence (Number P541) and is not licensed for night use.
  • Drone operators must obtain permission from the airport manager and adhere to safety guidelines to ensure the safety of aircraft operations.

Airport Information

Sanday Airport, also known as Sanday Aerodrome, is a public airport operated by the Orkney Islands Council. It serves as a vital transportation hub for passengers traveling to and from the beautiful Sanday island in the Orkney Islands, Scotland.

The airport provides a range of services and facilities to ensure a seamless travel experience for passengers. From efficient check-in counters to reliable baggage handling services, the airport caters to the needs of both domestic and international travelers. Security measures are in place to ensure the safety of all passengers, and ground transportation options are available for convenient onward travel.

In addition to these services, Sanday Airport offers waiting lounges where passengers can relax before their flights. Restrooms are conveniently located throughout the airport for the comfort and convenience of travelers. The airport’s commitment to providing top-notch facilities and services makes it a preferred choice for those visiting or departing from Sanday island.

Airport Facilities

Facility Description
Check-in Counters Efficient counters for seamless check-in process.
Baggage Handling Reliable services to ensure smooth handling of luggage.
Security Measures Stringent protocols to ensure safety and security of passengers.
Ground Transportation Convenient options for onward travel from the airport.
Waiting Lounges Comfortable lounges for passengers to relax before their flights.
Restrooms Well-maintained facilities for the convenience of travelers.

Airport Location and Coordinates

Sanday Airport is conveniently located on the picturesque island of Sanday in the Orkney Islands, Scotland. The airport’s coordinates are 59°15′01″N 002°34′36″W / 59.25028°N 2.57667°W / 59.25028; -2.57667. Its strategic position offers travelers easy access to the stunning natural beauty, historical sites, and cultural attractions of this captivating region.

The airport’s idyllic location allows visitors to seamlessly connect with Sanday’s charming local communities and explore the diverse landscapes that make this part of Scotland truly special. Whether you are heading to Sanday for leisure or business, the airport’s convenient location makes it an ideal starting point for your journey.

Exploring Sanday and Beyond

Sanday Airport’s central location on the island provides easy access to the island’s pristine beaches, rugged cliffs, and enchanting wildlife. Visitors can explore the Neolithic ruins, including the iconic Quoyness Chambered Cairn and the ancient site of Pool, known for its well-preserved Iron Age village.

Once you’ve explored Sanday, the airport’s well-connected flights can take you further into the Orkney Islands, allowing you to discover other remarkable destinations such as Kirkwall, Stronsay, and North Ronaldsay. Whether you choose to embark on a scenic island-hopping adventure or delve into the rich history and heritage of the Orkney Islands, Sanday Airport serves as the perfect gateway to a truly unforgettable experience.

Table: Nearby Attractions

Attraction Distance from Sanday Airport
Burness 5 miles
Tresness 8 miles
Lady Village 9 miles
Evaness 10 miles

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, history buff, or simply seeking a peaceful escape, Sanday Airport’s location and easy accessibility make it the perfect starting point for an unforgettable journey through the wonders of the Orkney Islands.

Airport IATA and ICAO Codes

When it comes to identifying airports, there are two important codes that are widely used in the aviation industry: the IATA code and the ICAO code. Sanday Airport, also known as Sanday Aerodrome, has its unique codes for easy recognition and reference.

The IATA code for Sanday Airport is NDY. This three-letter code is commonly used in airline reservation systems, ticketing, and baggage handling. It allows passengers to easily identify the airport and book flights to and from Sanday.

The ICAO code for Sanday Airport is EGES. This four-letter code is primarily used by air traffic control authorities and is crucial for flight planning and airfield operations. It helps pilots navigate and communicate with the control tower while ensuring the safe and efficient movement of aircraft.

These codes play a vital role in the aviation industry and are essential for the proper functioning of air travel. They enable seamless communication and coordination between airlines, airports, and air traffic control, ensuring a smooth travel experience for passengers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sanday Airport’s IATA code is NDY, and its ICAO code is EGES.
  • The IATA code is used by airlines and passengers for flight bookings.
  • The ICAO code is used by air traffic control authorities for flight planning and operations.
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Airport Runways

One of the essential components of an airport is its runways, which serve as the designated areas for aircraft takeoffs and landings. Sanday Airport features three runways, each with its own specifications and surface materials.

