North-Wright Airways

Imagine embarking on a truly authentic Canadian flying experience, where breathtaking landscapes and remote communities are the norm. Enter North-Wright Airways, a reputable airline that takes pride in connecting passengers to some of the most remote destinations across Canada’s vast wilderness. With their commitment to safety, exceptional customer service, and a fleet of reliable aircraft, North-Wright Airways ensures that your journey through the stunning Canadian Rockies or the untamed Arctic is nothing short of extraordinary.

Company Overview

Founding and Background History

North-Wright Airways is a Canadian airline that was founded in 1970 by Albert and Cathy Wright. It started as a small bush flying company in Norman Wells, Northwest Territories, providing essential transportation services to remote communities in the Canadian North. Over the years, North-Wright Airways has expanded its operations and established itself as a reliable and trusted airline in the region.

Base of Operations

The company’s base of operations is located in Norman Wells, Northwest Territories, Canada. From this central hub, North-Wright Airways operates flights to various destinations across the vast Canadian North, connecting communities and providing crucial transportation services to both passengers and cargo.

Owner and Management

North-Wright Airways is a family-owned and operated airline. The company is currently owned by the Wright family, with Albert Wright serving as the CEO. The management team includes experienced professionals who are committed to maintaining the airline’s high standards of safety, efficiency, and customer service.

Current Status

As of the present, North-Wright Airways continues to thrive in the aviation industry. It has gained a reputation for its exceptional customer service, reliable operations, and commitment to safety. The airline remains dedicated to serving remote communities and supporting economic development in the Canadian North.


Type of Aircraft

North-Wright Airways operates a diverse fleet of aircraft to cater to the unique needs of its operations in the Canadian North. The fleet primarily consists of small to medium-sized planes, such as Cessna Caravans and Beechcraft King Airs. These aircraft are ideal for navigating the challenging weather conditions and shorter runways commonly found in the region.

Number of Aircraft

At present, North-Wright Airways has a fleet of 12 aircraft. This allows the airline to efficiently provide a range of services, including passenger transportation, cargo delivery, and charter flights. The size of the fleet ensures that North-Wright Airways can meet the demands of its customers while maintaining strict safety and maintenance standards.

Maintenance and Safety Records

North-Wright Airways places the highest priority on the safety and maintenance of its aircraft. The airline follows rigorous maintenance procedures and adheres to industry regulations to ensure the airworthiness of its planes. Regular inspections, maintenance checks, and comprehensive training programs for pilots and maintenance crews are key factors in maintaining the airline’s strong safety record.


Type of Services Offered

North-Wright Airways offers a range of aviation services to meet the transportation needs of its customers. These include passenger services, cargo services, and charter services. The airline’s versatile fleet and experienced crew allow for seamless operations across various service areas.

Passenger Services

Passenger services provided by North-Wright Airways are essential for connecting remote communities in the Canadian North. The airline operates scheduled flights to several destinations, offering a reliable and convenient mode of transportation. Passengers can expect comfortable seating, friendly cabin crew, and a high level of customer service throughout their journey.

Cargo Services

North-Wright Airways recognizes the importance of cargo transportation in supporting economic activities in remote areas. The airline provides efficient cargo services, ensuring the timely delivery of goods and supplies to communities in the Canadian North. With their expertise in navigating challenging conditions, North-Wright Airways is a trusted partner for hauling cargo in the region.

Charter Services

In addition to scheduled flights, North-Wright Airways offers charter services to meet specific travel requirements. Charter flights provide flexibility and convenience, catering to the unique needs of individual passengers or groups. Whether for business, leisure, or other purposes, customers can rely on North-Wright Airways to deliver tailored charter flight experiences.

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Routes and Destinations

Domestic Destinations

North-Wright Airways serves several destinations within the Canadian North. This includes communities such as Fort Good Hope, Tulita, Colville Lake, and Deline. These flights are vital for residents in remote areas to access essential services and connect with major towns and cities.

International Destinations

Currently, North-Wright Airways operates exclusively within Canada and does not offer international flights. However, as the airline continues to grow and expand its operations, future international destinations may be considered to provide even greater connectivity for travelers.

Popular Routes

Some of the popular routes served by North-Wright Airways include flights between Norman Wells and Fort Good Hope, as well as flights between Norman Wells and Tulita. These routes are key for connecting communities and providing essential transportation options for residents.

Underserved Areas

North-Wright Airways plays a crucial role in serving remote communities that are often underserved by other airlines. The airline’s commitment to these areas ensures that residents have reliable and accessible air transportation, supporting economic development, and improving the overall quality of life in these regions.


Ticketing and Reservations

North-Wright Airways offers hassle-free ticketing and reservations to make the travel experience as convenient as possible. Passengers can book tickets either through the airline’s website or by contacting their customer service center. The online booking system provides a user-friendly interface that allows travelers to easily browse flights, select preferred routes, and complete their reservations with ease.

Refund and Cancellation

North-Wright Airways recognizes that plans may change, and flexibility is crucial for customers. The airline provides a fair refund and cancellation policy to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. Passengers can obtain detailed information regarding the refund and cancellation process through the airline’s website or by contacting their customer service team.

Pet Policy

North-Wright Airways understands that pets are an important part of many travelers’ lives. The airline has a pet policy in place to ensure the comfort and safety of both passengers and animals. Pet owners can obtain information on the specific requirements, restrictions, and fees associated with traveling with pets by contacting the airline’s customer service.

