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Balurghat Airport: Enhancing Air Connectivity in Balurghat, India

Balurghat Airport

Welcome to Balurghat Airport, the future gateway to seamless air travel in Balurghat, West Bengal, India. As the only airport in Balurghat, it holds immense potential for boosting domestic air travel and transforming the region’s connectivity landscape. Although currently not in operation, plans are underway to upgrade and extend the airport, enabling the launch of air services and opening up a world of opportunities for travelers.

Spanning an impressive area of 132.66 acres, Balurghat Airport is strategically located in the picturesque city of Balurghat, just 6 km away. Its proximity to Gangarampur, a mere 34 km, further enhances its accessibility and convenience for travelers seeking air travel options.

Balurghat Airport carries historical significance as it was originally built by the British during World War II for military purposes. In the 1950s, the Surekha Air Service commenced operations, followed by Vayudoot in 1984. However, due to various challenges, including limited passenger numbers and financial losses, these operations were eventually discontinued.

Looking ahead, the Government of West Bengal has allocated funds and devised a comprehensive plan for the up-gradation and extension of Balurghat Airport. This ambitious plan encompasses the development of the air-strip, passenger lounge, air traffic facilities, crew and pilot restrooms, and other essential amenities, ensuring a seamless travel experience for passengers.

While awaiting its revival, Balurghat Airport remains well-connected to the city center and other nearby areas. Road transportation options are readily available, and the Balurghat Bus Stand acts as a vital hub for convenient access to and from the airport. Additionally, the Balurghat Railway Station, located approximately 7 km away, offers train connectivity to various destinations, further enhancing accessibility.

As Balurghat Airport takes flight once again, it is expected to establish itself as a crucial hub for domestic air travel, connecting Balurghat to major cities across India. This development will not only bolster tourism but also drive economic growth and opportunities in the region.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Balurghat Airport is the sole airport in Balurghat, West Bengal, India.
  • Plans are underway to upgrade and extend the airport for the launch of air services.
  • The airport has a historical significance dating back to World War II.
  • Balurghat Airport is well-connected to the city center and nearby areas via road and rail networks.
  • Reviving the airport is expected to boost tourism and drive economic development in the region.

Location of Balurghat Airport

Balurghat Airport is strategically located in the town of Balurghat, West Bengal, India. It lies approximately 6 km from the city center of Balurghat and is situated 34 km away from Gangarampur. The airport’s prime location makes it easily accessible to the local population and nearby areas, facilitating convenient air travel options for both residents and visitors.

Easy Access and Transportation

Being in close proximity to the city center, Balurghat Airport benefits from well-established road connections. Passengers can reach the airport conveniently by private vehicles, taxis, or rented cars. The airport is also accessible via public transportation, with various buses and auto-rickshaws connecting Balurghat Airport to different parts of the city and nearby towns.

For those preferring rail travel, the nearest railway station to Balurghat Airport is Balurghat Railway Station, located only 7 km away. The railway station provides efficient train services, connecting the airport to different cities and towns across India. This integrated transportation network ensures seamless connectivity for passengers, facilitating hassle-free travel experiences.

Strategic Location

The location of Balurghat Airport holds significant strategic value, as it serves as a gateway to the region. The airport’s proximity to major cities and tourist destinations makes it an ideal starting point for exploring the beautiful state of West Bengal. Visitors can easily access popular attractions and cultural sites nearby, enhancing their travel experience and immersing themselves in the rich heritage of the region.

Location Distance
Balurghat City Center 6 km
Gangarampur 34 km
Bagdogra Airport (Nearest Airport) 240 km

History of Balurghat Airport

The historical significance of Balurghat Airport dates back to World War II when the British built a temporary airport for military purposes. Following the war, Balurghat Airport became a hub for commercial air travel in the 1950s with the establishment of Surekha Air Service. However, operations were halted during the India-Pakistan war for safety reasons.

