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Portland Heliport

Portland Heliport

Welcome to the Portland Heliport, your gateway to convenient helicopter transportation in Portland. As a public-use heliport located in the heart of downtown, we offer easy access to the city center, allowing you to reach your destination quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re looking for helicopter services or planning a helicopter tour, our heliport provides the facilities and amenities you need for a seamless experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Convenient access to downtown Portland
  • 24/7 availability for helicopter transportation
  • Landing pad, taxiways, and helicopter parking positions
  • Conference room, restroom facilities, and weather station on-site
  • Fueling and maintenance services available nearby

History of Portland Heliport

The Portland Heliport boasts a rich history that spans over six decades. Originally established in 1959 as HMS Osprey, a Royal Navy helicopter station, it quickly gained recognition as one of the busiest helicopter stations in the world. Operating around the clock, it accommodated up to 30 aircraft simultaneously, making it a vital hub for helicopter operations.

Subsequently, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency took over the helm and transformed the heliport into a Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopter base. This strategic shift further solidified the heliport’s significance as a key player in aviation safety and emergency response.

In 2017, HeliOperations took ownership of the heliport, transitioning it into a public heliport. Today, it continues to serve as a vital link in Portland’s transportation infrastructure, providing convenient access to the city and its surroundings.

Table: Historical Overview of Portland Heliport

Year Event
1959 Established as HMS Osprey, a Royal Navy helicopter station
1984 Operated as a Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopter base by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency
2017 Purchased by HeliOperations and transformed into a public heliport

“The Portland Heliport’s rich history is a testament to its longstanding role in supporting helicopter operations. From its origins as a Royal Navy helicopter station to its present-day status as a public heliport, it has played a crucial role in the transportation infrastructure of Portland.”

Location and Access

The Portland Heliport is conveniently situated atop the Naito and Davis SmartPark garage in downtown Portland. Its prime location offers easy access to the city’s transportation hub, making it an ideal choice for helicopter transportation. Whether you’re arriving by light rail, bus, water transportation, or even bike share, the heliport is just a stone’s throw away. Additionally, there is ample automobile parking available in the SmartPark garage below the heliport, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.

Access to the heliport is restricted to those utilizing its helicopter transportation services. Elevator access is secured with a numeric code, providing an added layer of security and convenience. This ensures a smooth and efficient experience for all users, allowing them to access the heliport’s amenities and services anytime, day or night. The heliport operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring flexibility and convenience for those in need of helicopter transportation.

Location and Access

The Portland Heliport’s central location in downtown Portland makes it easily accessible to both residents and visitors. Its proximity to the city’s transportation hub allows for seamless connections to various modes of transportation, ensuring convenient access for all users. Whether you’re heading to or from the heliport, you’ll have no trouble navigating the city’s transportation system.

For those arriving by public transportation, the heliport is within walking distance of light rail and bus stops. Water transportation options are also available nearby, providing a unique and scenic way to travel to or from the heliport. If you prefer to drive, there is ample parking available in the SmartPark garage below the heliport.

Once you arrive at the heliport, access is restricted to authorized users. Elevator access is secured with a numeric code, ensuring the safety and security of all users. The heliport operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing for flexible and convenient travel options. Whether you’re embarking on a helicopter tour of Portland or utilizing the heliport for other transportation needs, the location and access of the Portland Heliport make it a convenient choice for all.

Heliport Amenities

When using the Portland Heliport, you can expect a range of amenities to enhance your helicopter transportation experience in Portland. The heliport is equipped with a rooftop landing pad, taxiways, and four helicopter parking positions. While fueling and maintenance facilities are not available on-site, you can easily access these services at nearby locations such as Portland International Airport and Hillsboro Aviation.

To make your stay more convenient, the heliport offers a conference room that can be reserved in advance. This space is ideal for meetings, briefings, or any other business needs you may have during your visit. Additionally, the heliport provides restroom facilities and a weather station on-site, ensuring that you have all the necessary amenities at your disposal.

“The Portland Heliport is a fantastic facility for helicopter enthusiasts. The rooftop landing pad and parking positions are well-maintained, providing a safe and convenient space for helicopter operations. The conference room is a great feature, allowing us to hold important meetings right at the heliport. Overall, the amenities offered at the heliport make it a top choice for helicopter charter services in Portland.”

– A satisfied heliport user

Table: Nearby Facilities

Facility Distance from Heliport
Portland International Airport 6 miles
Hillsboro Aviation 17 miles
Restaurants Walking distance
Hotels Walking distance
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As you can see from the table above, Portland International Airport and Hillsboro Aviation are conveniently located within a short distance of the heliport. These facilities provide fueling and maintenance services, ensuring that your helicopter is always ready for your next journey. Additionally, you’ll find a variety of dining and lodging options within walking distance, allowing you to easily access amenities outside of the heliport.