The primary runway at Sanday Airport is Runway 03/21, which has a length of 527 meters. This runway is made of graded hardcore, providing a sturdy surface for aircraft operations. It is strategically positioned to ensure optimal takeoff and landing angles, accommodating various aircraft types.

In addition to Runway 03/21, Sanday Airport also has two grass runways. Runway 11/29 measures 426 meters in length, offering an alternative option for aircraft operations. Similarly, Runway 17/35 spans 386 meters, providing additional flexibility for aircraft movements.

The presence of multiple runways at Sanday Airport enables efficient flight operations and enhances the airport’s capacity to serve a diverse range of aircraft. Whether it is a small general aviation aircraft or a larger commercial plane, the runways at Sanday Airport ensure safe and smooth operations for all.

Runway Specifications

Runway Length Surface
03/21 527 meters Graded Hardcore
11/29 426 meters Grass
17/35 386 meters Grass

With its well-maintained runways and infrastructure, Sanday Airport ensures a reliable and secure environment for aircraft operations, playing a crucial role in facilitating air transportation to and from the Orkney Islands.

Airlines and Destinations

Loganair is the main airline operating at Sanday Airport, offering convenient flights to and from various destinations in the Orkney Islands. The airline provides connectivity for passengers traveling to and from Sanday, as well as other neighboring islands.

Currently, Loganair operates regular flights between Sanday Airport and Kirkwall, Stronsay, and North Ronaldsay. These routes cater to both local residents and tourists, ensuring easy access to these remote and beautiful locations.

Passengers flying with Loganair can enjoy comfortable and efficient travel, with a focus on customer satisfaction and safety. The airline takes pride in its punctuality and professional service, offering a reliable and enjoyable flying experience for all passengers.

Airlines and Destinations:

Airline Destinations
Loganair Kirkwall, Stronsay, North Ronaldsay

Whether you’re visiting the Orkney Islands for business or leisure, Loganair’s flights from Sanday Airport provide convenient access to key destinations in this picturesque region. With their extensive network and commitment to customer satisfaction, Loganair is the preferred choice for travelers seeking reliable and seamless air transportation.

Passenger Quotes:

“Loganair’s flights from Sanday Airport were a breeze. Comfortable seats, friendly service, and on-time departures and arrivals. Highly recommended!” – Sarah F.

“I travel frequently between Sanday and Kirkwall for business, and Loganair never disappoints. The convenience and efficiency of their flights are unmatched.” – John M.

Airport Services and Facilities

Sanday Airport services and facilities

When traveling through Sanday Airport, passengers can expect a range of services and facilities to ensure a comfortable and convenient journey. The airport provides a variety of amenities to meet the needs of travelers, including:

  • Check-in Counters: Dedicated check-in counters are available for passengers to complete their check-in process swiftly and efficiently.
  • Baggage Handling Services: Sanday Airport offers reliable baggage handling services to ensure that passengers’ luggage is safely transported to their designated destinations.
  • Security Measures: The airport prioritizes the safety and security of its passengers, with comprehensive security measures in place to provide peace of mind during the travel experience.
  • Ground Transportation Options: Passengers can easily access ground transportation options at Sanday Airport, allowing for seamless connections to their desired destinations.
  • Waiting Lounges: The airport features comfortable waiting lounges where passengers can relax, unwind, and wait for their flights in a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Restrooms: Clean and well-maintained restrooms are available throughout the airport, ensuring the comfort and convenience of passengers.

At Sanday Airport, the focus is on providing exceptional services and facilities to enhance the overall travel experience. Whether it’s a smooth check-in process, reliable baggage handling, or a comfortable wait in the waiting lounges, the airport strives to meet the needs of every passenger.

“Sanday Airport goes above and beyond to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of its passengers. With a wide range of services and facilities, travelers can enjoy a seamless journey from start to finish.”