Baggage Allowance

To make traveling more convenient, North-Wright Airways provides generous baggage allowances for its passengers. The specific limits and restrictions are outlined on the airline’s website and should be carefully reviewed before the journey. Passengers are encouraged to contact the airline’s customer service for any additional information or clarification regarding baggage allowances.

Customer Service

Contact Information

For any inquiries, assistance, or feedback, North-Wright Airways’ customer service team is readily available. Passengers can contact the airline through the dedicated customer service hotline, which is displayed on the airline’s website. Additionally, customers can reach out to the airline via email or visit their ticketing offices for face-to-face assistance.

Customer Support Facilities

North-Wright Airways is committed to providing exceptional customer support throughout the entire travel experience. The airline’s ticketing offices are well-equipped with knowledgeable staff who are always ready to assist passengers with their inquiries, bookings, or any other travel-related needs. The airline’s website also provides a comprehensive FAQ section to address common queries and concerns.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

North-Wright Airways actively encourages customer feedback and values the experiences and opinions of its passengers. The airline welcomes feedback through various channels, including online surveys, email, and social media platforms. By actively listening to customers, North-Wright Airways continuously seeks to improve its services and meet the evolving needs of its valued passengers.

In-flight Services

Seat Comfort

North-Wright Airways strives to provide a comfortable in-flight experience for its passengers. The airline’s modern aircraft are designed with spacious interiors and comfortable seating arrangements to ensure a pleasant journey. Passengers can relax and enjoy the flight in ergonomically designed seats, making their travel experience as comfortable as possible.

Food and Beverage

On select flights, North-Wright Airways offers a variety of refreshments and snacks. The airline understands the importance of providing sustenance during air travel and aims to cater to passengers’ culinary preferences. The in-flight meal options may vary depending on the flight duration and destination, ensuring that passengers’ dietary needs and preferences are taken into account.

In-flight Entertainment

North-Wright Airways recognizes the value of in-flight entertainment in enhancing the overall travel experience. While the airline primarily focuses on short-haul flights, passengers can still enjoy a range of entertainment options to keep them entertained during their journey. This may include inflight magazines, newspapers, or other forms of media to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable flight.

Wifi and Connectivity

To cater to the evolving needs of passengers, North-Wright Airways is actively exploring options for in-flight wifi connectivity. While the availability of onboard wifi is not currently provided, the airline is investing in technologies to improve connectivity options for its passengers, allowing them to stay connected and productive during their flights.

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Challenges and Controversies

Past Incidents and Accidents

Over its long history of operations, North-Wright Airways has maintained an impressive safety record. The airline’s commitment to safety, training, and rigorous maintenance procedures has minimized the occurrence of incidents and accidents. However, like any airline, North-Wright Airways has faced occasional challenges, and any incidents are thoroughly investigated to ensure continuous improvement in safety measures.

Legal Issues and Lawsuits

Any legal issues or lawsuits faced by North-Wright Airways are handled with utmost professionalism and adherence to the law. The airline emphasizes compliance with all regulations and legal requirements governing aviation operations. In the event of legal matters, North-Wright Airways works diligently to address any concerns and resolve issues in a fair and transparent manner.

Public Relations Challenges

North-Wright Airways, like other airlines, faces public relations challenges. These challenges may include managing customer expectations, addressing public concerns, and effectively communicating changes or updates in services. The airline is dedicated to maintaining open lines of communication, actively engaging with customers, and resolving any issues that may arise to ensure a positive public perception.

Partnerships and Codeshares

Airline Partnerships

North-Wright Airways recognizes the importance of strategic partnerships in expanding its reach and offering enhanced services to its passengers. The airline has established partnerships with other regional and international carriers to provide seamless connections and expand its route network.

Shared Flight Agreements

Through shared flight agreements, North-Wright Airways collaborates with other airlines to offer increased connectivity and travel options to its customers. By leveraging the expertise and resources of its partners, the airline can provide a wider range of routes and destinations, facilitating seamless travel experiences for passengers.

Benefits of Partnerships

Partnerships and codeshares with other airlines bring numerous benefits to North-Wright Airways and its passengers. These include enhanced connectivity, access to a larger fleet, streamlined baggage transfers, and coordinated flight schedules. By leveraging partnerships, North-Wright Airways aims to provide an extensive and convenient travel network for its customers, connecting remote communities with major hubs across Canada and beyond.

Future Plans and Projections

Planned Expansion

North-Wright Airways has exciting plans for future expansion. The airline intends to explore new markets and destinations to further connect communities and support economic growth in the Canadian North. These expansion plans will require ongoing investment in infrastructure, fleet enhancements, and skilled personnel to ensure the airline’s continued success.

Aircraft Updates

To enhance its operations and improve the overall passenger experience, North-Wright Airways is exploring options for aircraft updates. The airline aims to invest in modern and fuel-efficient aircraft, incorporating the latest aviation technologies to ensure safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

Project Projections

With continued growth and expansion, North-Wright Airways projects an increase in its fleet size and services. The airline aims to establish itself as a premier regional carrier, connecting communities and providing essential transportation services in the Canadian North. Through strategic planning and investment, North-Wright Airways envisions a future that meets the evolving needs of its passengers while maintaining its commitment to safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction.