Marianna Municipal Airport

Imagine stepping onto the tarmac of the Marianna Municipal Airport, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Florida, USA. With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, this charming airport effortlessly captures the essence of Southern hospitality. From the moment you arrive, you are greeted by the friendly airport staff, ready to assist you with any needs you may have. As you explore the beautifully maintained grounds, you are captivated by the rich history and vibrant culture that permeates every corner of this aviation hub. Whether you are arriving or departing, Marianna Municipal Airport promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you longing to return again and again.

Location of Marianna Municipal Airport

Geographical Position

Marianna Municipal Airport is located in the city of Marianna, Florida, in the United States. It is situated in Jackson County and is approximately 66 miles northwest of Tallahassee, the capital city of Florida. The airport covers an area of 347 acres and is positioned at a latitude of 30.51°N and a longitude of 85.18°W.

Surrounding Areas

The airport is surrounded by lush green landscapes and beautiful natural scenery. It is located in close proximity to popular tourist destinations such as Florida Caverns State Park and Lake Seminole. The town of Marianna itself offers various attractions, including historic landmarks, museums, and recreational opportunities. The airport’s strategic location provides easy access to both urban and rural areas, making it a convenient gateway for travelers.

Distance from Major Cities

Marianna Municipal Airport is conveniently situated within a reasonable distance from major cities in Florida. It is approximately 66 miles northwest of Tallahassee, which can be reached in about an hour’s drive. The airport is also approximately 134 miles southwest of Panama City and 220 miles northeast of Pensacola, making it easily accessible from both the Gulf Coast and the Panhandle region of Florida. The central location of the airport allows for efficient connectivity to various destinations within the state.

History of Marianna Municipal Airport


Marianna Municipal Airport was originally established in 1943 as Graham Air Base, during World War II. It served as an advanced flight training center for the United States Army Air Corps. After the war, the air base was deactivated and turned over to the City of Marianna. In 1952, the airport was officially designated as Marianna Municipal Airport and has since played a vital role in the region’s aviation history.

Major Developments

Over the years, Marianna Municipal Airport has undergone significant developments to improve its facilities and accommodate the growing aviation needs of the community. In 1965, a new terminal building was constructed, providing modern amenities for passengers. The airport’s runway has been extended multiple times to accommodate larger aircraft and improve safety. In recent years, the airport has implemented state-of-the-art navigation and communication systems to enhance operational efficiency and safety standards.

Historical Events

Marianna Municipal Airport has witnessed various historical events throughout its existence. During its time as Graham Air Base, it played a crucial role in training pilots for combat missions during World War II. The airport has also been utilized for emergency response efforts, such as providing relief during natural disasters. Its historical significance and contribution to the local community make Marianna Municipal Airport a cherished part of the region’s heritage.

Facilities at Marianna Municipal Airport


Marianna Municipal Airport boasts two well-maintained runways. The primary runway, Runway 18/36, is paved and measures 5,006 feet in length, providing sufficient space for both general aviation and commercial aircraft operations. The secondary runway, Runway 09/27, is grass and measures 2,700 feet in length. The airport’s runways are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure optimal safety for all aircraft operations.

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The airport features a modern and passenger-friendly terminal building that caters to the needs of travelers. The terminal is equipped with comfortable seating areas, ticket counters, and baggage claim facilities. Passengers can also enjoy amenities such as vending machines, restrooms, and free Wi-Fi access. The terminal’s clean and welcoming environment creates a positive experience for travelers passing through Marianna Municipal Airport.

Aircraft Facilities

Marianna Municipal Airport offers a range of aircraft facilities to support general aviation and commercial operations. These facilities include hangars and tie-down spaces for aircraft storage, maintenance facilities for repairs and inspections, and fueling services for both jet fuel and aviation gasoline. The airport’s well-maintained facilities ensure that aircraft operators have access to essential services and resources to meet their operational requirements.

Parking and Ground Transport

The airport provides convenient parking options for travelers, with ample parking spaces available in close proximity to the terminal building. Parking at Marianna Municipal Airport is free of charge, making it convenient for passengers and visitors. Additionally, the airport offers ground transportation services such as rental car facilities and taxi connections to ensure seamless connectivity for passengers to their final destinations.

