Brookhaven Airport

Are you ready to take flight at Brookhaven Airport? Located in the heart of New York State, this bustling airport offers a gateway to thrilling adventures and convenient travel options. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time flyer, Brookhaven Airport has everything you need to make your journey smooth and enjoyable. From its well-maintained facilities to its friendly and knowledgeable staff, this airport is the perfect starting point for your next adventure. So pack your bags, and get ready to experience the excitement of Brookhaven Airport firsthand.

Brookhaven Airport

Overview of Brookhaven Airport

Brookhaven Airport, located in Shirley, New York, is a bustling transportation hub that serves several key functions for the region. As the largest general aviation airport in Suffolk County, it plays a crucial role in providing essential services to both the local community and various industries. From its strategic location to its impressive infrastructure, Brookhaven Airport has become a vital lifeline for those in need of air travel.

Location of the airport

Situated on approximately 1,300 acres of land, Brookhaven Airport nestles in the heart of eastern Long Island. Its prime location places it within close proximity to major highways, making it easily accessible to residents from both the north and south shores. Positioned in Shirley, just a short drive from popular nearby towns such as Patchogue and Bellport, the airport offers convenient access to travelers within the area.

Ownership and management

Brookhaven Airport is owned by the Town of Brookhaven and managed by the Brookhaven Airport Management Office. With a dedicated team overseeing its operations and development, the airport consistently strives to provide the highest level of service and safety to its users. The management office works closely with various aviation organizations and regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Size and area of the airport

As the largest general aviation airport in Suffolk County, Brookhaven Airport encompasses an impressive expanse of approximately 1,300 acres. This extensive area allows for the operation of multiple runways and facilities, accommodating a wide range of aircraft sizes and types. With its vast size, the airport is well-equipped to handle the demands of both local and transient air traffic.

Primary use of the airport

Brookhaven Airport primarily serves as a general aviation facility, catering to private and corporate aircraft, flight schools, and other aviation-related businesses. This focus on general aviation allows the airport to meet the diverse needs of pilots and aircraft owners, fostering a vibrant and active aviation community within the region. The airport also serves as an essential transportation hub for medical flights, search and rescue operations, and various government agencies.

Historical Background


Brookhaven Airport has a rich history that dates back to its establishment in 1946. Initially used as a training facility for World War II pilots, the airport quickly evolved into a prominent general aviation facility after the war. Over the years, the airport has witnessed significant growth and development, adapting to the changing needs of the aviation industry and the local community.

Major events and incidents

Throughout its history, Brookhaven Airport has been the site of notable events and incidents. In 1947, the airport hosted the prestigious National Air-Races, attracting aviation enthusiasts from across the country. Additionally, the airport has served as a crucial staging ground for disaster relief efforts, with aircraft conducting humanitarian missions during natural disasters and emergency situations.

Development and expansions over the years

Since its establishment, Brookhaven Airport has continually undergone development and expansion projects to enhance its facilities and meet growing demand. Notable improvements include the extension of runways to accommodate larger aircraft, the construction of state-of-the-art terminals and hangars, and the installation of modern navigational aids. These investments have solidified Brookhaven Airport’s position as a premier general aviation facility.

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Brookhaven Airport boasts multiple runways that cater to the diverse needs of aircraft operators. The airport currently operates three runways: Runway 6/24, measuring 5,006 feet in length, Runway 15/33, measuring 4,211 feet in length, and Runway 15L/33R, measuring 3,217 feet in length. These well-maintained runways, coupled with advanced lighting and navigation systems, ensure safe and efficient operations at all times.


The airport features modern and well-equipped terminals that provide essential amenities to passengers and crew members. These terminals offer comfortable waiting areas, ticketing and check-in services, as well as food and beverage options. Passengers can enjoy a smooth and seamless travel experience while waiting for their flights at Brookhaven Airport’s terminals.


Brookhaven Airport boasts a variety of hangars that cater to the storage and maintenance needs of aircraft owners and operators. These state-of-the-art hangars provide ample space for the protection of aircraft from the elements and offer convenient access to maintenance and repair services. Whether for private jets or small personal aircraft, Brookhaven Airport offers hangar options to suit various aircraft sizes and needs.

Control tower

The airport’s control tower serves as the nerve center of air traffic management, ensuring the safe and efficient movement of aircraft within the airport’s airspace. Equipped with advanced radar and communication systems, highly trained air traffic controllers diligently monitor and direct aircraft, facilitating smooth operations and minimizing the risk of incidents.

Other facilities

In addition to its primary infrastructure, Brookhaven Airport boasts a range of supporting facilities. These include fueling stations to accommodate the refueling needs of aircraft, as well as rental car services for the convenience of passengers and crew members. The airport also provides ample parking facilities for those commuting to and from the airport.

