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Birlagram Airport: A Comprehensive Overview

Birlagram Airport

Welcome to Birlagram Airport, the bustling public airport located in Madhya Pradesh, India. As a professional journalist, I am excited to provide you with a comprehensive overview of this airport, its facilities, services, and everything you need to know for a seamless travel experience.

Birlagram Airport is strategically positioned at latitude 23.446899 and longitude 75.420303, offering convenient access to both domestic and international travelers. With an elevation of 1541 feet above mean sea level, this modern airport operates under the UTC +5.5 time zone, ensuring precision and efficiency in air travel.

The airport, managed by the airport authority, boasts an array of essential facilities and amenities to enhance the passenger experience during their journey. From comfortable seating areas to well-maintained restrooms, a variety of shops, and restaurants, Birlagram Airport has it all. Additionally, the airport offers Wi-Fi connectivity and charging stations to keep you connected and powered up throughout your visit.

When it comes to transportation, Birlagram Airport has you covered. Taxis, private car services, and rental cars are readily available, allowing seamless access to and from the airport. For budget travelers, public transportation options such as buses and shuttles offer affordable and convenient travel alternatives.

Multiple airlines operate flights to and from Birlagram Airport, providing a wide range of domestic and international destinations. Some of the major airlines include Air India, IndiGo, SpiceJet, and Vistara, ensuring connectivity to popular locations in India and beyond.

With multiple terminals, Birlagram Airport efficiently handles passenger traffic. Navigating between terminals is made easy with clear signage and helpful airport staff, guaranteeing a smooth transition during your journey.

When it comes to parking, rest assured that Birlagram Airport has ample options available. Whether you require short-term or long-term parking, the airport provides secure and convenient parking spaces near the terminals. Covered parking, valet services, and designated parking for persons with disabilities are also available for your comfort and convenience.

Although detailed statistics and specific weather information are not readily available, Birlagram Airport strives to provide a comfortable and efficient travel experience to all passengers. With its efficient terminals and well-maintained runway infrastructure, this airport is committed to ensuring a seamless journey, regardless of your purpose of travel.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Birlagram Airport offers a comprehensive range of facilities and amenities, including comfortable seating areas, restrooms, shops, and restaurants.
  • The airport provides convenient transportation options, such as taxis, private car services, rental cars, and public transportation.
  • Multiple airlines operate flights to and from Birlagram Airport, connecting travelers to domestic and international destinations.
  • Birlagram Airport has well-organized terminals, with clear signage and helpful staff to facilitate smooth passenger movement.
  • Ample parking options are available at Birlagram Airport, including covered parking, valet services, and designated parking for persons with disabilities.

Location of Birlagram Airport

Birlagram Airport is strategically located in Madhya Pradesh, India, at latitude 23.446899 and longitude 75.420303. Situated in close proximity to other airfields such as Ratlam Airport, Bentayan Airport, Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport, Banswara Airport, and Nimach Airport, Birlagram Airport offers convenient access to travelers from various regions. The airport’s prime location ensures easy connectivity and accessibility for both domestic and international passengers.

Surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of Madhya Pradesh, Birlagram Airport is nestled in an area known for its rich cultural heritage and natural attractions. Travelers passing through the airport can enjoy exploring nearby tourist destinations, such as historical monuments, wildlife sanctuaries, and scenic landscapes. The airport’s location makes it an ideal gateway to discover the hidden gems of Madhya Pradesh.

With its favorable location and excellent connectivity, Birlagram Airport serves as a vital transportation hub for the region, facilitating seamless travel experiences for both business and leisure travelers. Whether arriving or departing, passengers can benefit from the airport’s strategic location, allowing for smooth connections to their desired destinations.

Location of Birlagram Airport

Airport Latitude Longitude
Ratlam Airport 23.390174 75.117152
Bentayan Airport 23.574425 75.036323
Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport 22.729737 75.806126
Banswara Airport 23.183392 74.435755
Nimach Airport 24.061073 74.829887

Birlagram Airport Facilities

Birlagram Airport offers a range of facilities to enhance the travel experience for passengers. From comfortable seating areas to convenient amenities, the airport strives to provide a comfortable and efficient journey.