Operations at Marianna Municipal Airport

Airlines and Destinations

Marianna Municipal Airport currently does not have scheduled commercial airline services. However, the airport accommodates general aviation and private aircraft operations. Private pilots and aviation enthusiasts can access facilities and services to support their travel needs. The airport’s location and facilities make it an attractive option for private aircraft owners and pilots seeking a convenient and well-equipped airport in the region.

Annual Traffic

As a general aviation airport, Marianna Municipal Airport does not experience high levels of commercial air traffic. However, it serves as a vital hub for private and recreational aviation activities, with a significant number of takeoffs and landings by private aircraft each year. The airport’s annual traffic reflects the sustained interest and demand for general aviation services in the region.

Operation Hours

Marianna Municipal Airport operates within specific hours to ensure efficient and safe operations. The airport’s hours of operation are generally from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, seven days a week. However, it is important to note that operating hours may vary depending on specific circumstances, such as airfield maintenance or special events. It is advisable to check with airport authorities or relevant sources for the most up-to-date information regarding operating hours.

Marianna Municipal Airport Management

Airport Authority

The management and oversight of Marianna Municipal Airport are entrusted to the Marianna Airport Authority. The authority is responsible for making strategic decisions, implementing policies, and ensuring the airport operates in compliance with applicable regulations and standards. The members of the Airport Authority are appointed by the City of Marianna and work closely with airport staff and stakeholders to efficiently manage and develop the airport.

Staff and Management Structure

Marianna Municipal Airport has a dedicated team of professionals responsible for its day-to-day operations and maintenance. The airport staff includes personnel with expertise in various areas, such as airport operations, maintenance, customer service, and administration. The management structure includes key positions such as Airport Manager, Operations Supervisor, and Maintenance Coordinator, who work collaboratively to ensure the smooth functioning of the airport and the satisfaction of its users.

Security Measures

Ensuring the safety and security of passengers, personnel, and assets is a top priority at Marianna Municipal Airport. The airport adheres to security measures and protocols mandated by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). These measures include passenger and baggage screening, secure access control systems, and surveillance systems to monitor the airport premises. Regular training programs are conducted for airport staff to stay up-to-date with security protocols and emergency response procedures.

Economic Impact of Marianna Municipal Airport

Job Creation

Marianna Municipal Airport plays a significant role in job creation, both directly and indirectly. The airport directly employs a number of individuals in various capacities, such as administrative staff, maintenance personnel, security personnel, and customer service representatives. Additionally, the presence of the airport contributes to job opportunities in related industries, such as aviation services, transportation, hospitality, and tourism. The airport’s operations provide a source of employment and contribute to the economic well-being of the local community.

Revenue Contribution

The airport generates revenue through various channels, including hangar rentals, fuel sales, landing fees, and lease agreements with aviation businesses operating on airport premises. These revenue streams contribute to the financial sustainability of the airport and support ongoing maintenance and development projects. Additionally, the airport’s economic activities generate indirect revenue for the local economy through increased tourism, business development, and spending by airport users and visitors.

Role in Local and Regional Economy

Marianna Municipal Airport plays a vital role in the local and regional economy. The airport attracts commercial activities, such as aircraft maintenance, repair services, and aviation businesses, which contribute to the overall economic growth of the area. It facilitates the movement of goods, services, and personnel, enhancing connectivity and enabling businesses to thrive. The airport’s presence also contributes to the overall appeal of the region, attracting investment and fostering economic development.

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Marianna Municipal Airport and the Community

Community Engagement Programs

Marianna Municipal Airport actively engages with the local community through various programs and initiatives. The airport hosts open house events and aviation-related educational programs to promote interest in aviation and encourage community involvement. These initiatives provide opportunities for individuals to learn about the airport’s operations, explore career options in aviation, and foster a sense of community pride.

Volunteer Opportunities

The airport offers volunteer opportunities for individuals interested in supporting airport activities and events. Volunteers can assist with tasks such as greeting passengers, providing information, and participating in community outreach programs. Volunteering at the airport allows community members to contribute to the airport’s success, deepen their understanding of aviation, and build relationships with airport staff and fellow volunteers.

