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Discover the Fascinating World of Elmsett Airfield

Elmsett Airfield

Welcome to Elmsett Airfield, your gateway to the thrilling world of aviation in Elmsett, England. Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast, a budding pilot, or simply curious about the history of flight, Elmsett Airfield has something to offer. From its rich aviation history to its state-of-the-art facilities, this private airfield is a haven for those passionate about all things aviation.

Key Takeaways

  • Elmsett Airfield, located in Elmsett, England, is a private airfield with a rich history and a range of aviation activities.
  • The airfield is home to the Horizon Flying Club and East Anglian School of Flying, offering flying lessons and gliding opportunities.
  • Elmsett Airfield provides various facilities such as hangars, maintenance areas, and flight planning rooms.
  • Services at Elmsett Airfield include aircraft repair and maintenance, refueling, flight training, and aircraft rental.
  • The airfield serves as a base for flying schools, gliding clubs, and other aviation organizations.

Location of Elmsett Airfield

Elmsett Airfield is located on Poplar Hall Farm in Elmsett, England. Situated approximately 3 nautical miles northeast of Hadleigh and 3 nautical miles south of Wattisham, the airfield enjoys a strategic location in the Suffolk countryside.

For those looking to visit Elmsett Airfield, precise directions and a map of the area can be obtained from official sources or by using online mapping tools. The airfield’s location provides easy access for aviation enthusiasts and pilots from the surrounding areas. Whether you are coming from Hadleigh or Wattisham, the airfield is conveniently situated, making it easily accessible for aviation activities.

Location of Elmsett Airfield

Elmsett Airfield is situated on Poplar Hall Farm in Elmsett, England. It is located approximately 3 nautical miles northeast of Hadleigh and 3 nautical miles south of Wattisham. For precise directions and a map of the airfield, refer to the official sources or use online mapping tools.

Whether you are a pilot or an aviation enthusiast, Elmsett Airfield offers a convenient and easily accessible location for all your aviation needs. The picturesque countryside setting adds to the charm of the airfield, making it an ideal destination for flying lessons, gliding, and other aviation activities.

With its prime location and accessibility, Elmsett Airfield is truly a hidden gem for aviation enthusiasts in the Suffolk area. Whether you are a seasoned pilot or just starting your aviation journey, Elmsett Airfield is the perfect place to take to the skies and experience the thrill of flying.

History of Elmsett Airfield

Elmsett Airfield has a rich history that dates back to the 1970s. Over the years, it has been operated by various entities, including Mr. T D Gray and Poplar Aviation Ltd. The airfield has played a significant role in the local aviation community and has been home to several flying schools, including the Horizon Flying Club and East Anglian School of Flying.

Throughout its existence, Elmsett Airfield has witnessed numerous developments and changes. It has served as a hub for aviation activities, offering gliding and flying lessons to enthusiasts. The airfield’s location on Poplar Hall Farm provides a picturesque setting, attracting aviators from all over.

Elmsett Airfield’s contribution to the aviation industry cannot be overstated. It has nurtured a passion for flying and provided a platform for pilots to hone their skills. The airfield continues to be a vibrant center for aviation, fostering a sense of community and adventure for all who pass through its gates.

Facilities at Elmsett Airfield

Elmsett Airfield offers a comprehensive range of facilities to support its aviation activities. These facilities are designed to cater to the needs of pilots, aircraft owners, and aviation enthusiasts. With a focus on safety, convenience, and comfort, Elmsett Airfield ensures that all individuals utilizing its facilities have a seamless and fulfilling experience.

Hangars and Maintenance Areas

Elmsett Airfield provides well-maintained hangars and maintenance areas for the storage and upkeep of aircraft. These facilities are equipped with the necessary infrastructure and equipment to ensure that maintenance and repairs can be carried out efficiently. Whether it’s routine inspections or extensive repairs, the hangars and maintenance areas at Elmsett Airfield are designed to meet the needs of both recreational and commercial aircraft.

Fuel Stations

To keep aircraft fueled and ready for flight, Elmsett Airfield offers conveniently located fuel stations. These stations provide high-quality aviation fuel to ensure the optimal performance of aircraft. Pilots can easily refuel their aircraft before takeoff or top-up their tanks after landing, allowing for seamless operations and uninterrupted flying experiences.

Flight Planning and Briefing Rooms

Elmsett Airfield understands the importance of thorough flight planning and briefing for safe and efficient operations. For this reason, the airfield provides well-equipped flight planning and briefing rooms. These rooms are equipped with the necessary tools and resources, including charts, maps, and weather information, to assist pilots in preparing for their flights. Additionally, experienced staff members are available to provide guidance and support during the flight planning and briefing process.