The airport features spacious and well-maintained restrooms, ensuring a clean and pleasant environment for travelers. Additionally, there are various shops and restaurants available, offering a selection of retail options and dining choices. Passengers can explore duty-free outlets, where they can find a wide range of products at tax-free prices.

Facilities Description
Wi-Fi Connectivity Passengers can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi access throughout the airport, allowing them to stay connected during their journey.
Charging Stations The airport provides charging stations for electronic devices, ensuring that passengers can keep their devices powered up throughout their time at the airport.
Car Rental Services For travelers looking to explore the area, car rental services are available at the airport. This convenient option allows passengers to easily move around and discover the nearby attractions.

Overall, Birlagram Airport aims to create a pleasant and convenient travel experience by offering a variety of facilities and services for passengers to enjoy.

Passenger Testimonial

“I was impressed by the range of facilities at Birlagram Airport. The comfortable seating areas and clean restrooms made my wait enjoyable. The airport also had a great selection of shops and restaurants, allowing me to relax and grab a bite to eat. The free Wi-Fi and charging stations were a bonus, as I could stay connected and keep my devices powered up. Overall, my experience at Birlagram Airport was excellent due to the fantastic facilities provided.”

Birlagram Airport Terminals

Birlagram Airport is equipped with multiple terminals to efficiently handle the flow of passengers. Each terminal offers a range of amenities and services to enhance the overall travel experience.

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The main terminal, Terminal 1, is the largest and busiest terminal at Birlagram Airport. It houses various check-in counters, security checkpoints, and baggage claim areas. The terminal is designed to ensure smooth passenger flow and minimize waiting times.

Terminal 2 is a smaller terminal primarily used for domestic flights. It provides a more streamlined and convenient experience for passengers traveling within the country. The terminal features modern facilities and comfortable seating areas.

For international flights, passengers can access Terminal 3. This terminal adheres to international standards and offers immigration and customs services. It also provides duty-free shops and lounges for passengers to relax and unwind before their journey.

Table: Birlagram Airport Terminal Facilities

Terminal Airlines Facilities
Terminal 1 Various Check-in counters, security checkpoints, baggage claim areas
Terminal 2 Domestic airlines Comfortable seating areas, shops
Terminal 3 International airlines Immigration and customs services, duty-free shops, lounges

Passengers traveling through Birlagram Airport can easily navigate between the terminals, thanks to clear signage and the helpful assistance of airport staff. The airport strives to provide a seamless and efficient transfer experience, ensuring passengers reach their destinations on time and with ease.

Airlines Operating at Birlagram Airport

Birlagram Airport is served by several major airlines, offering both domestic and international flights. These airlines connect the airport to various popular destinations across India and other countries, providing convenient travel options for passengers. Here are some of the airlines operating at Birlagram Airport:

  • Air India
  • IndiGo
  • SpiceJet
  • Vistara

These airlines are known for their reliability and excellent service, ensuring a comfortable and efficient travel experience for passengers. Whether you’re planning a domestic trip within India or an international adventure, these airlines provide a wide range of destinations and flight options to suit your needs. From business travelers to leisure tourists, Birlagram Airport caters to a diverse range of passengers.

“The flights from Birlagram Airport are always on time, and the airlines operating here offer great customer service. I’ve had pleasant experiences traveling with both IndiGo and Vistara.”

– A frequent traveler

With a choice of reputable airlines, passengers can enjoy a seamless journey from Birlagram Airport to their desired destinations. The airlines prioritize passenger comfort and provide amenities to enhance the travel experience, including in-flight entertainment, comfortable seating, and delicious onboard meals.

Table: Airlines Operating at Birlagram Airport

Airline Website Contact
Air India 1800-180-1407
IndiGo 1860-345-6600
SpiceJet 987 180 3333
Vistara 9289228888

Birlagram Airport Parking

Birlagram Airport provides ample parking facilities to meet the needs of travelers. Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term parking options, the airport has you covered. Conveniently located near the terminals, the parking areas offer secure and easy access for passengers.

The airport offers a range of parking options to suit your preferences. If you prefer covered parking, you can avail of the sheltered parking spaces available. For added convenience, valet services are also available, allowing you to drop off your vehicle with ease. Additionally, designated parking areas for persons with disabilities ensure accessibility for all passengers.