Services Facilities
Check-in Counters Waiting Lounges
Baggage Handling Services Restrooms
Security Measures
Ground Transportation Options

Airport Elevation

One of the crucial factors to consider in aviation is the elevation of an airport, and Sanday Airport is situated at an elevation of 66 feet (20 meters) above mean sea level (AMSL). This elevation plays a vital role in ensuring safe takeoffs and landings for aircraft operating in and out of the airport. Pilots and air traffic controllers take this elevation into account during flight planning and operations to ensure the utmost safety and efficiency.

The elevation of Sanday Airport is significant for several reasons. Firstly, it affects the performance of an aircraft during takeoff and landing. As aircraft climb or descend, the air density changes with altitude. Higher elevations can impact aircraft performance, including engine power, lift, and airflow. Therefore, pilots must make appropriate adjustments to account for the elevation when operating at Sanday Airport.

Moreover, the elevation of Sanday Airport also influences the approach and departure procedures. Pilots must adhere to specific altitude restrictions and follow designated paths to ensure safe and efficient operations. Air traffic controllers monitor these procedures closely to maintain separation between aircraft and prevent any potential conflicts or hazards.

Overall, the elevation of Sanday Airport at 66 feet (20 meters) AMSL is a crucial factor in ensuring the safety and efficiency of air operations in and out of the airport. It highlights the meticulous planning and attention to detail required in aviation to guarantee a seamless travel experience for passengers.

Airport Licensing

Sanday Airport operates under an Ordinary License granted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the United Kingdom. This license, numbered P541, enables the airport to conduct flights for the public transport of passengers and for flying instruction as authorized by the Orkney Islands Council, the licensee.

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However, it is important to note that Sanday Airport is not licensed for night use. This means that all flight operations must be conducted during daylight hours, and the airport does not accommodate nighttime landings or departures. The restriction on night use is in place to ensure the safety and efficiency of operations at the airport.

The Orkney Islands Council, as the airport licensee, oversees the compliance with licensing regulations and is responsible for maintaining the necessary operational standards and safety protocols at Sanday Airport. The council works closely with relevant authorities and stakeholders to ensure the smooth and secure operation of the airport.

Table: Sanday Airport License Details

License Type License Number Authorized Activities Night Use
CAA Ordinary License P541 Public transport of passengers, flying instruction Not authorized

By complying with the licensing requirements and ensuring adherence to safety regulations, Sanday Airport upholds the high standards of aviation operations and provides a safe and reliable travel experience for passengers. The licensing framework ensures that the airport meets the necessary criteria for operational excellence and maintains the necessary infrastructure and facilities to facilitate air travel to and from the Orkney Islands.

Airport Regulations

As a vital transportation hub, Sanday Airport operates under strict regulations to ensure the safety and efficiency of its operations. These regulations cover various aspects of airport management, air traffic control, and compliance with national and international aviation standards.

One of the key areas of regulation is air traffic control, which is responsible for managing the movement of aircraft both in the air and on the ground. This includes coordinating takeoffs and landings, monitoring flight paths, and ensuring the safe separation of aircraft. These regulations help prevent collisions and ensure the smooth flow of air traffic at the airport.

Another important aspect of airport regulations is safety protocols. Sanday Airport adheres to stringent safety measures to protect passengers, crew members, and aircraft. These protocols cover areas such as emergency response procedures, fire safety, and security screening. By implementing these regulations, the airport strives to create a secure environment for all individuals within its premises.

Island-Hopping Flight

In 2017, a special island-hopping flight was conducted to commemorate the 50th anniversary of scheduled services operated by Loganair. This unique flight, piloted by a golden Islander plane, held significant symbolism as it landed at Sanday Airport before continuing on to North Ronaldsay, highlighting the importance of air travel in connecting Orkney’s north isles. The flight celebrated the rich history and legacy of aviation in the region and the vital role it plays in connecting remote communities.