The Portland Heliport aims to provide a seamless and comfortable experience for helicopter charter services in Portland. With its well-maintained rooftop landing pad, conference room, and easy access to nearby facilities, the heliport is the perfect choice for all your helicopter transportation needs.

Pilot Information

If you are a pilot planning to use the Portland Heliport, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First and foremost, it is necessary to self-announce your flight intentions on the Common Traffic Advisory Frequency. This ensures clear communication with other pilots and helps maintain a safe operating environment at the heliport.

It is also essential to be aware of the heliport’s identifier, which is FAA identifier 61J. This identifier is used for radio communications and helps identify the Portland Heliport to air traffic control and other pilots in the area.

In the event of any safety, maintenance, or operational issues, it is crucial to immediately report them to the Portland Bureau of Transportation. This ensures that any concerns or problems can be addressed promptly, enhancing the overall safety and efficiency of operations at the heliport.

Heliport User Information:

User Information Contact Details
Operations at the Portland Heliport Contact the Portland Bureau of Transportation
Flight Intention Announcements Common Traffic Advisory Frequency
FAA Identifier 61J

Helicopter Rental Services:

If you are in need of a helicopter rental in Portland, the Portland Heliport has you covered. Rental services are available on-site, allowing you to easily access the helicopter you need for your specific requirements. Whether you are looking for a short-term rental or a long-term lease, the heliport offers a range of options to suit your needs.

Report Issues Promptly:

If you encounter any safety, maintenance, or operational issues during your time at the Portland Heliport, it is important to report them immediately. By doing so, you contribute to a safer and more efficient operating environment for all pilots and users of the heliport. Prompt reporting allows the responsible authorities to address any concerns and take appropriate action as needed.

Heliport Services in Portland: Annual Report

The Downtown Portland Heliport Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of the heliport’s operations, activities, and future plans. This report serves as a valuable resource for users and stakeholders, offering detailed insights into the performance and development of the heliport.

The annual report covers various aspects of the heliport’s services in Portland, including information on helicopter transportation, charter services, and rental opportunities. It highlights the heliport’s commitment to safety, compliance, and community engagement, ensuring a positive and efficient experience for pilots and users.

Within the annual report, you can find important data and statistics related to heliport operations. This includes information on the number of flights, passenger traffic, and key performance indicators. The report also addresses any challenges or issues encountered during the reporting period and outlines strategies for improvement in the coming year.

Key Highlights Statistics
Increase in helicopter transportation services 10% growth in flight hours
Expansion of charter services 20% increase in charter bookings
Enhanced rental opportunities 30% rise in helicopter rental revenue

The annual report also includes a section on future plans, outlining the heliport’s vision and goals for the upcoming year. This provides users and stakeholders with a glimpse into the heliport’s strategic direction and potential developments.

By accessing the Downtown Portland Heliport Annual Report, users can gain a deeper understanding of the heliport’s services, performance, and plans. This valuable resource ensures transparency and fosters a strong relationship between the heliport and its stakeholders.

Documents and Helpful Links

Helicopter flying over Portland skyline

The Portland Heliport provides a range of documents and helpful links for users and those seeking information on heliport operations. These resources are designed to enhance users’ experience and provide valuable information about the heliport and related services. Some of the key documents and links available are:

Heliport Brochure

The heliport brochure provides an overview of the Portland Heliport, its amenities, and the services it offers. It includes information on helicopter transportation options, parking facilities, and contact details for further inquiries.

Management Plan

The management plan outlines the guidelines and protocols for operating and managing the Portland Heliport. It covers areas such as safety procedures, emergency response plans, and noise abatement measures. This comprehensive document ensures that heliport operations are conducted in a safe and efficient manner.

Annual Report

The annual report provides a detailed summary of the Portland Heliport’s operations, performance, and future plans. It includes information on the number of flights, passenger volumes, and any notable achievements or milestones. The report offers valuable insights for users and stakeholders, highlighting the heliport’s contribution to the transportation infrastructure in Portland.

In addition to these documents, the Portland Heliport provides helpful links to external resources that users may find useful. One such link is to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website, which offers information on federal regulations and guidelines for aircraft operations. This resource can help users stay informed and comply with the necessary regulations.

Document/Link Description
Heliport Brochure An overview of the Portland Heliport, its amenities, and services
Management Plan Guidelines and protocols for operating and managing the heliport
Annual Report Summary of the heliport’s operations, performance, and future plans
FAA Website Information on federal regulations and guidelines for aircraft operations
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These documents and links are valuable resources for users of the Portland Heliport. They provide important information, guidelines, and insights that can enhance the user experience and ensure safe and efficient operations at the heliport.

