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Audley End Airfield

Audley End Airfield

Welcome to Audley End Airfield, a historic aviation hub in Saffron Walden, Essex, England. With a rich aviation history, state-of-the-art facilities, and a range of services catering to aircraft enthusiasts, this airfield is a haven for aviation enthusiasts and those seeking private air travel experiences.

Key Takeaways

  • Audley End Airfield in Saffron Walden, Essex, England, offers a unique experience for aviation enthusiasts.
  • The airfield has a grass runway, providing a nostalgic touch for pilots.
  • While the airfield has limited facilities, it offers private charter services for a personalized travel experience.
  • Audley End Airfield boasts a significant aviation history, including the restoration of vintage aircraft.
  • Vintage Fabrics Aircraft Services operates at the airfield, providing secure hangarage for aircraft.

Location and Coordinates

Audley End Airfield is conveniently located in the Uttlesford district of Essex, England. It is situated to the southwest of the charming market town of Saffron Walden. The airfield’s precise coordinates are 52°00′31″N 000°13′57″E, marking its position accurately within the region.

The strategic location of Audley End Airfield offers easy access for aviation enthusiasts and aircraft owners in and around Essex. Its proximity to Saffron Walden makes it a convenient destination for those seeking to embark on flying adventures or indulge in aircraft-related activities. The scenic surroundings and well-connected road network further enhance the airfield’s accessibility.

Whether you’re a local resident or visitor to the area, Audley End Airfield’s location makes it a fantastic choice for aviation enthusiasts and anyone looking to explore the world of flight. With its rich aviation history and range of services, it promises an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

Location Coordinates
Saffron Walden, Essex, England 52°00′31″N 000°13′57″E

Runway Information

The grass runway at Audley End Airfield, designated as runway 18-36, provides a unique experience for pilots. With its natural surface, the runway offers a departure from the traditional asphalt or concrete runways found at many airports. The dimensions of the runway are 752 feet (229 meters) in length, providing sufficient space for general aviation aircraft to take off and land.

Runway Information

Runway Designation Surface Dimensions
18-36 Grass 752 feet (229 meters) in length

As a grass runway, Audley End Airfield offers a different kind of challenge for pilots. The natural surface requires careful consideration of weather conditions and aircraft performance. The lack of asphalt or concrete means that the runway can be affected by rain, snow, or other weather conditions, requiring pilots to adjust their approach and landing techniques accordingly.

Despite these challenges, the grass runway at Audley End Airfield is well-maintained and provides a safe and reliable surface for aircraft operations. Pilots who enjoy the thrill of flying in a more traditional manner will appreciate the unique experience offered by this grass runway.

Audley End Airfield Facilities and Services

private charter services

Audley End Airfield, although small in size, offers a range of facilities and services to cater to the needs of aviation enthusiasts and private aircraft owners. While it may not have extensive amenities, it provides a unique and personalized experience for those who appreciate the charm of a grass runway and a historical setting.

For private aircraft owners, Audley End Airfield offers private charter services, ensuring a seamless and tailored travel experience. Whether for business or leisure, these services provide convenience and flexibility, allowing individuals to reach their desired destinations efficiently.

In addition to private charter services, the airfield also provides a secure and heated hangarage for aircraft. Vintage Fabrics Aircraft Services, the primary operator at Audley End Airfield, manages the Mitchell Hangar, offering a safe and comfortable space to store aircraft when not in use. This facility ensures that private aircraft owners have a dedicated and protected area to house their valuable assets.

Audley End Airfield Facilities and Services Table

Facilities Services
Private charter services Streamlined and personalized travel experience
Secure and heated hangarage Safe storage for aircraft

Historical Significance

Audley End Airfield holds a significant place in the annals of aviation history. Since its establishment in the 1960s, the airfield has been instrumental in the restoration and preservation of vintage aircraft, earning recognition for its commitment to keeping aviation heritage alive. One notable entity based at Audley End was Historic Flying Ltd, which undertook the restoration of iconic aircraft like the Spitfires, ensuring they could take to the skies again.