Air Traffic

Commercial flights

While primarily serving general aviation, Brookhaven Airport does cater to a limited number of commercial flights. These flights provide essential connectivity to regional destinations and offer convenient options for travelers departing from or arriving in the vicinity. Passengers can enjoy the benefits of reduced travel times and convenient access to popular destinations.

Private aviation

Brookhaven Airport is a popular choice for private aviation due to its focus on general aviation services. The airport offers an array of services tailored to meet the unique needs of private aircraft owners, including hangar rentals, fueling services, and ground handling assistance. With its well-maintained facilities and attentive staff, the airport provides a seamless and enjoyable experience for private aviation users.

Frequency and volume of air traffic

Brookhaven Airport experiences a steady volume of air traffic throughout the year, reflecting the airport’s significance within the region. On any given day, a diverse range of aircraft, including helicopters, small personal aircraft, and corporate jets, can be seen taking off and landing at the airport. The frequency of air traffic remains manageable, allowing for efficient operations and minimal congestion.

Most popular destinations

While the airport serves a range of destinations, some routes prove to be particularly popular among travelers. The Hamptons, a renowned vacation spot for New Yorkers, ranks high among the preferred destinations for Brookhaven Airport passengers. Additionally, the airport offers convenient access to nearby cities such as New York City and Montauk, providing travelers with a quick and hassle-free way to reach their desired locations.

Brookhaven Airport

Airlines and Destinations

Airlines operating

Brookhaven Airport hosts a handful of airlines that provide services to both domestic and international destinations. These airlines offer a variety of flight options, ensuring passengers have a choice when planning their travel itineraries. Examples of airlines operating at Brookhaven Airport include Air East, Flyby Air, and Skylink Airways.

Domestic destinations

With its strategic location, Brookhaven Airport serves as a gateway to numerous domestic destinations. Passengers can choose from direct flights to popular destinations such as Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and Cape Cod, offering convenient access to coastal getaways for vacationers and business travelers alike.

International destinations

While primarily focused on domestic flights, Brookhaven Airport does facilitate international travel through select airlines. Travelers can enjoy the convenience of direct flights to international destinations such as Toronto in Canada and the Caribbean islands. These international flights provide additional options for those seeking to explore destinations outside of the United States.

Charter services

Brookhaven Airport is popular among charter service providers, offering customers the opportunity to experience tailored travel experiences. Private charter flights offer flexibility in scheduling and allow passengers to customize their itineraries according to their preferences. Whether for business or leisure travel, charter services from Brookhaven Airport provide a seamless and luxurious air travel experience.

Economic Impact


Brookhaven Airport serves as a significant source of employment within the local community. The airport’s operations result in the direct employment of a substantial number of individuals, ranging from pilots and air traffic controllers to maintenance technicians and customer service personnel. Moreover, the airport’s activity also generates employment indirectly through various supporting industries such as hospitality, transportation, and retail.

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Revenue generation

With its diverse range of services and facilities, Brookhaven Airport generates substantial revenue through various channels. Revenues generated primarily come from landing fees, fuel sales, hangar rentals, and other aviation-related fees. This revenue not only supports the airport’s ongoing operations and maintenance but also contributes to the local economy through tax revenue and economic growth.

Role in local and regional economy

Brookhaven Airport plays a vital role in the local and regional economy. Its operations support several industries, including aviation-related businesses, tourism, and hospitality. The airport’s presence contributes to the growth of nearby communities by attracting visitors and businesses, creating job opportunities, and stimulating economic development. Additionally, the airport’s accessibility enhances connectivity and facilitates trade and commerce within the region.

Future economic prospects

Looking ahead, Brookhaven Airport is poised to continue its positive economic impact on the local and regional economy. As the aviation industry evolves and demand for air travel increases, the airport is well-positioned to capitalize on these opportunities. By leveraging its strategic location and investing in infrastructure improvements, the airport can attract new businesses and further enhance its role as an economic driver in the region.

Brookhaven Airport

Safety and Security

Safety measures

Safety remains a top priority at Brookhaven Airport, with stringent measures in place to ensure the well-being of all users. The airport adheres to rigorous maintenance protocols for runways, terminals, and other facilities, keeping them in optimal condition. Regular training programs for staff members, including air traffic controllers, maintenance personnel, and security staff, aim to uphold the highest safety standards and mitigate potential risks.

Incidents and accident management

In the rare event of an incident or accident, Brookhaven Airport’s emergency response team is well-prepared to handle the situation efficiently and effectively. The airport maintains close partnerships with local emergency services, ensuring a coordinated and swift response. Regular drills and exercises further enhance the airport’s emergency preparedness, equipping staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to respond to any potential scenario.

Security personnel and measures

Brookhaven Airport prioritizes security to provide a safe environment for all airport users. Trained security personnel are stationed throughout the airport, ensuring the enforcement of security protocols and maintaining a vigilant presence. Advanced surveillance systems, including CCTV cameras and access control systems, are in place to monitor and secure key areas of the airport.

