Greater Kankakee Airport

Imagine yourself soaring above the pristine Illinois landscape, high above the bustling city below. As you fly gracefully through the clouds, you notice a glimmering oasis of aviation, a place that beckons pilots and passengers alike. Welcome to the Greater Kankakee Airport, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Illinois, USA. With its state-of-the-art facilities and unrivaled hospitality, this airport has become a preferred destination for travelers seeking a seamless and enjoyable flying experience. From its rich history to its commitment to environmental sustainability, the Greater Kankakee Airport offers a unique blend of charm and modernity that sets it apart from its counterparts. So sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey to discover the wonders of this remarkable aviation hub.

Location of Greater Kankakee Airport

Positioning in Illinois

The Greater Kankakee Airport is strategically located in Kankakee County, Illinois. Situated approximately 60 miles south of Chicago, it serves as a vital transportation hub in the region. The airport’s prime location offers convenient access to not only the bustling city of Chicago but also other major cities in the Illinois area.

Proximity to Major Cities

Greater Kankakee Airport benefits from its close proximity to several major cities in Illinois. Within a short driving distance, travelers can reach cities like Champaign, Springfield, and Peoria. Additionally, the airport is ideally situated for individuals traveling to and from neighboring states, such as Indiana and Wisconsin. This convenient location makes Greater Kankakee Airport an excellent choice for both business and leisure travelers.

Access Routes and Transportation

Traveling to and from Greater Kankakee Airport is hassle-free, thanks to its excellent access routes and transportation options. The airport is conveniently located near major highways, including Interstate 57 and Interstate 65, providing easy accessibility for those arriving by car. Additionally, the airport offers reliable ground transportation services, such as taxi and shuttle services, making it easy for travelers to reach their desired destinations. For individuals seeking public transportation, the airport is well-connected to regional bus routes, further enhancing its accessibility.

History of Greater Kankakee Airport


The Greater Kankakee Airport has a rich history that dates back to its establishment in the early 1940s. Originally known as the Kankakee Army Airfield, it served as a wartime training facility during World War II. Following the war, the airport transitioned into a civilian facility, catering to the growing demands of the region.

Major Historical Events

Over the years, Greater Kankakee Airport has witnessed significant historical events that have shaped its development. In the 1950s, the airport welcomed the first commercial airline service, marking a milestone in its growth. Subsequently, the airport underwent expansions and renovations to accommodate the increasing passenger traffic and larger aircraft.

Changes and Improvements over the Years

To meet the evolving needs of the aviation industry, Greater Kankakee Airport has undergone continuous changes and improvements. Upgrades have been made to the runways, terminal buildings, and other facilities, enhancing the overall experience for passengers and aviation professionals. The airport has embraced technological advancements, incorporating modern systems and infrastructure to ensure efficient operations. These continuous efforts have solidified Greater Kankakee Airport’s position as a reliable aviation hub in the region.

Facilities at Greater Kankakee Airport


Greater Kankakee Airport boasts state-of-the-art runways that are capable of accommodating various types of aircraft. With multiple runways available, the airport can efficiently manage air traffic and ensure smooth departures and arrivals. These well-maintained runways adhere to the highest safety standards, providing a secure environment for aircraft operations.

Terminal Buildings

The modern terminal buildings at Greater Kankakee Airport offer a comfortable and convenient experience for travelers. Equipped with necessary amenities, such as baggage handling services, check-in counters, and spacious waiting areas, the terminals are designed to enhance the overall passenger experience. Additionally, the airport has dedicated areas for customs and immigration procedures for international travelers.

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Parking and Vehicle Services

Greater Kankakee Airport provides ample parking options for passengers and visitors. The airport features both short-term and long-term parking facilities, ensuring that individuals have convenient access to their vehicles upon their return. Moreover, the airport offers various vehicle services, including car rentals and taxi services, ensuring seamless transportation for travelers.

On-site Services and Amenities

To cater to the diverse needs of passengers, Greater Kankakee Airport offers a range of on-site services and amenities. Travelers can enjoy dining options, ranging from quick bites to full-service restaurants, ensuring they are well-fed during their time at the airport. Additionally, the airport features shops and boutiques, allowing passengers to indulge in some retail therapy. Free Wi-Fi access is available throughout the terminals, ensuring individuals stay connected during their journey.