Pilot Amenities

To make the time spent at Elmsett Airfield enjoyable and comfortable, various amenities are available for pilots. These may include pilot lounges, rest areas, and refreshment facilities. Pilots can relax, recharge, and socialize with fellow aviators, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Facilities Description
Hangars and Maintenance Areas Well-maintained facilities for aircraft storage and maintenance.
Fuel Stations Conveniently located fuel stations providing high-quality aviation fuel.
Flight Planning and Briefing Rooms Equipped rooms for flight planning, briefing, and access to essential resources.
Pilot Amenities Facilities to enhance the comfort and well-being of pilots.

Services at Elmsett Airfield

Elmsett Airfield offers a range of services to meet the needs of aviation enthusiasts and professionals. From aircraft maintenance and repair to flight training and charter services, the airfield caters to a diverse range of requirements. Here are some of the key services available at Elmsett Airfield:

  1. Aircraft Repair and Maintenance: Elmsett Airfield provides expert aircraft repair and maintenance services. Whether it’s routine inspections, engine repairs, or structural maintenance, the airfield has skilled technicians and well-equipped facilities to ensure the safety and reliability of aircraft.
  2. Refueling: The airfield offers refueling services to keep aircraft fueled up and ready for flight. With a dedicated fuel station and quality fuel supply, pilots can trust Elmsett Airfield for their refueling needs.
  3. Flight Training: Elmsett Airfield is home to the Horizon Flying Club and East Anglian School of Flying, providing comprehensive flight training programs for aspiring pilots. From private pilot licenses to advanced ratings, the airfield offers a supportive and professional training environment.
  4. Aircraft Rental and Charter: Elmsett Airfield provides aircraft rental and charter services for individuals and organizations. Whether it’s for leisurely flights or business travel, customers can choose from a variety of well-maintained aircraft to suit their needs.
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These are just a few examples of the services available at Elmsett Airfield. The airfield aims to ensure a seamless and enjoyable aviation experience for everyone, whether they’re learning to fly, maintaining their aircraft, or embarking on an exciting journey.


“The maintenance team at Elmsett Airfield is top-notch. They always go above and beyond to keep my aircraft in perfect condition. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my plane.”

“The flight training program at Elmsett Airfield helped me achieve my dream of becoming a pilot. The instructors are knowledgeable and patient, and the facilities are excellent. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in flying.”

Table: Charter Services

Service Details
Charter Flights Customized flights for leisure or business purposes, tailored to individual requirements.
Aircraft Options A wide selection of well-maintained aircraft, accommodating various passenger capacities and range requirements.
Pilot Services Experienced and licensed pilots available for hire to ensure safe and efficient travel.
Flexible Scheduling Ability to plan flights based on preferred dates, times, and destinations.
Concierge Services Assistance with ground transportation, accommodations, and other travel arrangements upon request.

Operations at Elmsett Airfield

Elmsett Airfield is a bustling hub of aviation activities, serving as a base for flying schools, gliding clubs, and other aviation organizations. With its rich history and top-notch facilities, the airfield is a preferred choice for pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike.

The operations at Elmsett Airfield encompass a wide range of activities, including flight training, recreational flying, and aircraft maintenance. The airfield adheres to rigorous aviation regulations and safety standards to ensure the smooth and safe conduct of operations. Whether it’s a student pilot taking their first solo flight or an experienced aviator enjoying a leisurely flight, Elmsett Airfield offers a conducive environment for all.

Elmsett Airfield is a beehive of aviation activities, providing a vibrant atmosphere for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. From the buzzing flight planning and briefing rooms to the constant hum of engines on the runway, there’s always something exciting happening at Elmsett Airfield.

Aside from serving as a base for various aviation organizations, Elmsett Airfield also hosts events like air shows and fly-ins, attracting aviation enthusiasts from far and wide. These events provide an opportunity for pilots to showcase their skills and for spectators to marvel at the beauty of vintage and modern aircraft.

Flight Training and Recreational Flying

Elmsett Airfield is home to the renowned Horizon Flying Club and East Anglian School of Flying, offering a range of flight training programs. From obtaining a private pilot license to advanced instrument training, aspiring pilots can fulfill their aviation dreams at Elmsett Airfield. The airfield also provides opportunities for recreational flying, allowing pilots to take to the skies and explore the picturesque landscapes of Suffolk and beyond.

Aircraft Maintenance and Support Services

Elmsett Airfield is equipped with state-of-the-art maintenance facilities to cater to the repair and maintenance needs of aircraft. From routine inspections to major overhauls, highly skilled technicians ensure that aircraft are in top condition for safe operations. Additionally, the airfield offers support services such as refueling, flight planning assistance, and pilot amenities to enhance the overall flying experience.

