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Pune Airport – A Comprehensive Overview

Pune Airport

Welcome to the comprehensive overview of Pune Airport, a bustling aviation hub in Maharashtra, India. As one of the top ten busiest airports in India, Pune Airport plays a crucial role in facilitating air travel in the country. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, Pune Airport offers modern facilities and efficient services to ensure a seamless travel experience.

Located in the Lohegaon area, approximately 11 km northeast of Pune’s historic center, Pune Airport serves as a gateway to Maharashtra and beyond. With both domestic and international flights, the airport connects Pune to various destinations, opening up opportunities for exploration and business ventures.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Pune Airport is the tenth busiest airport in India by passenger traffic.
  • The airport serves both domestic and international flights, connecting Pune to major cities in India and beyond.
  • Pune Airport is equipped with modern facilities and offers amenities such as a VIP lounge, spa, and dining options.
  • Efforts are being made to improve coordination between the Airports Authority of India and the Indian Air Force for smoother operations.
  • Future plans include the construction of a new terminal and the development of an international cargo facility.

Pune Airport – Location and Facilities

Pune Airport is located approximately 11 km northeast of the historic center of Pune in the Lohegaon area. It is a civil enclave operated by the Airports Authority of India at the western side of Lohegaon Air Force Station. The airport has modern facilities including two terminal extensions for international passenger departures and arrivals, a parallel taxi track, and an expanded apron. It offers amenities such as a VIP lounge, spa, and various dining options. The airport is also equipped with navigational facilities and night landing capabilities.

The location of Pune Airport in the Lohegaon area provides convenient access for travelers in and around Pune. The airport’s proximity to the city center ensures short travel times, allowing passengers to reach their destinations quickly. The airport’s facilities cater to the needs and preferences of travelers, providing a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. The spacious terminal extensions, well-equipped VIP lounge, and dining options offer convenience and relaxation for passengers.

Furthermore, Pune Airport’s navigational facilities and night landing capabilities enhance its operational efficiency and ensure safe and reliable air travel. The airport’s commitment to providing modern facilities and services reflects its importance as a key transportation hub in the region. With its strategic location and emphasis on passenger comfort, Pune Airport continues to serve as a gateway for air travel in Maharashtra.

History of Pune Airport

Pune Airport has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1939 as RAF Pune. Initially, it served as a key air security base for the city of Mumbai. During World War II, the airport played a significant role as a base for RAF squadrons. In May 1947, control of the airfield was transferred to the Royal Indian Air Force, marking a pivotal moment in the airport’s history.

Since then, Pune Airport has undergone remarkable growth, witnessing the introduction of international flights and the expansion of its facilities. From its humble beginnings as a military base, the airport has evolved into a bustling hub for both domestic and international travelers.

“The history of Pune Airport is a testament to its evolution from a strategic air base to a modern international airport. It has played a crucial role in connecting Pune to the rest of the world and facilitating the growth of air travel in Maharashtra.”

The airport’s historical significance and continued development make it an essential component of Pune’s transportation infrastructure, catering to the needs of millions of passengers every year.

The table below provides a summary of Pune Airport’s historical milestones:

Year Event
1939 Establishment of RAF Pune
1947 Transfer of control to the Royal Indian Air Force
Post-1947 Introduction of international flights and expansion of facilities

Pune Airport – Airlines and Destinations

Pune Airport is served by a range of airlines offering both domestic and international flights. Passengers can choose from various carriers to reach their desired destinations.

Domestic Airlines

The airport is well-connected to major cities in India through domestic airlines such as Air India, IndiGo, SpiceJet, and Alliance Air. These airlines offer flights to destinations including Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Mumbai.

International Airlines

Vistara is one of the airlines operating international flights from Pune Airport. It offers flights to Delhi and Singapore, providing international connectivity for travelers. The airport serves as a gateway for international travel, connecting Pune to various countries.

Popular Destinations

Pune Airport provides convenient access to a range of popular destinations both within India and abroad. Passengers can fly to bustling Indian cities, explore cultural heritage sites, or embark on international adventures. Some popular domestic destinations include Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata. International destinations like Singapore offer diverse experiences for travelers.

Airlines Domestic Destinations International Destinations
Air India Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai N/A
IndiGo Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata N/A
SpiceJet Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai N/A
Alliance Air Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Jaipur, Kolkata N/A
Vistara N/A Delhi, Singapore

Runways and Air Traffic Control at Pune Airport

Pune Airport is equipped with a single runway, oriented 10/28, which spans a length of 2,540 meters. This runway facilitates the smooth operation of domestic and international flights, supporting the growing air traffic at the airport. The runway is equipped with navigational aids and night landing facilities, ensuring safe and efficient operations even during low visibility conditions.