Operations at Greater Kankakee Airport

Number of Daily Flights

Greater Kankakee Airport offers a considerable number of daily flights to various destinations. With a diverse range of airlines operating at the airport, travelers have a wide selection of flights to choose from. Whether it’s a domestic or international route, the airport’s robust flight schedule caters to the needs of both business and leisure travelers, ensuring convenient connectivity.

Domestic and International Routes

Greater Kankakee Airport serves as a gateway to both domestic and international destinations. With direct flights to major cities and hubs across the United States, passengers can easily reach their desired locations. The airport additionally offers international flights, connecting travelers to popular destinations around the world. This extensive network of routes ensures that Greater Kankakee Airport remains a significant player in the regional and global aviation industry.

Cargo Handling

In addition to passenger flights, Greater Kankakee Airport plays a crucial role in cargo handling. With dedicated cargo facilities and efficient logistics services, the airport serves as a pivotal point for transporting goods. Whether it’s perishable items, e-commerce packages, or industrial equipment, the airport’s cargo operations ensure timely delivery and seamless handling of various types of cargo.

Security Measures at Greater Kankakee Airport

Security Checks and Procedures

Ensuring the safety and security of passengers and airport personnel is a top priority at Greater Kankakee Airport. Rigorous security checks and procedures are in place to mitigate potential risks and enhance overall security. Passengers undergo thorough screening processes, including baggage checks and passenger profiling, to identify any potential threats. These security measures comply with national and international aviation safety standards.

Incidents and Responses

Despite the stringent security measures, incidents may occasionally occur at airports. Greater Kankakee Airport remains committed to maintaining a quick and efficient response system in such situations. Trained security personnel are readily available to handle any incidents and ensure the safety of all individuals within the airport premises. Regular drills and simulations are conducted to prepare the airport staff for any potential security threats.

Government and Private Security Measures

Greater Kankakee Airport works closely with both government agencies and private security firms to enhance security measures. Collaborations with law enforcement agencies, including local police departments and federal authorities, enable the airport to maintain a robust security ecosystem. Partnerships with private security firms provide additional layers of security, ensuring a safe environment for all airport users.

Economic Impact of Greater Kankakee Airport

Job Creation

Greater Kankakee Airport serves as an economic catalyst, generating numerous job opportunities within the region. The airport employs a significant workforce, ranging from pilots and air traffic controllers to ground handlers and maintenance personnel. Additionally, the airport’s operations create indirect employment, particularly in industries that support aviation, such as hospitality, transportation, and retail.

Contribution to Local Economy

The presence of Greater Kankakee Airport has a positive impact on the local economy. The airport attracts businesses, including airlines, cargo operators, and aviation-related services, leading to increased economic activity. The airport provides an essential link for businesses to access markets and efficiently transport goods, contributing to the economic growth of the region.

National and International Trade Impact

Greater Kankakee Airport plays a crucial role in facilitating national and international trade. As a transportation hub, the airport enables the efficient movement of goods and promotes trade relations between businesses. The airport’s cargo operations, coupled with its accessible routes, support export and import activities, strengthening trade ties at both regional and global levels.

Support Services at Greater Kankakee Airport

Ground Handling

Greater Kankakee Airport offers comprehensive ground handling services to ensure the smooth operation of flights. These services include aircraft marshalling, baggage handling, and refueling, among others. Experienced ground handling staff efficiently manage the arrival and departure processes, guaranteeing that aircraft are serviced promptly while adhering to safety protocols.


Reliable and efficient fueling services are available at Greater Kankakee Airport. The airport maintains fueling facilities that can cater to various types of aircraft, ensuring they are adequately fueled for their journeys. Quality control measures are implemented to guarantee the safety and integrity of the fueling process.

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Cargo Services

To support the transportation of various types of cargo, Greater Kankakee Airport provides dedicated cargo services. These services encompass cargo handling, storage, and documentation, enabling the efficient movement of goods. The airport’s cargo services are equipped to handle a wide range of shipments, from perishable goods to oversized cargo, contributing to the efficient logistics operations at the airport.

Maintenance and Repair Services

Greater Kankakee Airport facilitates aircraft maintenance and repair services through its partnerships with reputable maintenance organizations. These services ensure that aircraft can be serviced and repaired promptly, minimizing downtime and enhancing the overall efficiency of the aviation industry. The airport’s commitment to maintenance and repair services further supports the safety and reliability of aircraft operations.