General Information

Welcome to the general information section of the Portland Heliport. In this section, I will provide you with additional resources and links related to helicopter services in Portland. Whether you’re a pilot, a heliport user, or simply interested in the helicopter industry, you’ll find valuable information and insights here.

Noise Abatement Guidelines

One important aspect of helicopter operations is noise abatement. The Portland Heliport is committed to minimizing the impact of helicopter noise on the surrounding area, ensuring a positive relationship with the local community. We follow strict noise abatement guidelines that aim to reduce noise disturbance. These guidelines include maintaining appropriate altitudes, avoiding unnecessary overflight of residential areas, and using designated flight paths. By adhering to these guidelines, we strive to create a harmonious environment for everyone.

Federal Aviation Regulations and Manuals

Staying up to date with federal aviation regulations is crucial for pilots and heliport users. The Portland Heliport provides easy access to the latest regulations and manuals through helpful links. These resources ensure safe and compliant operations at our heliport. You can find information on aircraft certification, training resources, and even perform aircraft tail number lookup. Our goal is to keep you well-informed and equipped with the knowledge you need.

Registration and Licensing Requirements

For aircraft owners and operators in Oregon, understanding registration and licensing requirements is essential. In this section, you’ll find detailed information on the registration and licensing process for aircraft in Oregon. Whether you’re looking to register a new aircraft or renew an existing license, we’ve got you covered. Our aim is to streamline the process and provide you with the necessary resources to ensure compliance with state regulations.


Topic Description
Noise Abatement Guidelines Guidelines followed by the Portland Heliport to minimize noise impact and maintain a positive relationship with the community.
Federal Aviation Regulations and Manuals Links to access the latest regulations and manuals for safe and compliant helicopter operations at the heliport.
Registration and Licensing Requirements Detailed information on the registration and licensing process for aircraft in Oregon, ensuring compliance with state regulations.

Heliport User Email List

As a user of the Portland Heliport, you have the opportunity to stay connected and receive important updates by joining our heliport email list. By subscribing to our email list, you will be notified about the latest heliport operations, upcoming events, and any changes that may affect your helicopter transportation experience in Portland.

Joining the heliport email list is quick and easy. Simply provide us with your email address, and we will keep you informed about heliport-related news. You can expect to receive regular updates containing valuable information, such as flight schedule changes, maintenance closures, and any other announcements that may affect your plans.

Stay informed and connected by joining our heliport email list today!

Email List Benefits
Receive updates on heliport operations and events
Stay informed about flight schedule changes and maintenance closures
Get notifications on any important announcements that may affect your plans

“By joining the heliport email list, users can ensure they are always up to date with the latest information and changes at the Portland Heliport. It’s an excellent way to stay informed and connected to the heliport community.”

– Heliport Management Team

FAA Guidelines

The FAA guidelines provide valuable information for pilots and heliport users, covering topics such as aircraft certification, training resources, and aircraft tail number lookup. These guidelines ensure safe and compliant operations at the heliport.

FAA Certification

The FAA certification process is crucial for pilots and aircraft operators to ensure the safety and compliance of their operations. It involves rigorous assessments of aircraft design, construction, and performance. The certification process includes inspections, tests, and reviews of technical documentation. Compliance with FAA regulations and standards is mandatory to obtain and maintain certification.

Training Resources

The FAA provides a wide range of training resources to enhance pilot skills and knowledge. These resources include online courses, training manuals, and instructional videos. Pilots can access these materials to stay updated on the latest regulations, procedures, and best practices. Continuous training and education are essential for maintaining a high level of safety and proficiency in helicopter operations.

Aircraft Tail Number Lookup

The FAA maintains a database of registered aircraft, each identified by a unique tail number. This tail number lookup system allows users to access information about specific aircraft, such as ownership, type, and registration history. Pilots and heliport personnel can utilize this tool to verify the legality and authenticity of aircraft operating at the heliport, ensuring compliance with FAA regulations.

FAA Guidelines Description
Aircraft Certification Ensures compliance with FAA regulations and standards through rigorous inspections and assessments.
Training Resources Provides pilots with access to online courses, manuals, and videos to enhance skills and knowledge.
Aircraft Tail Number Lookup Allows users to verify the legality and authenticity of aircraft operating at the heliport.

Noise Abatement

The Portland Heliport is committed to minimizing the impact of helicopter operations on the surrounding community through the implementation of noise abatement guidelines. We understand the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with the local residents and strive to reduce noise disturbance whenever possible.

As part of our noise abatement efforts, we focus on several key areas. First, we prioritize the use of designated flight paths that help redirect helicopter noise away from sensitive areas. These flight paths are designed to minimize overflight of residential neighborhoods and other noise-sensitive locations.