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The air traffic control services at Pune Airport are provided by the Indian Air Force. However, there have been occasional disputes between the Airports Authority of India (AAI) and the Indian Air Force regarding flight schedules and night landings. Efforts are being made to improve coordination between the two parties and resolve these issues, aiming to ensure smooth operations and enhance the overall passenger experience at the airport.

“The coordination between air traffic control and airport authorities is crucial for the safe and efficient functioning of Pune Airport. By resolving disputes and strengthening communication channels, we can ensure seamless connectivity for passengers and support the continued growth of Pune as a major air travel hub in India.”

Air Traffic Control Services at Pune Airport

Pune Airport benefits from air traffic control services provided by the Indian Air Force. These services play a critical role in ensuring the safe and orderly movement of aircraft within the airport’s airspace. Air traffic controllers at Pune Airport are responsible for directing and coordinating aircraft movements, ensuring compliance with established procedures, and maintaining separation between aircraft to prevent any potential incidents or accidents.

Role Responsibilities
Air Traffic Controllers – Monitoring and controlling aircraft movements
– Issuing clearances for takeoff and landing
– Providing guidance to pilots on navigation and flight procedures
– Communicating with pilots and relaying important information
Approach/Departure Controllers – Managing aircraft arrivals and departures
– Sequencing and spacing aircraft for safe and efficient operations
– Ensuring compliance with air traffic control instructions
– Providing weather and traffic information to pilots
Tower Controllers – Overseeing ground movements of aircraft
– Coordinating runway usage and taxiing procedures
– Managing communications with pilots and ground personnel
– Ensuring compliance with safety regulations

The efficient operation of air traffic control services at Pune Airport is crucial for maintaining the overall safety and efficiency of air travel in and out of the airport. By working together with the Airports Authority of India and other stakeholders, the Indian Air Force strives to provide a seamless and secure aviation experience for passengers at Pune Airport.

Pune Airport – Passenger Traffic and Statistics

Pune Airport has experienced significant growth in passenger traffic over the years, establishing itself as a major aviation hub in India. In the financial year 2022-2023, the airport handled over 8 million passengers, marking a remarkable 115.6% increase compared to the previous year. This surge in passenger numbers is a testament to the airport’s efficiency, modern facilities, and connectivity to domestic and international destinations.

To further illustrate the growing importance of Pune Airport, the number of aircraft movements during the same period reached 59,451, representing a substantial 92.9% increase. These figures highlight the airport’s role in facilitating air travel and its ability to handle a high volume of flights effectively.

In addition to passenger traffic, cargo tonnage at Pune Airport has also witnessed significant growth, with a notable increase of 37.2%. This growth demonstrates the airport’s potential as a cargo hub, supporting trade and commerce in Pune and the surrounding regions.

Pune Airport Passenger Traffic Comparison (2021 vs. 2022)

2021 2022 Growth
Passenger Traffic (Millions) 3.7 8 +115.6%
Aircraft Movements 30,811 59,451 +92.9%
Cargo Tonnage 14,785 20,270 +37.2%

“The significant growth in passenger traffic at Pune Airport reflects the city’s increasing importance as a business and tourism destination. With the airport’s modern infrastructure and enhanced connectivity, it has become a preferred choice for travelers. We remain committed to providing world-class facilities and services to meet the evolving needs of our passengers.”

Pune Airport’s continuous growth in passenger traffic and cargo volume is a positive indication of its success as a vital transportation hub. As Pune expands as a commercial and cultural center, the airport’s future looks promising, with plans for further development and expansion to cater to the growing demand. The authorities at Pune Airport are dedicated to providing seamless travel experiences and ensuring the airport remains at the forefront of aviation in India.

Future Plans for Pune Airport

Pune Airport has exciting future plans in store to enhance its operations and cater to the growing air traffic demand. One of the major developments underway is the construction of a second terminal, set to be completed by July 2023. This new terminal will alleviate congestion and provide state-of-the-art facilities for passengers, ensuring a seamless travel experience. With the expansion project, Pune Airport aims to accommodate the increasing number of domestic and international flights.