The island-hopping flight showcased the stunning beauty and diversity of the Orkney Islands’ landscape. Passengers had the opportunity to witness breathtaking views of the rugged coastal cliffs, pristine beaches, and picturesque villages as they traveled between Sanday and North Ronaldsay. This unforgettable experience provided a unique perspective and appreciation for the natural wonders of Orkney’s north isles, making it a must-do adventure for both locals and tourists alike.

“The island-hopping flight was more than just a journey; it was a celebration of our heritage and a testament to the strength and resilience of our communities. It showcased the incredible bond that air travel creates between the remote islands of Orkney’s north isles, connecting people and enabling growth and development,” reflects Captain Jane Anderson, the pilot of the golden Islander plane.

Orkney’s north isles have a rich history and cultural heritage that can be explored by taking advantage of the island-hopping flight. Each island offers its own unique charm, from the ancient archaeological sites of Sanday to the historic lighthouses of North Ronaldsay. Whether you’re seeking tranquility, adventure, or a glimpse into the past, the island-hopping flight provides an unparalleled opportunity to experience the magic of Orkney’s north isles.

Island Main Attractions
  • Sanday Heritage Centre
  • Eoropie Beach
  • Braeswick Bistro
North Ronaldsay
  • North Ronaldsay Sheep
  • North Ronaldsay Lighthouse
  • Birdwatching at Linklet Bay

Embark on the island-hopping flight from Sanday Airport and explore the hidden gems of Orkney’s north isles. Discover the unique culture, natural wonders, and warm hospitality that await you on these enchanting islands.

Airfield Permission and Restrictions

Prior Permission is Required (PPR) for using Sanday Airport. To ensure a smooth and coordinated operation, all aircraft owners or operators must obtain prior permission and possess a valid indemnity before approval for landing is granted. Sanday Airport is committed to maintaining safety standards and making sure that all flights adhere to regulations and guidelines. Therefore, it is essential to submit requests for permission in advance and follow the specific guidelines provided by the Orkney Islands Council.

Additionally, it is important to note that there are restrictions on night use at Sanday Airport. The airport does not hold a license for night operations, and flights during nighttime are not permitted. These restrictions are in place to prioritize the safety and security of all airport users.

If you have any questions or need further information regarding airfield permission and restrictions at Sanday Airport, please contact the dedicated airfield coordinators. They are available to provide assistance and guidance. The contact details for the Sanday Co-ordinator are as follows:

Contact Phone Number
Sanday Co-ordinator Airfield Mobile – 01857600346, 07879696514


Being aware of the airfield permission and restrictions is essential when planning a flight to or from Sanday Airport. By obtaining the necessary prior permission and adhering to the guidelines, aircraft owners and operators can ensure a safe and compliant experience at the airport. Sanday Airport remains committed to maintaining high standards of safety and security, making it a reliable gateway for travelers to the beautiful Orkney Islands.

Drone Safety at Sanday Airport

Sanday Airport has strict regulations in place to ensure the safe operation of drones within its vicinity. The unauthorized use of drones over the airfield poses significant risks to aircraft and helicopter operations, which can result in the suspension of flights. To prevent such incidents and maintain the safety of all airspace users, it is crucial for drone operators to obtain permission from the airport manager before flying their drones in the area.

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The airport follows the guidelines set by DRONESAFE UK and the Drone Assist App to ensure compliance with drone safety regulations. These guidelines provide valuable information on the safe operation of drones, including flight restrictions, height limits, and airspace awareness. By adhering to these guidelines, drone operators can mitigate risks and ensure the safety of both manned and unmanned aircraft.

The airport’s drone safety measures are essential for maintaining the integrity of flight operations and protecting the well-being of passengers and crew. Sanday Airport prioritizes safety at all times and collaborates with authorities to monitor and enforce drone regulations effectively. By working together, we can create a secure environment for aviation activities and enable the continued growth of both manned and unmanned aviation at Sanday Airport.

Drone Safety Guidelines Authorized Drone Activities Restricted Drone Activities
Fly within visual line of sight (VLOS) at all times Aerial photography/videography for personal use Flying over the airport runway or taxiways
Do not fly above 400 feet (122 meters) above ground level Recreational drone flights in designated areas Operating near manned aircraft or emergency response activities
Respect the privacy of individuals and property Search and rescue operations with proper authorization Flying near critical infrastructure or sensitive locations
Avoid flying near airports or in controlled airspace Agricultural surveys or crop monitoring Operating in adverse weather conditions


Drone safety is of utmost importance at Sanday Airport. The collaboration between drone operators, airport authorities, and regulatory bodies plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe integration of drones into the airspace. By following the established guidelines and obtaining permission from the airport manager, drone operators can enjoy the benefits of drone usage while maintaining the safety and security of all airspace users. Sanday Airport remains committed to upholding the highest standards of safety and actively promotes responsible drone operations within its airspace.

Airfield Coordinators and Contact Information

For smooth operations and efficient communication, Sanday Airport has dedicated airfield coordinators who are responsible for coordinating and overseeing various activities at the airport. They play a crucial role in ensuring the safety, security, and convenience of all users. If you have any questions, require assistance, or need information about the airport, the airfield coordinators are your go-to contacts.

Here are the contact details for the airfield coordinators at Sanday Airport:

Airfield Coordinator Contact Number
Sanday Co-ordinator Airfield Mobile: 01857600346, 07879696514

Whether you need information about flight schedules, airport facilities, or any other inquiries related to Sanday Airport, the dedicated airfield coordinators are available to assist you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them if you have any questions or require any support during your time at the airport.

Remember, the airfield coordinators are here to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for all passengers and visitors at Sanday Airport, so feel free to contact them for any assistance you may need. They are committed to providing excellent service and ensuring your time at the airport is as convenient and enjoyable as possible.


In conclusion, Sanday Airport is a crucial transportation hub in the picturesque Orkney Islands of Scotland. With its comprehensive range of services, state-of-the-art facilities, and strong airline connections, the airport ensures a seamless and convenient travel experience for passengers.

Committed to safety, Sanday Airport adheres to regulations and guidelines for secure operations. From check-in counters to baggage handling services, the airport provides a comfortable and hassle-free environment for travelers.

Whether you’re exploring the stunning Orkney Islands or connecting to other destinations, Sanday Airport is your gateway to seamless travel. With its dedication to safety, efficiency, and passenger satisfaction, the airport continues to play a pivotal role in connecting people and places.


What services does Sanday Airport provide?

Sanday Airport provides check-in, baggage handling, security, and ground transportation services for passengers and flight operators.

Where is Sanday Airport located?

Sanday Airport is located on the island of Sanday, in the Orkney Islands, Scotland.

What are the IATA and ICAO codes for Sanday Airport?

Sanday Airport’s IATA code is NDY, and its ICAO code is EGES.

How many runways does Sanday Airport have?

Sanday Airport has three runways: Runway 03/21, Runway 11/29, and Runway 17/35.

Which airline operates at Sanday Airport?

Loganair is the main airline operating at Sanday Airport.

What services and facilities are available at Sanday Airport?

Sanday Airport offers check-in counters, baggage handling services, security measures, waiting lounges, restrooms, and ground transportation options.

What is the elevation of Sanday Airport?

Sanday Airport is situated at an elevation of 66 feet (20 meters) above mean sea level.

Does Sanday Airport have a license?

Yes, Sanday Airport holds a CAA Ordinary Licence (Number P541) that allows it to operate flights for the public transport of passengers and for flying instruction as authorized by the Orkney Islands Council.

What regulations does Sanday Airport follow?

Sanday Airport follows regulations related to air traffic control, safety protocols, aircraft maintenance, and compliance with national and international aviation standards.

Can I fly drones near Sanday Airport?

There are regulations in place for the safe operation of drones near Sanday Airport. Drone operators must obtain permission from the airport manager and follow safety guidelines provided by DRONESAFE UK and the Drone Assist App.

Who are the airfield coordinators at Sanday Airport?

The airfield coordinator for Sanday Airport can be contacted at the following numbers: Airfield Mobile – 01857600346, 07879696514.

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