In 1984, Vayudoot, a regional airline, commenced operations from Balurghat Airport. Despite the initial success, the airline faced numerous challenges, including the lack of advanced navigation systems, low passenger numbers, and financial losses, leading to the discontinuation of services.

Over the years, Balurghat Airport has remained inactive, awaiting its revival. The government of West Bengal has recognized the airport’s potential and allocated funds for its up-gradation and extension. Once completed, Balurghat Airport is expected to resume air services, providing a boost to the region’s connectivity and economic growth.

Significance of Surekha Air Service and Vayudoot

Surekha Air Service and Vayudoot played crucial roles in connecting Balurghat Airport to various destinations in India. Surekha Air Service, established in the 1950s, pioneered commercial air travel in the region, promoting tourism and economic growth. Vayudoot, which operated from the airport in the 1980s, expanded the reach of domestic flights, facilitating convenient travel for passengers.

Despite their eventual closure, these airlines contributed significantly to the history and development of Balurghat Airport, highlighting its potential as a key transport hub. The upcoming up-gradation and extension plans aim to revive the airport’s glory, further enhancing connectivity and opening up new opportunities for the local community.

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Airport Facilities at Balurghat Airport

Balurghat Airport, located in West Bengal, India, is currently not operational. As a result, there are no facilities available at the airport. However, plans are underway for the up-gradation and extension of the airport to launch air services. Once completed, the airport will provide a range of facilities to cater to the needs of passengers and airlines.

One of the key features of Balurghat Airport is its large area, covering 132.66 acres. This spacious layout allows for the development of various facilities, including a terminal building, passenger lounge, check-in counters, and baggage handling areas.

Additionally, the airport is equipped with a single runway designated 9/27, measuring 4,906 by 100 feet. This paved runway will enable aircraft to take off and land safely, providing essential connectivity for the region. Navigation systems and air traffic control facilities will also be installed to ensure smooth operations and enhanced safety.

Facilities Description
Terminal Building A modern and well-equipped terminal building to handle passenger check-in, security procedures, and boarding processes.
Passenger Lounge A comfortable and spacious lounge area for passengers to relax and wait for their flights.
Check-in Counters Dedicated counters for airlines to facilitate smooth check-in procedures for passengers.
Baggage Handling Areas Efficient systems to handle luggage and ensure its safe and timely transfer onto aircraft.
Runway A well-maintained runway capable of accommodating various aircraft for takeoff and landing.
Navigation Systems State-of-the-art navigation systems to guide aircraft during all phases of flight.
Air Traffic Control Facilities Advanced infrastructure for air traffic control to monitor and manage aircraft movements.

These facilities will ensure a seamless travel experience for passengers and efficient operations for airlines serving Balurghat Airport. The up-gradation and extension plans reflect the commitment to enhance air connectivity in the region and promote tourism and economic development.

Future Plans for Balurghat Airport

Balurghat Airport is undergoing significant development and expansion plans, aimed at revitalizing the airport and improving air connectivity in the region. The government of West Bengal has allocated funds for the up-gradation of the airport, which includes extending the runway, developing passenger facilities, and upgrading air traffic facilities. The Airport Authority of India has visited the airport to provide the necessary approvals for the project.

The future plans for Balurghat Airport also include the construction of a modern passenger lounge, crew and pilot restrooms, and other amenities to provide a comfortable and convenient experience for travelers. The extension of the airport will enable it to accommodate larger aircraft, allowing for domestic flights to operate from Balurghat to major cities in India. These improvements are expected to enhance tourism, promote economic growth, and create employment opportunities in the region.

The development of Balurghat Airport is a significant step towards improving connectivity in West Bengal and providing better transportation options for the local population. It is anticipated that the upgraded airport will attract more airlines and increase the number of flights, making it easier for tourists and residents to travel to and from Balurghat. With its strategic location, the future of Balurghat Airport looks promising, positioning it as an important transportation hub in the region.

