Cable Airport

Imagine stepping into a world where aviation history intertwines with modern-day air travel, creating an extraordinary experience for aviation enthusiasts. That world is Cable Airport. Nestled in the heart of Southern California, Cable Airport boasts a rich heritage dating back to 1945, making it one of the oldest operating airports in the state. With its welcoming atmosphere and commitment to preserving its legacy, Cable Airport invites you to embark on a journey like no other, where the past and present seamlessly come together, igniting a passion for flight in all who visit.

History of Cable Airport

Cable Airport, located in Upland, California, has a rich and fascinating history that spans over eight decades. Its foundation dates back to 1945, when Dewey Cable, a prominent aviation enthusiast and entrepreneur, purchased a large tract of land with the dream of creating his own private airport. He envisioned a place where aviation enthusiasts could gather, learn, and experience the thrill of flight.

Cable Airport’s foundation

With unwavering determination, Dewey Cable transformed the land into what is now known as Cable Airport. He built the airport from the ground up, constructing runways, hangars, and other facilities. The airport quickly gained popularity and became a hub for aviation enthusiasts in the area.

Notable milestones in its history

Over the years, Cable Airport has achieved numerous milestones that have shaped its identity and significance in the aviation community. In 1965, the airport obtained its official designation as Cable Airport, making it a recognized aviation facility. In the following decades, the airport underwent several expansions and upgrades to accommodate the growing number of aircraft and passengers.

One of the most notable milestones in the history of Cable Airport was the establishment of the Cable Airshow in 1973. The airshow became an annual tradition, attracting aviation enthusiasts from all over the country. It showcased thrilling aerobatic performances, vintage aircraft displays, and provided a platform for aviation enthusiasts to connect and share their passion.

Geographical Location and Layout

Location of Cable Airport

Cable Airport is conveniently situated in Upland, California, just 40 miles east of Los Angeles. Its strategic location allows for easy access to major highways and transportation routes, making it an ideal destination for pilots and passengers alike. The airport’s proximity to urban centers, yet its serene surroundings, provide a unique and enjoyable aviation experience.

Description of the layout and runways

Cable Airport boasts a spacious and well-designed layout that caters to the needs of various aircraft. It features three meticulously maintained runways, each varying in length to accommodate different types of aircraft. The primary runway measures 3,300 feet, while the secondary runways are 2,800 and 2,500 feet, respectively.

The airport’s layout also includes a network of taxiways and ample parking space for both visiting and resident aircraft. The well-defined layout ensures efficient and safe navigation for pilots, contributing to the overall operational excellence of the airport.

Operations at Cable Airport

Types of aircraft operating at Cable Airport

Cable Airport serves as a home base for a diverse range of aircraft. From single-engine propeller planes to small business jets, the airport accommodates a wide variety of aviation enthusiasts and professionals. The airport has fostered a thriving aviation community, attracting tenants who own and operate aircraft of all sizes and capabilities.

Frequency and volume of flights

The frequency and volume of flights at Cable Airport vary depending on the day and time of year. On a typical day, there are numerous flight operations, with a steady flow of takeoffs and landings. The airport sees heightened activity during weekends and special events, such as the annual Cable Airshow, when the number of flights substantially increases.

Operating hours

Cable Airport operates from dawn till dusk, ensuring a safe and secure aviation environment for all pilots and passengers. The airport strictly adheres to these operating hours to comply with federal regulations and prioritize the well-being of the aviation community.

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Cable Airport’s Structure and Facilities

Physical buildings and infrastructure

Cable Airport is comprised of several physical buildings and infrastructure that contribute to its smooth and efficient operation. The main terminal building serves as the central hub for passengers, offering amenities such as waiting areas, restrooms, and flight planning facilities.

Additionally, there are numerous hangars and storage facilities available for aircraft owners to house their planes securely. These buildings are meticulously maintained and provide a sense of community for the pilots and aviation enthusiasts who utilize them.

Various facilities available

Cable Airport boasts a range of facilities designed to cater to the needs of pilots, passengers, and visitors. These facilities include fueling services, on-site restaurants and cafes, avionics shops, and flight planning services. The airport strives to ensure that all individuals utilizing its facilities have a comfortable and convenient experience.

Maintenance facilities

Cable Airport is well-equipped with maintenance facilities to provide essential services to aircraft owners and operators. These facilities offer routine maintenance, repairs, and inspections to ensure the safety and reliability of the aircraft utilizing the airport’s services. Additionally, there are qualified mechanics and technicians available to assist with any aviation-related concerns.

Services at Cable Airport

Flight training services

Cable Airport is widely recognized as a premier location for flight training. The airport offers a range of flight training programs for both aspiring pilots and experienced aviators looking to enhance their skills. These programs are designed to align with industry standards and are conducted by highly qualified flight instructors.