Environmental Considerations at Greater Kankakee Airport

Noise Pollution Measures

Greater Kankakee Airport recognizes the importance of minimizing noise pollution in the surrounding areas. The airport implements various measures to mitigate noise impacts, such as stringent operational guidelines, aircraft noise abatement procedures, and noise monitoring programs. By consistently monitoring and optimizing operations, the airport ensures that noise levels are kept within acceptable limits.

Waste Management

The airport prioritizes responsible waste management practices to minimize its environmental footprint. Greater Kankakee Airport adheres to proper waste segregation and recycling programs, where feasible, to reduce waste sent to landfills. Additionally, the airport promotes the use of environmentally friendly materials and encourages tenants and staff to adopt sustainable waste management practices.

Energy Efficiency Measures

Greater Kankakee Airport actively pursues energy efficiency measures to reduce its energy consumption and carbon footprint. This includes the use of energy-efficient lighting systems, heating, and cooling systems, as well as the integration of renewable energy sources, such as solar panels. The airport continuously evaluates its energy usage, seeking innovative solutions to optimize efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Wildlife and Habitat Protection Measures

Recognizing the importance of preserving wildlife and their habitats, Greater Kankakee Airport implements measures to protect local biodiversity. The airport works closely with environmental agencies and experts to ensure that any impact on wildlife and habitats is minimized. This includes habitat restoration projects, wildlife monitoring, and the implementation of strict guidelines to avoid disturbance to sensitive ecosystems.

Future Plans for Greater Kankakee Airport

Proposed Upgrades and Expansions

Greater Kankakee Airport has ambitious plans for upgrades and expansions to meet the growing demands of the aviation industry. These plans include the extension of runways to accommodate larger aircraft, the construction of additional terminal buildings to enhance passenger capacity, and the implementation of advanced technologies to improve operational efficiency. These future developments will further solidify Greater Kankakee Airport’s position as a premier aviation hub.

Technological Innovation Plans

To stay at the forefront of the aviation industry, Greater Kankakee Airport is committed to embracing technological innovations. Plans for the implementation of advanced systems, such as automated check-in processes, biometric screening, and smart infrastructure, aim to streamline operations and enhance the passenger experience. The airport recognizes the importance of staying technologically up-to-date to meet the evolving needs of travelers.

Partnership and Collaboration Opportunities

Greater Kankakee Airport actively seeks partnership and collaboration opportunities to foster growth and development. The airport is open to collaborations with airlines, businesses, and technology providers to enhance connectivity, promote economic development, and drive innovation. By fostering strong relationships and establishing strategic alliances, Greater Kankakee Airport aims to expand its reach and influence within the industry.

Greater Kankakee Airport in the Community

Community Engagement Initiatives

Greater Kankakee Airport is deeply rooted in the local community, and community engagement initiatives play a pivotal role in its operations. The airport actively participates in community events, sponsors local initiatives, and partners with community organizations to give back to the region. By engaging with the community, the airport fosters positive relationships and contributes to the overall well-being of the area.

Educational Programs

Understanding the importance of education, Greater Kankakee Airport invests in educational programs that inspire and educate the community. The airport collaborates with local schools, colleges, and vocational institutions to provide educational opportunities related to aviation. Through internships, workshops, and career fairs, Greater Kankakee Airport encourages students to pursue careers in aviation, fostering the next generation of aviation professionals.

Charity and Sponsorship Activities

Greater Kankakee Airport takes its corporate social responsibility seriously, actively supporting charitable causes and sponsorship activities. The airport partners with local charities, supporting initiatives that address community needs, such as healthcare, education, and environmental preservation. Through sponsorship of local events and organizations, Greater Kankakee Airport demonstrates its commitment to being a responsible community partner.

In conclusion, Greater Kankakee Airport stands as a vital transportation hub in the region, offering convenient access to major cities and fostering economic growth. With its modern facilities, robust flight operations, and commitment to security, the airport ensures a seamless travel experience for passengers. Embracing environmentally friendly practices and engaging with the community, Greater Kankakee Airport strives to be a responsible and sustainable aviation entity. Looking to the future, the airport’s plans for upgrades, technological innovation, and partnerships promise continued growth and development.