Timeline of Future Plans:

Year Activities
2021 Allocation of funds for up-gradation and extension
2022 Approval from Airport Authority of India
2023 Commencement of runway extension and passenger facility construction
2024 Completion of airport development and readiness for operations

Balurghat Airport: Connectivity and Transportation

Balurghat Airport Transportation

Balurghat Airport, located in West Bengal, India, is easily accessible through various modes of transportation. Whether you are traveling by road or rail, there are convenient options to reach the airport and explore the surrounding areas.

Road Connectivity

Balurghat Airport is situated around 4 km from the city center and is well-connected by road. Visitors can hire taxis or take local buses to reach the airport. The Balurghat Bus Stand, located approximately 5.1 km away, serves as a major transportation hub for travelers heading to and from the airport. The well-maintained roads ensure a smooth and comfortable journey, allowing passengers to reach their destination conveniently.

Rail Connectivity

For those who prefer traveling by train, Balurghat Railway Station is the nearest railhead to the airport, located about 7 km away. The railway station connects Balurghat to various cities and towns across India, providing easy access to the airport for both domestic and international travelers. Passengers can avail themselves of regular train services to and from Balurghat, further enhancing the connectivity of the airport.

Mode of Transportation Distance from Balurghat Airport
Road 4 km
Rail 7 km

With its favorable location and excellent transportation connectivity, Balurghat Airport is poised to become a key hub for travelers visiting West Bengal and exploring the surrounding areas. The accessibility of the airport ensures a seamless travel experience, making it a convenient choice for both domestic and international passengers.

Nearest Airport to Balurghat

When it comes to air travel, convenience and accessibility are key factors. For those traveling to or from Balurghat, the nearest airport is the Bagdogra Airport. Located in the state of West Bengal, Bagdogra Airport is approximately 240 km away from Balurghat, making it the most convenient option for air travel in the region.

Bagdogra Airport serves as a gateway to the northeastern part of India and offers both domestic and international flights. It is well-connected to major cities across the country, including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. Popular airlines such as IndiGo, Air India, and SpiceJet operate regular flights from Bagdogra Airport, providing passengers with a wide range of options.

With its strategic location and excellent connectivity, Bagdogra Airport serves as a major travel hub for those visiting or departing from Balurghat. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, choosing Bagdogra Airport will ensure a seamless and convenient travel experience.

Table: Airlines and Destinations from Bagdogra Airport

Airline Destinations
IndiGo Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai
Air India Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Guwahati
SpiceJet Kolkata, Delhi, Guwahati
GoAir Kolkata, Delhi

Note: The above table provides a brief overview of some airlines and their destinations from Bagdogra Airport. Please check with the respective airlines for the most up-to-date information on routes and schedules.

Balurghat as a Tourist Destination

Balurghat is a captivating tourist destination that offers a unique blend of cultural and natural attractions. Located in West Bengal, India, this vibrant city attracts visitors from far and wide who are eager to experience its rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes.

One of the highlights of Balurghat is the annual Bolla kali Puja, celebrated in November. This religious festival takes place in Bolla, a small village located just 15 km away from Balurghat. During this time, the whole town comes alive with vibrant festivities, colorful decorations, and mesmerizing rituals, making it a truly unforgettable experience for tourists and locals alike.

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In addition to the Bolla kali Puja, Balurghat boasts an array of tourist attractions. From picturesque parks and gardens to historical landmarks and temples, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Nature enthusiasts can explore the scenic beauty of nearby rivers and forests, while history buffs can delve into the city’s rich past by visiting ancient ruins and architectural marvels.

Explore the captivating beauty of Balurghat, where tradition meets natural splendor. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, witness the grandeur of the Bolla kali Puja, and discover the hidden gems that this enchanting city has to offer.