Partnerships with law enforcement agencies

Brookhaven Airport collaborates closely with local law enforcement agencies to maintain a high level of security. These partnerships enable the airport to benefit from the expertise and resources of law enforcement professionals, further enhancing the protection of passengers, airport personnel, and airport facilities. Joint exercises and information sharing enhance the airport’s security posture and preparedness.

Environmental Commitment

Efforts for reducing carbon footprint

Brookhaven Airport recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability and takes steps to minimize its carbon footprint. The airport actively promotes the use of energy-efficient technologies and practices, such as LED lighting, solar power generation, and electric vehicle charging stations. By reducing energy consumption and reliance on traditional fossil fuels, the airport contributes to the preservation of the environment and supports a greener future.

Waste Management

Brookhaven Airport has implemented comprehensive waste management practices to minimize its environmental impact. Recycling initiatives are in place throughout the airport, encouraging the proper disposal and recycling of waste materials. Additionally, the airport works closely with waste management partners to dispose of non-recyclable waste responsibly, reducing the overall environmental footprint of its operations.

Noise pollution measures

As a responsible member of the community, Brookhaven Airport actively endeavors to mitigate noise pollution caused by aircraft operations. The airport adheres to strict flight path guidelines and noise abatement procedures to minimize noise disturbances to neighboring residential areas. Ongoing efforts, such as the promotion of modern aircraft technologies that produce less noise, further contribute to noise reduction initiatives.

Conservation initiatives

Brookhaven Airport values the natural environment and actively supports conservation initiatives. The airport has set aside designated areas of its expansive land for habitat preservation and wildlife conservation. These efforts contribute to the protection of local ecosystems, ensuring the coexistence of the airport and the natural surroundings. In collaboration with environmental organizations, the airport also participates in educational programs that raise awareness of the importance of environmental conservation among its users and the wider community.

Brookhaven Airport

Community Involvement

Airport’s role in the community

Brookhaven Airport plays an active role in the local community, engaging with residents and supporting various community initiatives. The airport serves as a valuable resource for emergency services, enabling swift response during natural disasters and other emergencies. Brookhaven Airport also collaborates with local schools and educational institutions, offering tours and internship opportunities to students interested in aviation and related fields.

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Community initiatives and sponsorships

Brookhaven Airport actively supports local community initiatives and sponsors events that enrich the lives of residents. The airport sponsors aviation-related educational programs, scholarships, and community events that bring people together and promote a sense of community pride. By investing in the community, Brookhaven Airport fosters strong relationships and strengthens its bond with those it serves.

Public perception and opinion

Overall, public perception of Brookhaven Airport remains positive, with the airport widely regarded as an important community asset. Residents appreciate the airport’s contribution to the local economy and recognize its role in providing essential services and employment opportunities. The airport’s commitment to safety, security, and environmental stewardship further reinforces its reputation as a responsible and respected member of the community.

Future Plans and Projects

Proposed developments

Brookhaven Airport has exciting plans for future developments that aim to enhance its capabilities and offer an improved experience for users. Proposed developments may include the expansion of terminal facilities, construction of additional hangars to meet growing demand, and the improvement of navigational infrastructure. These developments demonstrate the airport’s commitment to meeting future needs and cementing its position as a leading general aviation facility.

Upcoming partnerships

To further strengthen its presence and expand its offerings, Brookhaven Airport actively seeks partnerships with aviation organizations, educational institutions, and local businesses. These partnerships can lead to enhanced training programs, research collaborations, and mutually beneficial initiatives that support the airport’s growth and deepen community involvement. By fostering strong partnerships, Brookhaven Airport sets the stage for future success.


Brookhaven Airport recognizes the importance of continued investment in infrastructure and technology. To ensure the sustained growth and operational efficiency of the airport, various investment opportunities are explored. These investments may involve enhancing navigational systems, upgrading terminal facilities, and improving ground support infrastructure. By investing in the future, Brookhaven Airport remains at the forefront of aviation innovation and customer satisfaction.

Projected growth and expansions

Looking ahead, Brookhaven Airport anticipates continued growth and expansion to meet the evolving needs of the aviation industry. With its strategic location, comprehensive facilities, and commitment to excellence, the airport is well-positioned to attract new users and increase its operational capacity. By embracing technological advancements, collaborating with stakeholders, and fulfilling its role as an economic driver, Brookhaven Airport aims to become a premier aviation hub in the region.

In conclusion, Brookhaven Airport stands as a vital transportation gateway in the heart of eastern Long Island. With its prime location, extensive infrastructure, and commitment to safety, the airport serves as a cornerstone of the local and regional economy. From its origins as a training facility to its present-day role as a general aviation hub, Brookhaven Airport continues to evolve, meeting the needs of its users while maintaining a positive and enduring presence in the community. With a clear roadmap for the future, the airport sets the stage for continued growth, ensuring it remains a cherished resource for years to come.