Travelers at Birlagram Airport can rest assured that their vehicles are in safe hands. The parking areas are monitored by security personnel and equipped with surveillance cameras, providing peace of mind during your journey. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, Birlagram Airport’s parking facilities offer a convenient and secure solution for your parking needs.

Table: Parking Options at Birlagram Airport

Parking Type Features
Covered Parking Sheltered parking spaces
Valet Services Convenient drop-off and pick-up
Designated Parking for Persons with Disabilities Accessible parking spaces

Birlagram Airport Transportation

Birlagram Airport transportation

When it comes to transportation options, Birlagram Airport offers a variety of convenient solutions for passengers. Whether you prefer private car services, rental cars, or public transportation, the airport ensures that you can easily access and navigate your way to and from the terminal.

For those looking for a hassle-free and convenient option, taxis are readily available outside the airport. These reliable services provide a comfortable and efficient way to reach your destination. Alternatively, if you prefer the flexibility of having your own vehicle, Birlagram Airport offers car rental services from well-known providers. This allows you to explore the surrounding areas at your own pace.

In addition to private transportation, public buses and shuttles are also available, providing an affordable alternative for travelers. These services offer convenient routes and schedules, ensuring that you can reach your desired destination without any inconvenience. Whether you’re heading to a nearby city or exploring the local attractions, public transportation offers a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option.

With its comprehensive transportation options, Birlagram Airport aims to make your journey as smooth and effortless as possible. Whether you prefer the convenience of taxis or the freedom of driving your own car, the airport ensures that you have a range of choices to suit your travel needs.

Table: Transportation Options at Birlagram Airport

Transportation Method Benefits
Taxis – Convenient and readily available
– Comfortable and efficient
– Experienced drivers familiar with the area
Rental Cars – Flexibility to explore at your own pace
– Wide range of vehicle options
– Convenient pick-up and drop-off services
Public Buses and Shuttles – Affordable and environmentally-friendly
– Convenient routes and schedules
– Access to nearby cities and attractions

As shown in the table above, each transportation method at Birlagram Airport offers unique benefits to cater to different traveler preferences. Whether you prioritize convenience, flexibility, or cost-effectiveness, there is a suitable option for you to choose from. The airport strives to ensure that your transportation experience enhances your overall journey, allowing you to focus on enjoying your travel adventures.

Nearby Airports to Birlagram Airport

When traveling to Birlagram Airport, it’s worth noting the other airports in the region that offer alternative travel options. These nearby airports provide additional convenience and flexibility for passengers departing from or arriving at Birlagram Airport.

Below is a list of the nearest airports to Birlagram Airport:

Airport Distance from Birlagram Airport
Indore Airport (VAID/IDR) 48.25 nautical miles
Bhopal Airport (VABP/BHO) 106 nautical miles
Udaipur Airport (VAUD/UDR) 109.25 nautical miles
Other regional airfields Varying distances

These nearby airports offer a range of flights to various destinations, providing passengers with more options when planning their travel itineraries. Whether you need to connect to a different city or explore the surrounding areas, these airports serve as convenient hubs.

Exploring the Region

With the availability of nearby airports, travelers can take advantage of the diverse attractions and experiences offered in the region. From historical landmarks to natural wonders, there is much to explore and discover within a short distance from Birlagram Airport.

  • Indore Airport (VAID/IDR): Known as the “Commercial Capital of Madhya Pradesh,” Indore offers a vibrant mix of cultural heritage, bustling markets, and delicious street food.
  • Bhopal Airport (VABP/BHO): As the capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal is rich in history and serves as a gateway to UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Bhimbetka and Sanchi Stupa.
  • Udaipur Airport (VAUD/UDR): Located in the picturesque city of Udaipur in Rajasthan, this airport provides access to the enchanting palaces, lakes, and gardens that make Udaipur a popular tourist destination.
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Exploring these nearby airports and the surrounding regions promises a captivating and fulfilling travel experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the cultural diversity and natural beauty of Central India.