Maintenance services

In addition to flight training, Cable Airport provides comprehensive maintenance services for aircraft owners. From routine inspections to major repairs, the airport’s maintenance facilities are equipped to handle a variety of maintenance needs. Pilots can have peace of mind knowing that their aircraft will receive expert care and attention at Cable Airport.

Other services and amenities for passengers

Cable Airport goes above and beyond to ensure that passengers have a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Passengers can take advantage of services such as car rental facilities, catering options, and transportation services to nearby hotels. The airport’s customer-centric approach aims to provide a seamless journey for all individuals utilizing its services.

Economic Impact of Cable Airport

Direct economic benefits

Cable Airport plays a significant role in driving economic growth and development in the local community. The airport directly contributes to the local economy through job creation and the generation of revenue from various services, including fuel sales, hangar rentals, and aircraft maintenance.

Indirect benefits to the local community

In addition to its direct economic impact, Cable Airport provides indirect benefits to the local community. The airport attracts visitors from near and far, in turn boosting tourism and revenue for local businesses. The increased foot traffic and activity stimulated by the airport’s operations contribute to a vibrant and thriving local economy.

Job creation

Cable Airport serves as a source of employment for many individuals in the surrounding area. From flight instructors and maintenance technicians to administrative staff and restaurant employees, the airport creates a wide range of job opportunities. These employment opportunities not only provide financial stability but also contribute to the growth and prosperity of the local workforce.

Safety Measures at Cable Airport

Safety protocols

Cable Airport places paramount importance on safety and follows stringent protocols to ensure the well-being of everyone utilizing its services. The airport adheres to all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, conducts regular safety inspections, and implements industry-best practices.

Emergency services

The airport is equipped with comprehensive emergency services to handle any unforeseen circumstances. Trained professionals, including firefighters and emergency medical technicians, are readily available to provide assistance in case of emergencies. The airport’s commitment to safety is further reinforced by its regular emergency response drills and training exercises.

Measures for weather-related events

Cable Airport actively monitors weather conditions and takes appropriate measures to ensure the safety of all individuals and aircraft on the premises. The airport has established protocols for severe weather events and promptly communicates any necessary changes or restrictions to pilots and airport personnel. These measures help mitigate risks associated with adverse weather conditions, ensuring the highest level of safety for all.

Annual Events at Cable Airport

Cable Airshow

One of the most anticipated events at Cable Airport is the annual Cable Airshow. This thrilling event attracts aviation enthusiasts from far and wide, offering a unique opportunity to witness breathtaking aerobatic displays, historic aircraft showcases, and interactive aviation exhibits. The Cable Airshow is a true celebration of flight and a testament to the airport’s commitment to promoting aviation in the community.

Other notable events and gatherings

In addition to the Cable Airshow, Cable Airport hosts various other notable events and gatherings throughout the year. These events range from aviation industry tradeshows to community celebrations and charity fundraisers. Each event brings together individuals who share a common passion for aviation, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

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Environmental Considerations at Cable Airport

Noise management

Cable Airport is dedicated to minimizing its impact on the surrounding environment, particularly regarding noise pollution. The airport adheres to strict noise abatement procedures, including curfews and flight paths designed to mitigate noise disturbances. By implementing these measures, Cable Airport strives to maintain a harmonious relationship with the neighboring community.

Pollution controls

Cable Airport takes proactive measures to minimize pollution and maintain the environmental integrity of its surroundings. The airport adheres to all environmental regulations and continuously evaluates its operations to identify areas for improvement. Efforts are made to conserve energy, reduce waste generation, and promote sustainable practices throughout the airport.

Wildlife management

Cable Airport places great emphasis on wildlife management to ensure the safety of all individuals operating within its vicinity. The airport employs various techniques to deter wildlife from entering the operational areas, including the use of sound devices and habitat modification. Measures are also taken to protect local species and maintain the natural habitat surrounding the airport.

Future Plans for Cable Airport

Planned improvements and expansions

Cable Airport has an ambitious vision for the future, with plans for ongoing improvements and expansions. These include the modernization of infrastructure, expansion of hangar facilities, and upgrades to the terminal building. The airport is committed to providing state-of-the-art facilities and services to meet the evolving needs of the aviation industry.

Proposed changes to operations

Cable Airport continually evaluates its operations and considers proposed changes to enhance efficiency and safety. These changes may include updates to air traffic control procedures, the implementation of new technologies, or adjustments to operating hours to better serve the aviation community. Such proposals are carefully assessed and implemented with the utmost consideration for safety and the needs of the airport’s stakeholders.

Long-term vision for Cable Airport

Looking ahead, Cable Airport’s long-term vision centers around fostering a vibrant and inclusive aviation community while prioritizing safety and sustainability. The airport aims to continue being a leading hub for flight training, aircraft maintenance, and aviation events. By embracing innovation and collaboration, Cable Airport is poised to elevate the aviation experience for generations to come.