Partnerships with Local Organizations

Marianna Municipal Airport actively collaborates with local organizations to promote community development and enhance the airport’s impact. The airport partners with educational institutions to offer internships and training programs, fostering a pipeline of skilled aviation professionals. It also supports local charities and nonprofit organizations through fundraising events and sponsorships. These partnerships strengthen the airport’s ties with the community and contribute to its overall social responsibility.

Environmental Considerations at Marianna Municipal Airport

Noise and Emission Control Measures

Marianna Municipal Airport is committed to reducing noise and emissions associated with aviation operations. The airport follows noise abatement procedures, which include flight path restrictions during certain hours to minimize noise impact on surrounding residential areas. Additionally, the airport encourages the use of fuel-efficient aircraft and implements maintenance practices to minimize emissions. Continuous monitoring and improvement of noise and emission control measures ensure a sustainable aviation environment.

Wildlife Protection Efforts

Marianna Municipal Airport operates with a focus on wildlife protection and wildlife hazard management. The airport implements measures to deter wildlife from entering the airport area, ensuring the safety of aircraft operations. These measures include habitat modification, bird control techniques, and wildlife monitoring. By proactively addressing wildlife hazards, the airport maintains a safe operating environment while also preserving the natural habitats surrounding the airport.

Sustainability Initiatives

The airport is dedicated to implementing sustainability initiatives to minimize its environmental footprint. Solar panels have been installed on airport buildings to utilize renewable energy sources. Energy-efficient lighting systems and water conservation practices have also been implemented to reduce resource consumption. In addition, waste management and recycling programs are in place to minimize waste generation and promote responsible environmental stewardship. These sustainability initiatives demonstrate the airport’s commitment to a greener future.

Future Plans for Marianna Municipal Airport

Planned Infrastructure Upgrades

Marianna Municipal Airport has several planned infrastructure upgrades to meet the evolving needs of aviation. These include runway renovations, terminal expansions, and improvements to taxiways and aprons. The airport aims to enhance its capacity and provide additional services to accommodate increasing demand. The planned upgrades will ensure the airport remains a modern and efficient facility, capable of serving the community and contributing to regional development.

Future Development Projects

In addition to infrastructure upgrades, Marianna Municipal Airport has identified several future development projects to enhance its offerings. These projects include the development of new aircraft hangars, the establishment of aviation-related training facilities, and the expansion of cargo and logistics capabilities. By diversifying its services and facilities, the airport aims to attract new business opportunities and provide a comprehensive range of aviation solutions.

Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

Marianna Municipal Airport seeks to establish strategic partnerships and alliances with industry stakeholders to foster its future growth. Collaborations with airlines, aviation service providers, educational institutions, and government agencies are actively pursued to leverage expertise, attract new business, and establish a competitive edge. By forging strong alliances, the airport aims to create synergies, drive innovation, and position itself as a vital component of the region’s aviation ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions about Marianna Municipal Airport

What are the Airport’s Operating Hours?

Marianna Municipal Airport operates between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM, seven days a week. However, it is important to check with the airport authorities or relevant sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding operating hours, as they may vary depending on specific circumstances or seasonal considerations.

Which airlines operate from the airport?

Currently, Marianna Municipal Airport does not have scheduled commercial airline services. However, the airport accommodates general aviation and private aircraft operations, allowing private pilots and aircraft owners to utilize its facilities.

What facilities are available at the airport?

Marianna Municipal Airport offers a range of facilities to support aviation operations. These include a modern terminal building with amenities such as seating areas, ticket counters, and baggage claim facilities. The airport also provides aircraft facilities, including hangars and tie-down spaces, as well as maintenance services and fueling options. Free parking and ground transportation services, such as rental cars and taxi connections, are available for passenger convenience.

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What are the security measures at the airport?

Marianna Municipal Airport adheres to security measures and protocols mandated by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). These measures include passenger and baggage screening, secure access control systems, and surveillance systems to monitor the airport premises. Regular training programs are conducted for airport staff to ensure adherence to security protocols and emergency response procedures.