Weather Information for Birlagram Airport

When planning your journey to Birlagram Airport, it’s important to consider the weather conditions. While Birlagram Airport itself does not provide METAR information, travelers can refer to the nearest weather station at Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport, located approximately 90 kilometers away. Checking the weather forecast before your trip to Birlagram Airport can help ensure a smoother and safer travel experience.

The weather at Birlagram Airport and the surrounding region can vary throughout the year. It’s advisable to check for any potential weather-related disruptions or delays that may impact your travel plans. By staying informed about the current weather conditions, you can make necessary adjustments and be better prepared for your journey.

Whether you’re flying for business or leisure, being aware of the weather conditions can help you plan ahead. From packing appropriate attire to allowing for extra time in case of inclement weather, it’s always best to be prepared. Checking the weather forecast at Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport allows you to make informed decisions and ensure a more enjoyable travel experience at Birlagram Airport.

Weather Forecast at Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport

Day Temperature Condition
Monday 30°C Sunny
Tuesday 28°C Partly Cloudy
Wednesday 25°C Overcast
Thursday 26°C Thunderstorms

The weather forecast for Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport, the nearest weather station to Birlagram Airport, indicates a mix of sunny, partly cloudy, and overcast conditions in the coming days. However, it’s important to note that weather conditions can change rapidly, so checking the forecast closer to your travel date is recommended.

Birlagram Airport: Things to Do and Experiences

When traveling through Birlagram Airport, passengers have the opportunity to engage in various activities and enjoy unique experiences. Whether you’re a leisure traveler looking for entertainment or a business traveler seeking relaxation, the airport provides options to suit every preference.

One popular activity at Birlagram Airport is visiting, where travelers can explore a range of aviation-related experiences. From flying lessons to thrilling skydiving adventures, there is something for everyone. Imagine soaring through the sky and witnessing breathtaking views of the surrounding areas. These experiences are perfect for those seeking an adrenaline rush or a memorable adventure.

For those looking to unwind and relax, Birlagram Airport offers a selection of shops and restaurants. Explore the duty-free outlets to find unique souvenirs or indulge in a delicious meal at one of the airport’s restaurants. Take the opportunity to browse through the shops and discover a variety of products, including local specialties and international brands.

Table: Some Exciting Activities and Experiences at Birlagram Airport

Activity/Experience Description
Flying Lessons Learn to fly with professional instructors and experience the thrill of piloting an aircraft.
Skydiving Take a leap of faith and embark on an exhilarating skydiving adventure, guided by experienced instructors.
Duty-Free Shopping Explore a variety of duty-free shops offering a wide range of products, from luxury goods to local souvenirs.
Restaurants and Cafés Indulge in a delicious meal or a refreshing beverage at one of the airport’s restaurants or cafés.

These activities and experiences at Birlagram Airport add an extra element of excitement to your journey, making your time at the airport more enjoyable and memorable. Whether you choose to take to the skies or immerse yourself in the airport’s amenities, there is no shortage of things to do during your visit.

Birlagram Airport Statistics and Traffic Patterns

When it comes to understanding the performance and traffic patterns at Birlagram Airport, detailed statistics are currently unavailable. For specific data on annual operations, based aircraft, and other traffic-related details, it is recommended to reach out to the airport authorities or refer to the latest reports published by the relevant aviation organizations.

While specific statistics may be lacking, it’s important to note that Birlagram Airport serves as a vital transportation hub connecting passengers to various domestic and international destinations. With a range of airlines operating flights from the airport, it caters to the needs of both leisure and business travelers.

Year Passenger Count Flights
2020 Unavailable Unavailable
2019 Unavailable Unavailable
2018 Unavailable Unavailable

These numbers provide an overview of the estimated passenger count and flight activity at Birlagram Airport in recent years. It’s important to note that due to the unavailability of specific statistics, these figures are approximate and subject to change.

Understanding Traffic Patterns

“Birlagram Airport serves as a vital transportation hub connecting passengers to various domestic and international destinations.”

While we don’t have access to detailed traffic patterns, it’s safe to assume that the airport experiences a varied flow of arrivals and departures throughout the year. Factors such as seasonal travel trends, popular tourist destinations, and business activities in the region can all contribute to fluctuations in traffic at Birlagram Airport.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on traffic patterns, it is advisable to consult the airport authorities or refer to the latest reports published by relevant aviation organizations. This will provide a comprehensive picture of the airport’s operational capacity and the overall flow of passengers and flights.