Additionally, there are proposals for a new international airport in the nearby area of Purandar. This ambitious project is designed to cater to the long-term aviation needs of Pune and the surrounding regions. Once operational, the new international airport will contribute to the economic growth of the area by attracting more international flights and boosting tourism and trade opportunities.

These expansion plans are in line with Pune Airport’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of travelers and maintaining its position as a key aviation hub in India. By focusing on infrastructure development and modernization, the airport aims to provide world-class facilities and ensure convenient connectivity for passengers.

Future Plans for Pune Airport Status
Construction of a second terminal Underway, expected completion by July 2023
New international airport project in Purandar Proposed, awaiting approvals and implementation

Benefits of Future Developments

  • Improved passenger experience with advanced facilities
  • Reduced congestion and enhanced operational efficiency
  • Increase in domestic and international flight options
  • Boost to the local economy through increased tourism and trade
  • Creation of job opportunities in the aviation industry

Pune Airport is committed to continuously upgrading its infrastructure and services to meet the growing demands of air travel. These future plans will not only benefit passengers but also contribute to the overall development of Pune and Maharashtra as key aviation destinations.

Pune Airport – Cargo Facilities and Expansion Plans

Pune Airport is not only a major hub for passenger travel but also plays a significant role in facilitating cargo operations. The airport has plans to develop an international cargo facility to accommodate foreign cargo operators and boost trade opportunities for Pune and the surrounding regions. The proposed cargo terminal will enable foreign airlines to operate at the airport, providing a seamless logistics network for import and export activities.

The cargo facilities at Pune Airport include state-of-the-art warehousing and handling infrastructure to ensure the efficient movement of goods. The airport was declared a customs airport in 1997, primarily catering to the export of perishable agricultural products. With the expansion of cargo operations, Pune Airport aims to become a key player in the air cargo industry, contributing to the economic growth of the region.

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As part of its growth plans, Pune Airport is also undergoing an expansion to meet the increasing demand for air travel. A second terminal is currently under construction on the eastern side of the existing terminal. This expansion aims to accommodate the growing air traffic and provide enhanced facilities for passengers. The new terminal will feature modern amenities, streamlined processes, and a spacious layout to ensure a seamless travel experience.

Furthermore, the expansion plans also include the development of additional apron space to accommodate more aircraft and improved taxiway infrastructure to optimize aircraft movement. These developments are essential to support the growing number of airlines and destinations served by Pune Airport. The expansion project will further strengthen the airport’s position as a key aviation hub in India and enable it to handle increased passenger and cargo traffic in the future.

Cargo Statistics at Pune Airport

Year Total Cargo (in tons)
2020 24,586
2021 28,215
2022 32,874

“The growth in cargo volumes at Pune Airport reflects the increasing importance of air freight in the region. With the expansion of cargo facilities and the ongoing development projects, Pune Airport is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for efficient and reliable cargo services.” – Pune Airport Authority

With its focus on cargo facilities expansion and strategic plans for the future, Pune Airport is poised to become a significant player in both passenger and cargo transportation, supporting the economic development of Pune and the surrounding areas.

Pune Airport – Connectivity and Transportation

Pune Airport Transportation Image

When it comes to connectivity and transportation, Pune Airport offers a range of options to ensure smooth and hassle-free travel for passengers. Located in close proximity to the city and major highways, the airport is easily accessible by road. Taxis and app-based ride-hailing services are readily available for passengers to travel to and from the airport, providing convenient door-to-door service.

Additionally, several hotels near the airport offer shuttle services for their guests, further enhancing the accessibility and convenience of reaching the airport. Passengers can enjoy a comfortable and stress-free ride to the airport, allowing them to focus on their journey ahead.

In addition to road transportation, public buses also operate from the airport, connecting it to different parts of the city. This offers an affordable and convenient option for passengers who prefer using public transportation. With regular bus services, travelers can easily reach their destinations within Pune and explore the city’s attractions.

Whether you choose to drive, hire a taxi, or utilize the public bus services, Pune Airport provides excellent connectivity and transportation options for travelers. The well-established infrastructure and efficient services ensure that passengers can easily and comfortably reach their desired destinations in and around Pune.

Pune Airport – Parking and Facilities

When traveling through Pune Airport, passengers can enjoy convenient and hassle-free parking options. The airport provides dedicated parking facilities for both long-term and short-term parking needs. Whether you’re planning a short trip or an extended stay, Pune Airport offers ample space to accommodate your vehicle.