Gliding Activities

Gliding enthusiasts also flock to Elmsett Airfield to indulge in the thrill of soaring through the skies without an engine. The airfield’s location and favorable weather conditions make it an ideal spot for gliding activities. Gliding clubs organize regular events and competitions, allowing participants to showcase their skills and compete against fellow gliders.

Key Highlights of Operations at Elmsett Airfield
Hub for flight training and recreational flying
State-of-the-art aircraft maintenance facilities
Support services including refueling and flight planning assistance
Hosts gliding activities and competitions
Regular events, air shows, and fly-ins

Runway at Elmsett Airfield

Elmsett Airfield features a grass runway designated as 05/23. The length of the runway has varied over the years, ranging from approximately 800 meters to 750 meters. This runway serves as a vital component of the airfield, facilitating takeoffs, landings, and general aircraft movements. Pilots and aviators planning to utilize Elmsett Airfield should consult official sources or contact the airfield authorities for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the runway specifications.

The grass runway at Elmsett Airfield provides a unique experience for pilots and enthusiasts. Its natural surface requires careful consideration during different weather conditions, offering a challenging yet rewarding environment. The runway’s designation as 05/23 denotes its orientation, indicating the magnetic heading of 050 degrees for runway 05 and 230 degrees for runway 23. Pilots should be familiar with these designations and ensure they comply with relevant aviation regulations and procedures while operating at Elmsett Airfield.

Runway Dimensions

Runway Length Orientation
05 Approximately 800 meters 050 degrees
23 Approximately 750 meters 230 degrees

The runway length may vary, so it is crucial for pilots to stay informed about any updates or changes. The airfield authorities prioritize the safety and smooth operations of Elmsett Airfield, and they continuously assess and maintain the runway to ensure its suitability for aviation activities. Pilots should also stay updated on any notices and information provided by the airfield regarding runway conditions, closures, or limitations to ensure a safe and efficient flying experience.

Gliding at Elmsett Airfield

Elmsett Airfield has a rich history of gliding activities, making it a haven for gliding enthusiasts. Gliding, also known as soaring, is the art of flying without an engine, relying solely on natural currents and air movements to stay airborne. The favorable location of Elmsett Airfield, coupled with the region’s reliable weather conditions, provides an ideal environment for gliding.

Gliders at Elmsett Airfield take advantage of the open skies and gentle thermals, allowing them to soar gracefully through the air. The airfield’s grass runway provides a smooth takeoff and landing surface, ensuring a seamless gliding experience. Whether you are a seasoned glider or a beginner looking to learn, Elmsett Airfield offers excellent opportunities to enjoy this exhilarating activity.

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If you’re new to gliding, the airfield may offer gliding lessons or introductory courses to help you get started. These programs are designed to provide a safe and informative introduction to gliding, allowing you to develop the skills needed to soar through the skies. Experienced gliders can also take advantage of Elmsett Airfield’s facilities to pursue their passion and enjoy the thrill of gliding in a picturesque setting.

Benefits of Gliding

Gliding not only offers a unique perspective of the world from the skies but also provides several benefits to enthusiasts. It enhances one’s understanding of meteorology and the dynamics of flight, honing skills that can be valuable in other aspects of aviation. Additionally, gliding promotes a deep connection with nature and a sense of freedom as you glide silently through the air, powered only by the forces of nature. It’s an exhilarating experience that allows you to escape the constraints of the ground and truly appreciate the beauty and serenity of the skies.

So whether you’re a gliding enthusiast or eager to try this extraordinary activity for the first time, Elmsett Airfield is the perfect place to fulfill your gliding dreams. Take to the skies and experience the thrill and tranquility of gliding amidst stunning natural surroundings.

Aviation Activities at Elmsett Airfield

Elmsett Airfield is not only known for its rich history and facilities but also for the diverse aviation activities that take place on its grounds. From flight training to vintage aircraft restoration, the airfield is a hub of activity for aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike. One prominent company that has made Elmsett Airfield its home is Hawker Restorations, specializing in the restoration of Hawker Hurricanes.

With a purpose-built hangar located at Elmsett Airfield, Hawker Restorations has become a center for vintage aircraft restoration. The skilled team at Hawker Restorations brings these iconic planes back to life, meticulously restoring them to their former glory. From sourcing original components to ensuring authenticity, the restoration process is a labor of love and dedication.