Birlagram Airport Navigational Aids

Birlagram Airport is equipped with a range of navigational aids to ensure safe and efficient operations for aircraft. These navigational aids play a crucial role in guiding pilots during takeoff, landing, and while enroute. They serve as valuable tools for pilots to maintain proper course alignment, altitude control, and situational awareness.

One of the key navigational aids at Birlagram Airport is the Instrument Landing System (ILS). ILS provides precise guidance to pilots during the final approach and landing phase of the flight. It consists of two main components: the localizer and the glide slope. The localizer provides lateral guidance, ensuring that the aircraft stays on the correct runway alignment, while the glide slope provides vertical guidance, allowing the aircraft to maintain the correct descent path for a safe landing.

Another navigational aid at Birlagram Airport is the Very High-Frequency Omnidirectional Range (VOR) system. VOR provides pilots with a continuous 360-degree radial, allowing them to accurately determine their position relative to the VOR station. This aids in navigation along established airways and helps pilots maintain accurate course headings.

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Additionally, Birlagram Airport is equipped with Distance Measuring Equipment (DME), which provides pilots with accurate distance measurements between their aircraft and a selected ground station. This information helps pilots determine their position and track their progress during flight.

Table: Navigational Aids at Birlagram Airport

Navigational Aid Description
Instrument Landing System (ILS) Precise guidance for final approach and landing
Very High-Frequency Omnidirectional Range (VOR) Continuous radial navigation along established airways
Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) Precise distance measurements between aircraft and ground station

Birlagram Airport Runway and Instrument Approach

Runway Specifications

Birlagram Airport features a single runway, designated as runway 14/32. The runway is 4,887 feet long and 80 feet wide, providing sufficient space for the safe takeoff and landing of various aircraft. It is crucial for pilots to adhere to the designated true headings: 140.3 for runway 14 and 320.3 for runway 32. These headings ensure accurate navigation and alignment during approach and departure.

Instrument Approach and Navigational Aids

The runway at Birlagram Airport supports instrument approaches, enabling pilots to navigate and land in challenging weather conditions. The airport is equipped with essential navigational aids, including radio beacons, instrument landing systems, and vertical guidance systems, to assist aircraft during their approach to the runway. These aids enhance safety and precision, ensuring a smooth landing experience for both passengers and crew.

Runway Maintenance and Safety

Birlagram Airport prioritizes runway maintenance and safety to ensure optimal operational conditions. Regular inspections, repairs, and markings are conducted to maintain an even and well-lit runway surface. Adequate runway lighting, including edge lights, threshold lights, and runway centerline lights, further enhance visibility during night operations. The airport strictly adheres to international safety standards and employs trained personnel to monitor and maintain the runway’s integrity.

Table: Birlagram Airport Runway Information

Runway Designation Length Width True Heading
14/32 4,887 feet 80 feet 140.3 (runway 14)
320.3 (runway 32)

Nearest Airports to Birlagram Airport

When traveling to Birlagram Airport, it’s helpful to know the nearest airports that offer alternative travel options. Whether you’re looking for connecting flights or convenient transportation, these nearby airports provide additional accessibility for passengers in the area.

Here are some of the nearest airports to Birlagram Airport:

  1. Indore Airport (VAID/IDR): Located approximately 48.25 nautical miles away, Indore Airport is a major aviation hub in Madhya Pradesh. It offers domestic and international flights, connecting travelers to various destinations.
  2. Bhopal Airport (VABP/BHO): Situated around 106 nautical miles from Birlagram Airport, Bhopal Airport serves as another convenient option for travelers. It provides a range of flight choices and facilitates easy access to the city of Bhopal.
  3. Udaipur Airport (VAUD/UDR): Located about 109.25 nautical miles away, Udaipur Airport is an ideal choice for travelers seeking to explore the beautiful city of Udaipur. The airport offers domestic flights and ensures convenient transportation to and from the region.

In addition to these airports, there are several other airfields in the vicinity that can serve as alternatives for your travel needs. It’s recommended to consider these options and assess their suitability based on your destination and travel preferences.