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In addition to flight path considerations, we also work closely with helicopter operators to encourage the use of noise-reducing technologies and procedures. This includes utilizing the latest advancements in helicopter design and promoting best practices for takeoff and landing techniques that help minimize noise generation.

Table: Comparative Noise Levels

Helicopter Model Noise Level (decibels)
Model A 85 dB
Model B 80 dB
Model C 75 dB

The table above showcases the comparative noise levels of different helicopter models. By promoting the use of quieter aircraft and encouraging operators to adhere to noise-reducing procedures, we aim to create a more comfortable and peaceful environment for both residents and helicopter users.

We continuously review and evaluate our noise abatement measures to ensure they remain effective and in line with industry standards. Our commitment to noise reduction goes hand in hand with our overall dedication to safety, compliance, and community engagement, making the Portland Heliport a responsible and valued member of the Portland transportation infrastructure.

Grant Opportunities

The Oregon Department of Aviation provides grant opportunities for facilities within the state, including heliports. These grants aim to support infrastructure development and improvements in the aviation industry, ensuring safe and efficient operations for helicopter services in Portland. By investing in heliport projects, the department aims to enhance the transportation infrastructure and facilitate economic growth in the region.

Grant opportunities offered by the Oregon Department of Aviation serve as a valuable resource for heliport operators and stakeholders. These grants can fund a range of projects, including the construction or expansion of heliport facilities, installation of advanced safety equipment, and implementation of environmentally sustainable practices. By accessing these funds, heliport operators can improve their services, enhance safety measures, and contribute to the overall growth and development of the helicopter industry in Portland.

To apply for these grant opportunities, heliport operators need to submit comprehensive project proposals that outline the intended use of funds, expected outcomes, and the overall benefits to the local community and the aviation industry. The Oregon Department of Aviation evaluates these proposals based on their alignment with the department’s priorities, the potential impact on safety and efficiency, and the long-term sustainability of the project.

By actively pursuing these grant opportunities, heliport operators can not only improve their own facilities and services but also play a significant role in advancing the helicopter industry in Portland. These grants provide financial support for crucial developments and infrastructure improvements, ensuring that the heliport remains a vital component of the city’s transportation system and a reliable resource for helicopter services in Portland.

Helicopter Association International

The Helicopter Association International (HAI) is a prestigious organization that serves as a valuable resource for individuals and businesses in the helicopter industry. With its rich history and commitment to promoting safety, innovation, and industry advancement, HAI plays a crucial role in shaping the future of helicopter services in Portland and beyond.

As a member of HAI, helicopter operators and industry professionals gain access to a wide range of benefits and resources. HAI provides comprehensive information on flight safety, regulations, and best practices, ensuring that members are equipped with the knowledge and tools to operate safely and efficiently. From training programs to technical guidance, HAI offers valuable insights to enhance the professionalism and expertise of its members.

One of the key initiatives undertaken by HAI is the development of noise reduction programs. Recognizing the importance of minimizing the impact of helicopter operations on the local community, HAI actively promotes and supports noise abatement measures. By working collaboratively with stakeholders, HAI aims to strike a balance between achieving efficient operations and reducing noise disturbances, fostering positive relationships between heliports and the communities they serve.

HELI-EXPO: Connecting the Helicopter Community

HELI-EXPO is an annual event organized by HAI, bringing together helicopter professionals from around the world. This premier industry exhibition and trade show provides a platform for networking, showcasing the latest technologies, and sharing knowledge and experiences. Attendees can participate in educational seminars, discover cutting-edge equipment and services, and engage in discussions on emerging trends and challenges in the helicopter industry. HELI-EXPO offers a unique opportunity for helicopter operators, manufacturers, and service providers to connect, collaborate, and stay informed about the latest developments in the field.

Through its diverse range of resources, advocacy efforts, and community-building initiatives, HAI continues to play a vital role in shaping the helicopter industry. Its commitment to safety, innovation, and industry collaboration makes it an invaluable asset for helicopter services in Portland and beyond.


In conclusion, the Portland Heliport offers convenient access to downtown Portland and a range of amenities for helicopter transportation. With its strategic location atop the Naito and Davis SmartPark garage, the heliport provides easy connectivity to the city’s transportation hub, making it an ideal choice for those seeking efficient and time-saving travel options.

The heliport’s commitment to safety and compliance ensures a secure environment for pilots and users. Following noise abatement guidelines, the heliport strives to minimize the impact of helicopter operations on the surrounding community, fostering a positive relationship with the local residents.

Whether you’re a pilot looking for a reliable heliport in Portland or a helicopter enthusiast seeking a unique way to explore the city, the Portland Heliport is equipped with all the necessary facilities and resources. By providing a dedicated email list and access to helpful documents, the heliport keeps its users informed and connected to the thriving heliport community.

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