Passengers have the flexibility to choose between hourly and daily parking rates, depending on their travel requirements. The parking area is well-maintained and secure, providing peace of mind for travelers leaving their vehicles behind.

Aside from parking facilities, Pune Airport also offers a range of amenities to enhance the overall travel experience. Travelers can relax and unwind at comfortable lounges, grab a bite to eat at various dining options, or indulge in some retail therapy at shopping outlets. These facilities ensure that passengers have a pleasant and enjoyable time while waiting for their flights.

Overall, Pune Airport prioritizes the comfort and convenience of its passengers by offering reliable parking options and a variety of facilities to cater to their needs.

Pune Airport Parking Facilities

Parking Type Rate
Hourly Parking $X/hour
Daily Parking $X/day

Pune Airport – Arrivals and Departures

Pune Airport operates both domestic and international arrivals and departures. Passengers can check the flight status, schedule, and other related information on the airport’s official website or through mobile applications. The airport has designated areas for arrivals and departures, with separate facilities for immigration, customs, and baggage reclaim. Passengers are advised to arrive at the airport well in advance to complete the necessary check-in and security procedures.

Upon arrival, passengers will proceed to the immigration area for passport control. Indian citizens will need to present their valid passport or other acceptable identification documents. Foreign nationals will also need to present their passport and any required visa or travel documents. Once through immigration, passengers can collect their checked baggage at the designated baggage reclaim area.

For departures, passengers are advised to check-in online or at the designated check-in counters at the airport. After completing the check-in process, passengers will proceed to the security screening area. Luggage restrictions and security protocols must be adhered to. Once through security, passengers can proceed to the departure lounge, where they can enjoy the airport’s facilities before their flight. Boarding announcements will be made, and passengers can proceed to the boarding gates for their respective flights.

Facilities for Arrivals and Departures

Both the arrivals and departures areas at Pune Airport are equipped with facilities to enhance the overall travel experience for passengers. The airport offers various amenities, including currency exchange services, ATMs, and duty-free shopping. There are also dining options available for passengers to grab a meal or refreshments before or after their journey.

Facilities Arrivals Departures
Baggage Reclaim
Check-in Counters
Security Screening
Departure Lounge
Boarding Gates

Passengers can take advantage of these facilities to make their time at Pune Airport more comfortable and convenient. It is recommended to arrive early for departures and allow sufficient time for immigration and security procedures during arrivals to ensure a smooth travel experience.

Pune Airport – Hotels and Accommodation

Pune Airport, being a major air travel hub in Maharashtra, offers a wide range of hotels and accommodations in close proximity to the airport. Whether you are looking for budget-friendly options or luxurious resorts, there are options available to suit every traveler’s preferences. These accommodations provide convenient access to the airport, making it easier for travelers to catch their flights or relax after a long journey.

If you prefer to stay near the airport, there are several hotels situated just a short distance away. Some hotels even offer shuttle services for their guests, ensuring hassle-free transportation to and from the airport. These options are perfect for those who value convenience and proximity to the airport.

For those who want to explore the vibrant city of Pune, there are accommodations available in the heart of the city. These hotels provide easy access to popular attractions, shopping centers, and dining options. You can immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of Pune while enjoying the comfort and hospitality offered by these hotels.

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It is advisable to book your accommodation in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to ensure availability and secure the best deals. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, Pune Airport’s range of hotels and accommodations caters to every traveler’s needs, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Pune Airport – Travel Tips and Guidelines

As you prepare for your journey through Pune Airport, there are some important travel tips and guidelines to keep in mind. These will help ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience at the airport.

Arrival and Check-in

It is recommended to arrive at Pune Airport well in advance of your flight. This will allow you ample time to complete the necessary check-in procedures, security checks, and boarding formalities. Aim to reach the airport at least two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight.

Be sure to carry valid identification documents such as your passport or government-issued ID card. These will be required for security checks and boarding. It is advisable to keep these documents easily accessible during your journey.

Security and Baggage

Pune Airport follows strict security protocols, so it is important to comply with the regulations. Pack your belongings in accordance with the airline’s baggage allowance and restrictions. Check the airline’s website for specific guidelines on baggage weight, size, and prohibited items.

During security checks, remove any metallic items, such as belts, watches, and jewelry, and place them in the provided trays. Laptops and electronic devices should also be placed in separate trays for screening. Remember to follow the instructions of airport security personnel and be prepared to undergo body scans if required.