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Audley End Airfield’s dedication to vintage aircraft restoration showcases its passion for preserving the rich heritage of aviation. The painstaking efforts of skilled engineers and aviation enthusiasts have brought these historic planes back to life, allowing future generations to witness their magnificence and experience the thrill of flying in these timeless machines. The airfield serves as a hub for vintage aircraft enthusiasts, attracting individuals who share a common love and appreciation for these masterpieces of engineering.

“Audley End Airfield is a treasure trove for aviation history enthusiasts. The commitment to restoring and maintaining vintage aircraft is truly commendable, as it allows us to relive the golden age of aviation and appreciate the engineering marvels of the past. It’s a testament to the passion and dedication of the people involved in this remarkable endeavor.” – Aviation Magazine

Visitors to Audley End Airfield can witness firsthand the meticulous restoration work taking place and get up close to these remarkable aircraft. The airfield’s historical significance goes beyond its role as a restoration center; it serves as a living testament to the pioneers of aviation and showcases the evolution of aircraft technology throughout the years. Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or simply fascinated by the rich history of flight, Audley End Airfield offers an immersive experience that will leave you captivated.

Year Restored Aircraft
1960s Spitfires
1970s Bristol Beaufighter
1980s Hawker Hurricane
1990s Supermarine Seafire
2000s De Havilland Mosquito

Airfield Operators

At Audley End Airfield, the responsibility of operating the airfield has changed hands over the years. Initially, the airfield was operated by Lord Braybrooke, who oversaw its management and maintenance. Lord Braybrooke’s involvement in the airfield helped establish its presence in the aviation community and fostered a sense of historical significance.

However, in recent years, Vintage Fabrics Aircraft Services has taken over the management of the Mitchell Hangar at Audley End Airfield. Vintage Fabrics Aircraft Services is a renowned organization specializing in the restoration and maintenance of vintage aircraft. Their expertise in the field and dedication to preserving aviation history make them a fitting operator for the airfield.

Under the management of Vintage Fabrics Aircraft Services, Audley End Airfield continues to offer secure and heated hangarage for aircraft. This ensures that aircraft owners have a reliable and suitable space to store their planes, protected from the elements.

Table: Comparison of Airfield Operators

Operator Duration Focus
Lord Braybrooke 1960s onwards Management and maintenance
Vintage Fabrics Aircraft Services Present Restoration and maintenance of vintage aircraft, hangarage services

Aerial Views

One of the highlights of Audley End Airfield is the breathtaking aerial views it offers. From above, you can truly appreciate the layout and surrounding landscape of this historic airfield. The aerial views showcase the airfield’s unique charm, with its grass runway and vintage aircraft dotting the landscape.

“Seeing Audley End Airfield from the sky is like stepping back in time. The view of the grass runway and the collection of vintage aircraft is simply mesmerizing.”

These aerial perspectives provide a glimpse into the rich history and heritage of the airfield. They capture the essence of aviation enthusiasts who have made Audley End their home, their passion for vintage aircraft evident from above. Whether you’re a pilot, a plane enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of flight, the aerial views of Audley End Airfield are a sight to behold.

Aerial Views of Audley End Airfield

Aerial Views Description
Bird’s Eye View Offering a panoramic perspective of the airfield, the bird’s eye view showcases the entire layout and its vintage aircraft.
Grass Runway The aerial images capture the beauty of the grass runway, giving a sense of the airfield’s uniqueness.
Historical Significance The aerial views highlight the historical significance of Audley End Airfield, emphasizing its role in aviation history.
Vintage Aircraft The images provide a close-up look at the vintage aircraft stationed at the airfield, showcasing their beauty and charm.
Mitchell Hangar The aerial perspectives also showcase the prominent Mitchell Hangar, adding to the historical appeal of Audley End Airfield.

These aerial views not only capture the beauty of the airfield but also provide valuable insights into its layout and historical significance. They serve as a testament to the passion and dedication of those who call Audley End Airfield their aviation home.

Access and Location Details

When visiting Audley End Airfield, convenient access and a clear understanding of its location are essential. Situated just 1 nautical mile southwest of Saffron Walden in Essex, the airfield is easily reachable for aviation enthusiasts and private aircraft owners.