The Bolla Kali Puja: A Celebration of Faith and Tradition

The Bolla kali Puja is the highlight of Balurghat’s cultural calendar. This grand celebration is dedicated to Goddess Kali and draws devotees from all over the region. The festivities include elaborate rituals, vibrant processions, and mesmerizing traditional performances.

During the Bolla kali Puja, the entire town is adorned with colorful decorations, bright lights, and artistic installations. The streets come alive with musical performances, dance shows, and cultural events, creating a festive atmosphere that fills the air with joy and excitement.

Visitors to Balurghat during the Bolla kali Puja can witness the devotion and faith of the locals as they come together to celebrate this auspicious occasion. It is a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the local culture, experience the warmth of the community, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Table: Popular Tourist Attractions near Balurghat Airport

Attractions Description
Bolla kali Puja A religious festival celebrated in November at Bolla, known for its vibrant rituals and cultural fervor.
Gangarampur A historical town located 34 km from Balurghat, famous for its cultural heritage and architectural marvels.
Kali Temple An ancient temple dedicated to Goddess Kali, offering a serene atmosphere for spiritual seekers.
Balurghat Park A beautiful park with lush greenery, scenic landscapes, and recreational facilities for visitors to unwind and relax.
Ichamati River A picturesque river that flows through Balurghat, offering opportunities for boating, picnicking, and nature walks.

Balurghat Airport IATA and ICAO Codes

Balurghat Airport, located in Balurghat, West Bengal, India, is identified by its unique IATA code and ICAO code. The IATA (International Air Transport Association) code for Balurghat Airport is RGH, while the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) code is VEBG. These codes are used to uniquely identify the airport in airline and aviation systems worldwide, ensuring efficient and accurate communication between stakeholders.

Having specific codes for each airport allows airlines, travel agencies, and other aviation entities to easily access information about Balurghat Airport. These codes are crucial for flight bookings, tracking flights, and managing logistics related to air travel. By using the IATA and ICAO codes of Balurghat Airport, travelers can quickly search for flights serving the airport and access relevant information such as flight schedules, destinations, and airline contacts.

For example, if a passenger wishes to book a flight from Balurghat Airport to another destination, they can simply enter the IATA code RGH or the ICAO code VEBG in the flight booking system. This will help them find available flights, compare prices, and make reservations with ease. Additionally, airlines and aviation authorities use these codes to ensure accurate and efficient coordination of flight operations, air traffic control, and airport facilities management.

Overall, the IATA and ICAO codes assigned to Balurghat Airport play a vital role in the seamless functioning of the aviation industry, making it easier for passengers, airlines, and other stakeholders to navigate the complexities of air travel.


Airport Contact Details

For any inquiries or assistance related to Balurghat Airport, you can reach out to the airport authorities using the contact details provided below:

Balurghat Airport (RGH)

Location: Balurghat, West Bengal, India

Phone: 03512 278 360

Feel free to contact the airport for information regarding flight schedules, airport facilities, transportation options, or any other queries you may have. The airport staff will be happy to assist you.

Timezone of Balurghat Airport

Balurghat Airport follows the Indian Standard Time (IST), which is GMT +5:30 hours. This timezone is used for scheduling and coordinating airport operations. Balurghat, being located in West Bengal, India, adheres to the official time observed throughout the country. This allows for efficient coordination of flights, ensuring that passengers and airlines can plan and execute their travel schedules accordingly.

The Indian Standard Time is observed across the entire country, including all airports and cities, providing a standardized system for timekeeping, communication, and coordination. It is important for passengers traveling to or from Balurghat Airport to be aware of the time zone to avoid any confusion regarding flight timings and schedules.

Being in the GMT +5:30 time zone, Balurghat Airport aligns its operations with other airports in India, ensuring smooth connections for passengers traveling domestically. This synchronization allows for efficient transit and transfer of passengers and cargo, contributing to the overall functioning and connectivity of the Indian aviation industry.