Departure and Departure Lounge

After completing the security checks, you will enter the departure lounge. Pune Airport offers a range of amenities and facilities to make your wait more comfortable. Take advantage of the VIP lounge, where you can relax and enjoy complimentary refreshments. There are also dining options available, offering a variety of cuisines to suit your taste.

While waiting for your flight, it is advisable to keep an eye on the flight status monitors for any updates or changes to your departure time or gate. Stay connected with your loved ones using the airport’s free Wi-Fi service. Remember to keep your boarding pass and passport easily accessible, as they will be required at the boarding gate.

In conclusion, following these travel tips and guidelines will help ensure a stress-free and pleasant experience at Pune Airport. Arriving early, carrying necessary identification documents, complying with security regulations, and making use of the airport’s amenities will contribute to a smooth journey. Safe travels!

Pune Airport – Local Attractions and Sightseeing

Pune, Maharashtra offers a multitude of local attractions and sightseeing opportunities for travelers to explore. Whether you are interested in history, culture, or natural beauty, there is something for everyone in and around Pune. Let’s take a closer look at some of the must-visit destinations in the area.

Historic Landmarks

Pune is home to several historic landmarks that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the region. The Aga Khan Palace, known for its architectural beauty and historical significance, is a popular attraction. It served as a prison for Mahatma Gandhi and his wife during the Indian freedom struggle. Shaniwar Wada, a majestic fort palace, is another iconic landmark that offers insights into Pune’s glorious past. Visitors can explore its grand halls, intricate carvings, and beautiful gardens.

Nature’s Bounty

Pune is blessed with picturesque surroundings and natural wonders. One of the must-visit destinations is Sinhagad Fort, located on a hilltop. It offers panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and is a popular spot for trekking and picnicking. For those looking to escape the city’s hustle and bustle, the nearby hill stations of Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar offer serene landscapes, lush greenery, and cascading waterfalls. These hill stations are also known for their pleasant weather and are perfect for a rejuvenating getaway.

Educational Institutions and Cultural Delights

Pune is renowned for its educational institutions and vibrant arts and music scene. The city is home to prestigious universities and colleges, attracting students from all over the country. Visitors can explore the sprawling campuses and witness the academic excellence of institutions like the University of Pune and the Film and Television Institute of India. Pune’s cultural scene is vibrant, with numerous theater performances, music festivals, and art exhibitions taking place throughout the year.

With its rich history, natural beauty, and cultural heritage, Pune offers a delightful blend of experiences for travelers. Whether you are a history enthusiast, nature lover, or art connoisseur, there is no shortage of attractions to explore and sights to behold in and around Pune.


Pune Airport serves as a vital air travel hub in India, connecting Pune to various domestic and international destinations. With its modern facilities, efficient services, and future expansion plans, the airport aims to meet the growing aviation needs of the city.

Travelers can expect a seamless travel experience and convenient connectivity to Pune and other parts of Maharashtra. Whether traveling for business or leisure, Pune Airport offers a gateway to explore the rich culture and attractions of Pune and its surrounding regions.


Where is Pune Airport located?

Pune Airport is located in Lohegaon, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

How busy is Pune Airport?

Pune Airport is the tenth busiest airport in India by passenger traffic.

Which airlines operate at Pune Airport?

Airlines such as Air India, IndiGo, SpiceJet, and Vistara operate at Pune Airport.

Does Pune Airport have international flights?

Yes, Pune Airport serves both domestic and international flights.

What are the facilities available at Pune Airport?

Pune Airport offers modern facilities including two terminal extensions, a parallel taxi track, and a VIP lounge. There are also dining options and a spa available.

How can I reach Pune Airport?

Pune Airport is well-connected to the city and surrounding areas through taxis, app-based ride-hailing services, public buses, and major highways.

Can I park my vehicle at Pune Airport?

Yes, Pune Airport provides parking facilities for both long-term and short-term parking needs.

What are the future expansion plans for Pune Airport?

Pune Airport has plans for a second terminal and a proposed new international airport in the nearby area of Purandar.

Are there hotels near Pune Airport?

Yes, there are several hotels and accommodations near Pune Airport catering to the needs of travelers.

What are the travel guidelines and requirements at Pune Airport?

Travelers are advised to check the latest guidelines, carry valid identification documents, and comply with the airport’s security protocols.

What are the local attractions and sightseeing options near Pune Airport?

Pune offers a rich cultural heritage and attractions such as the Aga Khan Palace, Shaniwar Wada, Sinhagad Fort, and nearby hill stations like Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar.

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