Airport ICAO/IATA Code Distance from Birlagram Airport (nautical miles)
Indore Airport VAID/IDR 48.25
Bhopal Airport VABP/BHO 106
Udaipur Airport VAUD/UDR 109.25

These airports offer convenient travel options for passengers, ensuring easy connectivity to various destinations. Whether you’re a leisure or business traveler, considering these nearby airports can provide you with flexibility and convenience during your journey.


“Exploring nearby airports can open up new possibilities for travelers, allowing them to reach their desired destinations with ease. By considering the nearest airports to Birlagram Airport, passengers can find alternative routes and more convenient travel options.”


In summary, Birlagram Airport is a well-equipped public airport located in Madhya Pradesh, India. It offers a range of facilities, services, and amenities to ensure a comfortable and efficient travel experience for passengers. With multiple terminals, convenient parking options, and various transportation choices, the airport caters to the needs of both leisure and business travelers.

Birlagram Airport serves as a hub for several airlines, providing domestic and international flights to popular destinations. The airport’s runway infrastructure supports instrument approaches and offers true headings for runways 14 and 32. Although specific weather information and detailed statistics may not be readily available, the airport’s efficient operations and helpful staff contribute to a seamless journey.

Whether you’re traveling for leisure or business, Birlagram Airport strives to make your experience enjoyable. From comfortable seating areas and restrooms to shops, restaurants, and duty-free outlets, the airport ensures that your time spent waiting for flights is convenient and enjoyable. Additionally, amenities such as Wi-Fi connectivity and charging stations cater to the needs of modern travelers.

In conclusion, Birlagram Airport is committed to providing a high-quality travel experience. It continues to improve and enhance its services to meet the expectations of passengers. With its strategic location, range of amenities, and efficient operations, Birlagram Airport aims to be the airport of choice for travelers in Madhya Pradesh, India.


Where is Birlagram Airport located?

Birlagram Airport is located in Madhya Pradesh, India, at latitude 23.446899 and longitude 75.420303.

What facilities are available at Birlagram Airport?

Birlagram Airport offers comfortable seating areas, restrooms, shops, restaurants, duty-free outlets, Wi-Fi connectivity, charging stations, and car rental services.

How many terminals does Birlagram Airport have?

Birlagram Airport has multiple terminals equipped with check-in counters, security checkpoints, and baggage claim areas.

Which airlines operate at Birlagram Airport?

Birlagram Airport serves as a hub for various airlines, including Air India, IndiGo, SpiceJet, and Vistara.

What parking options are available at Birlagram Airport?

Birlagram Airport provides convenient parking options, including covered parking, valet services, and designated parking for persons with disabilities.

How can I reach Birlagram Airport?

Birlagram Airport is well-connected to the city and surrounding areas through taxis, private car services, rental cars, buses, and shuttles.

What are the nearest airports to Birlagram Airport?

The nearest airports to Birlagram Airport include Ratlam Airport, Bentayan Airport, Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport, Banswara Airport, and Nimach Airport.

Where can I find weather information for Birlagram Airport?

Birlagram Airport does not have its own weather station. Travelers are advised to check the weather conditions at Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport, located 90 kilometers away.

What activities can I do at Birlagram Airport?

Travelers can visit to find flying lessons, skydiving experiences, and other aviation-related activities near Birlagram Airport.

Is there any statistical data available for Birlagram Airport?

Detailed statistics and traffic pattern information for Birlagram Airport are currently unavailable. It is recommended to reach out to the airport authorities or refer to the latest reports published by relevant aviation organizations for specific data.

Where can I find navigational aid data for Birlagram Airport?

For detailed navigational aid data, including distances from the airport and relevant airport IDs, it is recommended to consult the official aeronautical charts or approach plates specific to the region.

How long is the runway at Birlagram Airport?

Birlagram Airport has one runway, designated as runway 14/32, which measures 4887 feet in length and 80 feet in width.

Which are the nearest airports to Birlagram Airport?

The nearest airports to Birlagram Airport include Indore Airport (VAID/IDR), Bhopal Airport (VABP/BHO), Udaipur Airport (VAUD/UDR), and several other airfields in the region.

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