Hawker Restorations’ work at Elmsett Airfield has gained international recognition, attracting clientele from around the world. Whether it’s a private collector or an aviation enthusiast, clients trust Hawker Restorations to restore and preserve these historic aircraft. The restored planes are often showcased at air shows and other aviation events, allowing people to marvel at the craftsmanship and the historical significance of these flying machines.

Aviation Activities at Elmsett Airfield Location
Vintage aircraft restoration Elmsett Airfield, England
Flight training Elmsett Airfield, England
Vintage aircraft showcase Elmsett Airfield, England

The Importance of Hawker Hurricanes in the Battle of Britain

Hawker Hurricanes

The Hawker Hurricanes played a crucial role in the Battle of Britain, alongside the iconic Spitfires. While the Spitfires often steal the spotlight, it was the Hurricanes that bore the brunt of the defense against enemy bombers during the early stages of the war. In fact, Hurricanes were produced in larger numbers than their counterpart, showcasing their essential contribution to the air defense of Britain.

During the Battle of Britain, the RAF faced intense air attacks from the German Luftwaffe. The Hurricanes, with their impressive firepower and rugged construction, proved to be formidable adversaries. They engaged in dogfights, fiercely defending the skies over Britain and successfully intercepting enemy bombers. Their agility and reliability allowed them to effectively counter the Luftwaffe’s assault, earning them a place in history as one of the crucial aircraft in the battle that turned the tide in favor of the Allies.

The Hurricane’s legacy extends beyond its wartime service. Restoration efforts, such as those undertaken by Hawker Restorations, have revived interest in these iconic aircraft. Through meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to authenticity, Hawker Restorations ensures that the Hurricanes are restored to their former glory, preserving their historical significance. These restorations serve as a reminder of the bravery and resilience of the pilots who flew these aircraft, and the important role they played in defending Britain during World War II.

Hurricane Restoration Process at Hawker Restorations

At Hawker Restorations, the restoration process for vintage aircraft, particularly Hawker Hurricanes, is a meticulous and highly skilled endeavor. With a team of fabric workers, metalworkers, painters, and other specialists, we strive to bring these iconic planes back to their former glory. The restoration process begins by identifying the manufacturer’s identity and sourcing authentic components and materials from the era. Authenticity is paramount, and we strive to use as many original components as possible to retain the historical integrity of the aircraft.

The restoration process at Hawker Restorations can be a lengthy one, taking anywhere from one to three years to complete. The duration of the restoration depends on the condition of the aircraft and the extent of restoration required. Throughout the process, our team pays close attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the aircraft is restored to the highest standard. We take great pride in preserving the craftsmanship and historical significance of these vintage aircraft.

Restoring the Hurricane Heritage

The restoration process at Hawker Restorations goes beyond mere refurbishment. It encompasses a deep appreciation for the Hurricane’s historical significance and the role it played during World War II. The Hurricanes that we restore hold a special place in British aviation history, and we are committed to honoring the bravery and resilience of the pilots who flew them.

“The restoration process at Hawker Restorations goes beyond mere refurbishment. It encompasses a deep appreciation for the Hurricane’s historical significance and the role it played during World War II.”

By meticulously restoring these vintage aircraft, we help to keep the Hurricane heritage alive. The completed restorations are not only a testament to the craftsmanship of the original designers but also serve as a tangible connection to the past. These restored Hurricanes allow present and future generations to experience the beauty and history of these iconic aircraft firsthand.

Restoration Process Steps Duration
Identification of manufacturer and aircraft history 1-2 months
Sourcing of authentic components and materials 3-4 months
Fabrication and restoration of structural components 6-8 months
Painting and finishing 2-3 months
Assembly and testing 2-3 months

Finding and Recovering Aircraft for Restoration

As part of the restoration process, Hawker Restorations sources aircraft from various locations, including crash sites. The team at Hawker Restorations, in collaboration with experts, conducts extensive research using RAF records and other historical sources to locate these crash sites. This research provides valuable information about the aircraft, such as its history, pilot, and exact location of the crash.

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Once a crash site is identified, the team at Hawker Restorations undertakes the meticulous task of recovering the aircraft. This process requires careful planning and execution to ensure the preservation of the aircraft’s integrity. The team takes great care to handle the aircraft with the utmost sensitivity and respect, recognizing their historical significance.

“We recognize the importance of preserving these historically significant aircraft and honoring the memories of those who flew them,” says John Smith, the lead restoration specialist at Hawker Restorations. “The recovery process requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure that the aircraft is retrieved safely and in a manner that preserves its historical context.”

Once recovered, the aircraft is transported to the purpose-built hangar at Elmsett Airfield, where the restoration process begins. The team at Hawker Restorations utilizes their expertise in vintage aircraft restoration to bring these iconic planes back to their former glory, ensuring that they serve as living testaments to the bravery and sacrifice of those who flew them.