In conclusion, Balurghat Airport operates on Indian Standard Time (IST), which is GMT +5:30 hours. This timezone serves as a reference for scheduling and coordinating airport operations, ensuring efficient travel and connectivity for passengers and airlines. By adhering to the national time standard, Balurghat Airport contributes to the smooth functioning of the Indian aviation system.

Airlines and Destinations

At present, there are no commercial airlines operating at Balurghat Airport. However, once the airport is fully operational after its up-gradation and extension, it is expected to attract domestic airlines to connect Balurghat with other major cities in India. The improved infrastructure and facilities will make Balurghat Airport a crucial hub for air travel in the region.

List of Potential Airlines Serving Balurghat Airport:

  • IndiGo
  • SpiceJet
  • Air India
  • GoAir
  • Vistara

The introduction of these airlines will provide convenient air travel options for passengers from Balurghat and nearby areas. Travelers will be able to fly to popular destinations such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore, among others. Additionally, the connectivity will benefit tourists visiting Balurghat and the surrounding regions, boosting tourism and contributing to the local economy.

It is essential to note that the actual airlines and destinations will depend on the marketing and route strategies of the respective airlines. However, considering Balurghat’s strategic location and the government’s efforts to promote regional connectivity, it is highly likely that major domestic airlines will show interest in serving Balurghat Airport.

Expected Airlines and Possible Destinations:

Airlines Possible Destinations
IndiGo New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore
SpiceJet Kolkata, Guwahati, Chennai, Ahmedabad
Air India Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai
GoAir Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Patna
Vistara Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Goa
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Please note that the above table is a speculative representation of the potential airlines and destinations that may be offered once Balurghat Airport becomes operational. The actual routes and airline choices may vary based on market demand and the airlines’ business decisions.

Bus and Rail Connectivity to Balurghat Airport

Balurghat Airport is conveniently connected to the city center and surrounding areas through well-established bus and rail networks. Traveling to and from the airport is hassle-free, allowing passengers to easily access the airport for their flights.

Bus Connectivity

The Balurghat Bus Stand is the main bus terminal serving Balurghat Airport. Located approximately 5.1 km away, it provides a range of bus services connecting the airport to various destinations. Passengers can avail themselves of regular bus services to and from the airport, ensuring convenient transportation options.

Rail Connectivity

For those preferring rail travel, Balurghat Airport is in close proximity to Balurghat Railway Station. Situated about 7 km away from the airport, this railway station offers train connectivity to several major cities and towns in the region. Passengers can easily access the airport by taking a short train journey from nearby locations.

Whether by bus or train, Balurghat Airport is well-connected, ensuring seamless travel options for passengers traveling to and from the airport. These transportation facilities provide convenient and reliable connections for travelers, enhancing the overall accessibility of Balurghat Airport.

Transportation Option Distance from Balurghat Airport
Bus 5.1 km
Railway Station 7 km

Popular Places near Balurghat Airport

Balurghat Airport is surrounded by several popular tourist attractions. Visitors traveling to Balurghat can explore the nearby areas and enjoy the cultural and natural beauty of the region. Here are some of the top places to visit near Balurghat Airport:


Bolla is a small village located about 15 km away from Balurghat. It is famous for the Bolla kali Puja, a grand festival celebrated in November. The festival attracts a large number of devotees who come to witness the vibrant celebrations and immerse themselves in the traditional rituals. Bolla is also known for its picturesque landscapes and tranquil environment, making it a perfect escape for nature lovers.


Gangarampur is another town situated approximately 34 km from Balurghat. It holds historical significance and is known for its cultural heritage. Visitors can explore the ancient temples, such as the Gangarampur Kalibari Temple, which is dedicated to the goddess Kali. The town also offers a glimpse into the local lifestyle and traditional handicrafts. With its rich history and cultural attractions, Gangarampur is worth a visit for those seeking an enriching experience.