For access details and any necessary permissions, Vintage Fabrics Aircraft Services, the primary operator at Audley End Airfield, can provide the required information. Vintage Fabrics Aircraft Services manages the Mitchell Hangar at the airfield, offering secure and heated hangarage facilities for aircraft.

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Whether you’re a pilot looking to explore the grass runway, an aviation enthusiast eager to witness vintage aircraft, or a traveler interested in private air travel, Audley End Airfield promises a unique experience. Contact Vintage Fabrics Aircraft Services for further information and access requirements to make the most of your visit to this historic airfield.

Location Details

Property Details
Location Saffron Walden, Essex, England
Coordinates 52°00′31″N 000°13′57″E
Access Contact Vintage Fabrics Aircraft Services for access details and permissions

Audley End Airfield Altitude and Position

Located in Essex, England, Audley End Airfield sits at an altitude of 283 feet above mean sea level (AMSL). Its strategic position at coordinates 52°00.52’N and 000°13.57’E offers convenient access for aviation enthusiasts and private aircraft owners alike. With its unique characteristics and historical significance, the airfield attracts visitors and pilots seeking a diverse aviation experience.

At Audley End Airfield, the combination of its grass runway and historical background creates an atmosphere that captures the essence of vintage aviation. As aircraft enthusiasts approach the airfield, they are greeted by the picturesque landscape that surrounds this hidden gem. The airfield’s altitude and position provide pilots with a memorable backdrop for their flights, adding to the overall appeal of the destination.

“Audley End Airfield offers not only a grass runway and scenic landscapes, but also a touch of nostalgia with its vintage aircraft and historical significance.”

Whether it’s navigating the grass runway or exploring the restored vintage aircraft at the Mitchell Hangar, Audley End Airfield offers a unique experience for aviation enthusiasts. Furthermore, the presence of Vintage Fabrics Aircraft Services adds another dimension to the airfield, as they not only manage the hangar but also contribute to the restoration and maintenance of historical aircraft.

Altitude Position
283 feet AMSL 52°00.52’N, 000°13.57’E

Aircraft Based at Audley End

Audley End Airfield has been a home to a diverse range of aircraft over the years. As of 1977, there were five aircraft based at the airfield, each contributing to the vibrant aviation community in the area. These aircraft represented different types and eras, showcasing the airfield’s appeal to enthusiasts with varied interests.

The aircraft based at Audley End Airfield in 1977 included:

  • DH.82A Tiger Moth
  • Auster 5
  • Jodel DR.1050
  • Beagle B.121 Pup 2
  • Stolp Starduster

These varied aircraft provided a unique sight at Audley End Airfield, attracting aviation enthusiasts and showcasing the airfield’s rich history and connection to vintage aircraft. The diverse mix of aircraft based at the airfield offered visitors an opportunity to appreciate different types of aviation technology and design.

Table: Aircraft Based at Audley End Airfield (1977)

Aircraft Type
DH.82A Tiger Moth Single-engine biplane
Auster 5 Single-engine light aircraft
Jodel DR.1050 Single-engine kit aircraft
Beagle B.121 Pup 2 Single-engine light aircraft
Stolp Starduster Homebuilt biplane

The aircraft based at Audley End Airfield in 1977 represented a mix of classic designs and experimental aircraft. Each aircraft had its own unique characteristics and capabilities, attracting attention from aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike.

It is worth noting that the aircraft based at Audley End Airfield may have changed over the years. However, the airfield’s commitment to fostering a vibrant aviation community and providing a home for a variety of aircraft continues to make it a fascinating destination for aircraft enthusiasts.


After exploring Audley End Airfield, it is evident that the airfield offers a unique and captivating experience for aviation enthusiasts. Its grass runway, historical significance, and proximity to vintage aircraft make it a must-visit destination for those passionate about aviation.

Whether you are interested in flight training or seeking private air travel, Audley End Airfield has you covered. The airfield caters to a wide range of aviation needs, ensuring that enthusiasts can pursue their interests in a welcoming and supportive environment.

One of the standout features of Audley End Airfield is the presence of Vintage Fabrics Aircraft Services, which adds charm and character to the airfield. Their restoration work on vintage aircraft showcases their dedication to preserving aviation history and gives visitors a glimpse into the past.

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