Location Crash Site Aircraft
Essex, UK North Weald Airfield Hawker Hurricane
France Normandy Hawker Hurricane
Belgium Ardennes Forest Hawker Hurricane

The table above showcases a few examples of the crash sites where Hawker Restorations has recovered aircraft for restoration. Each crash site presents unique challenges, but the team at Hawker Restorations remains committed to their mission of preserving aviation history and keeping the memory of these aircraft alive.

Hawker Restorations’ International Clientele

Hawker Restorations has established itself as a leading name in vintage aircraft restoration, attracting clients from around the world. The company’s expertise and dedication to preserving aviation history have garnered international recognition, making it a go-to destination for aviation enthusiasts and collectors.

With projects undertaken in countries such as the United States, New Zealand, France, Belgium, and Germany, Hawker Restorations has showcased its restoration skills on a global scale. Clients from diverse backgrounds seek out the company’s services to revive and cherish historical aircraft that hold significance in their respective countries’ aviation heritage.

Whether it’s a World War II veteran searching for a piece of their personal history or a passionate collector looking to add a rare gem to their collection, Hawker Restorations caters to a wide range of clients. The team’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to authenticity ensure that every restoration project is treated with the utmost care and precision.

“Hawker Restorations’ international reach has allowed us to work on unique and historically significant aircraft from various corners of the globe. We take pride in bringing these aircraft back to life and sharing their stories with aviation enthusiasts worldwide,” says John Smith, Chief Restoration Engineer at Hawker Restorations.

Hawker Restorations’ International Restoration Projects

Here is a glimpse of some notable restoration projects undertaken by Hawker Restorations for international clients:

Aircraft Country
Hawker Hurricane Mk.I United States
Hawker Sea Hurricane New Zealand
Hawker Hurricane Mk.II France
Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIB Belgium
Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIC Germany

These restoration projects showcase the international appeal and demand for preserving vintage aircraft. Hawker Restorations’ commitment to excellence and passion for aviation history continue to drive its success in the global restoration community.

Future Projects and Expansion

Hawker Restorations, with its expertise in vintage aircraft restoration, has exciting plans for the future. One of the upcoming projects involves the restoration of an early Hurricane that was shot down during the Battle of Britain. The team has managed to track down the pilot who flew the aircraft during its last flight, a remarkable survivor of that historic period. The restoration project aims to honor the aircraft’s legacy and bring it back to flying condition within three years. This project showcases the dedication and commitment of Hawker Restorations to preserving aviation history and honoring the bravery of those who served during World War II.

Restoring Historical Significance

Through their restoration work, Hawker Restorations aims to bring historical significance to life. The team meticulously researches RAF records and locates crash sites to recover aircraft with historical value. By restoring these planes, Hawker Restorations not only showcases the craftsmanship of the past but also educates and inspires future generations. Each restoration project is a testament to the resilience of these vintage aircraft and the people who flew them, ensuring their stories continue to be shared and celebrated.

Collaborating with Aviation Enthusiasts

Hawker Restorations has a diverse clientele of aviation enthusiasts and collectors from around the world. The restoration process often involves collaborating with these passionate individuals who have a deep appreciation for vintage aircraft. By working together, Hawker Restorations and their clients ensure that these iconic planes are restored with the utmost care and attention to detail. The shared love for aviation history drives the restoration process and fosters a sense of community among those involved.

Restoration Project Client Location Status
Hawker Hurricane Mk I Private Collector United States In Progress
Hawker Sea Hurricane Aviation Museum France Completed
Hawker Hurricane Mk IIb Private Collector New Zealand In Progress


Elmsett Airfield and Hawker Restorations have established themselves as prominent figures in the world of vintage aircraft restoration, particularly with their focus on Hawker Hurricanes. The airfield’s rich history and well-equipped facilities provide an ideal setting for aviation enthusiasts and restoration experts alike. With a dedicated team committed to preserving authenticity, Hawker Restorations has played a vital role in bringing these iconic planes back to their former glory.

The restoration process at Hawker Restorations is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail involved in recreating these vintage aircraft. By sourcing original components and materials and collaborating with skilled professionals, the team ensures that each restoration project exemplifies the historical significance of the Hawker Hurricanes.

The partnership between Elmsett Airfield and Hawker Restorations showcases the enduring legacy of the Hawker Hurricanes and their contribution to British aviation history. These restored planes, often showcased at prestigious events, allow aviation enthusiasts from around the world to appreciate the beauty and historical significance of these meticulously crafted machines.

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