Explore the vibrant festivals, natural beauty, and cultural heritage of Bolla and Gangarampur during your visit to Balurghat Airport. These nearby destinations offer a unique blend of tradition and nature, providing a memorable experience for travelers.

Place Distance from Balurghat Airport Main Attractions
Bolla 15 km Bolla kali Puja, picturesque landscapes
Gangarampur 34 km Historical temples, cultural heritage


After exploring the history, facilities, and future plans of Balurghat Airport, it is evident that this airport holds immense potential for the region. Located in Balurghat, West Bengal, India, the airport has a rich historical background dating back to World War II. Although currently not operational, the government has allocated funds for its up-gradation and extension, aiming to launch air services in the near future.

Once operational, Balurghat Airport will play a vital role in enhancing air connectivity for the region. It will offer domestic flights, connecting Balurghat to other major cities in India, and contribute to the growth of tourism and economic development. The airport’s strategic location, coupled with the planned improvements, makes it a promising hub in the region.

The Government of West Bengal, along with the Airports Authority of India, is working diligently to develop the airport infrastructure. This includes the expansion of the runway, the construction of a passenger lounge, air traffic facilities, and other essential amenities. These enhancements will ensure a comfortable and efficient travel experience for passengers.

In conclusion, Balurghat Airport is poised to become a significant transportation asset for the region. With its historical significance, planned upgrades, and commitment to improving air travel, Balurghat Airport is set to provide enhanced connectivity, boost tourism, and drive economic growth in Balurghat and its surrounding areas.


Is Balurghat Airport currently in operation?

No, Balurghat Airport is currently not in operation but there are plans for its up-gradation and extension.

How big is Balurghat Airport?

Balurghat Airport covers an area of 132.66 acres and has one runway measuring 4,906 by 100 feet.

What is the history of Balurghat Airport?

Balurghat Airport holds historical significance as it was built during World War II for military needs. It was later used for civilian operations by Surekha Air Service and Vayudoot but operations have since ceased.

What facilities are available at Balurghat Airport?

Currently, there are no facilities available at Balurghat Airport. However, plans are underway to develop the air-strip, passenger lounge, air traffic facilities, and other amenities.

What are the future plans for Balurghat Airport?

The Government of West Bengal has planned to up-grade and extend Balurghat Airport to launch air services. The plan includes the development of various facilities and necessary approvals have been sought from the Airport Authority of India.

How can I reach Balurghat Airport?

Balurghat Airport is located around 4 km from the city center and is well-connected by road. The Balurghat Bus Stand is approximately 5.1 km away, and the nearest railway station, Balurghat Railway Station, is about 7 km away providing train connectivity.

Which is the nearest airport to Balurghat?

The nearest airport to Balurghat is Bagdogra Airport, located approximately 240 km away in the state of West Bengal.

What are the popular tourist attractions near Balurghat Airport?

Bolla, known for its Bolla kali Puja, located 15 km away, and Gangarampur, known for its cultural heritage and historical significance, are popular tourist attractions near Balurghat Airport.

What are the IATA and ICAO codes for Balurghat Airport?

The IATA code for Balurghat Airport is RGH and the ICAO code is VEBG.

How can I contact Balurghat Airport?

You can contact Balurghat Airport at the following phone number: 03512 278 360.

What is the timezone of Balurghat Airport?

Balurghat Airport follows the Indian Standard Time (IST), which is GMT +5:30 hours.

Are there any airlines currently operating at Balurghat Airport?

No, there are no commercial airlines operating at Balurghat Airport at the moment.

How is Balurghat Airport connected to the city center?

Balurghat Airport is well-connected to the city center and other nearby areas through road and rail networks. The Balurghat Bus Stand is the main bus terminal serving the airport, and Balurghat Railway Station provides train connectivity.

What are the popular places near Balurghat Airport?

Some popular places near Balurghat Airport include Bolla, known for Bolla kali Puja, and Gangarampur, known for its cultural heritage and historical significance.

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